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Huawei opened their Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels lenge that the world faces in A prosperous Digital Europe requires an open and the digital era. future-oriented cyber security environment. Europe Ken Hu, Huahas released the General Data Protection Regulation wei’s Deputy (GDPR), which is an open, transparent, and globally Chairman said, leading data and privacy “Trust needs to protection standard. be based on facts, facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on The lack of consensus on cyber secucommon standards. We believe that rity, technical standards, verification this is an effective model to build trust systems, and legislative support further for the digital era.” exacerbates these challenges. Safeguarding cyber security is considered CALL ON COLLABORATION to be a responsibility held by all inNew developments in All Cloud, dustry players and society as a whole. intelligence, and software-defined Growing security risks are significant everything are posing unprecedented threats to future digital society. challenges to the cyber security of ICT infrastructure. To address these challenges, Huawei has opened a Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels, aiming to offer government agencies, technical experts, industry associations, and standards organizations a platform, where they can communicate and collaborate to balance out security and development in the digital era.


oday in Brussels, with over 200

representatives from regulators, telecom carriers, enterprises, and the media attending the event. Representatives from the European Union, the GSMA, and the World Economic Forum spoke at the opening ceremony. Trust in cyber security is a major chal-

Based in Europe, the Cyber Security Transparency Centre has three major functions: Firstly, the Centre will showcase Huawei’s end-to-end cyber security practices, from strategies and supply chain to R&D and products and solutions. This will allow visitors to experience cyber security with Huawei’s products and solutions, in areas including 5G, IoT, and cloud. Secondly, the Centre will facilitate communication between Huawei and key stakeholders on cyber security strategies and end-to-end cyber security and privacy protection practices. Huawei will work with industry partners to explore and promote the development of security standards and verification mechanisms, to facilitate technological innovation in cyber security across the industry.


Issue 1 • 01 June 2019

Thirdly, the Centre will provide a product security testing and verification platform and related services to Huawei customers. The opening of the Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels demonstrates Huawei’s stronger cyber security commitment to governments, customers, and other partners in Europe, and will provide better support to facilitate collaboration. STANDARDS AND VERIFICATION: AN EFFECTIVE MODEL TO BUILD TRUST Safeguarding cyber security is considered to be a shared goal of all stakeholders, including equipment providers, telecom carriers, and regulators. Huawei has placed cyber security and user privacy protection on the very top of their agenda. Huawei’s approach to cyber security is “Security or Nothing”. Huawei’s cyber security transparency centres are open to customers and independent third-party testing organizations. They are invited to perform fair, objective, and independent security tests and verifications according

to industry-recognized cyber security standards and best practices. These centres are equipped with dedicated testing environments, to provide customers and third parties with Huawei products, software, technical documents, testing tools, and necessary We need technical support.

globally leading data and privacy protection standard.” “We believe that European regulators are on track to lead the international community in terms of cyber security

to have privacy by design, not privacy by country for ICT products and services in Europe.

Hu said, “We fully understand cyber security concerns that people have in this digital world. I believe that good solutions to solve the issue start from mutual understanding, which is the purpose we set up the transparency centre here today.”

“We welcome all regulators, standards organizations, and customers to fully use this platform to collaborate more closely on security standards, verification mechanisms, and security technology innovation. Together, we can improve security across the entire value chain and help build trust through verification.” He continued, “A prosperous Digital Europe requires an open and future-oriented cyber security environment. Europe has released the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is an open, transparent, and

standards and regulatory mechanisms. We commit to working more closely with all stakeholders in Europe, including regulators, carriers, and standards organizations, to build a system of trust based on facts and verification.” Peter Kouroumbashev, Member of the European Parliament said, “With its new mandate, ENISA will be empowered with new technical capabilities. This is an excellent opportunity to work on a cyber security certification scheme for 5G that could be applicable worldwide. Moreover, in order to avoid fragmentation across the Union, we need to have privacy by design, not privacy by country for ICT products and services in Europe.”



Sandra Oh By Shonda Rhimes


ne of the greatest gifts of my creative life has been the opportunity to write words to be spoken by Sandra Oh. The reason is simple: Sandra Oh is a virtuoso. She treats dialogue like notes of music—every word must be played, every syllable correctly toned. She’s always been an extraordinary actor. Her body of work makes that clear. Ten years of playing Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy made her place in the acting landscape undeniable. Her award-winning turn as Killing Eve’s Eve Polastri makes her legendary. Her comic timing is priceless. Her dramatic well is endless. Her talent is a song to be heard. With her nuanced characters, Sandra Oh has chosen to fearlessly take up space in a universe that has not always made space for her. Now, the power of her talented presence makes space for others. And that is a gift to every artist of color who follows in her footsteps. Rhimes is a showrunner and an Emmy-nominated producer and screenwriter

Dwayne Johnson By Gal Gadot


here is no one in Hollywood quite like Dwayne Johnson, and certainly very few who are as busy. If you have had the pleasure to work with him, as I have on the Fast and Furious films, you know that he is full of heart and creates an environment on set filled with warmth and positivity. Dwayne is someone who believes the sky is the limit and will go


Issue 1 • 01 June 2019

above and beyond to make sure he gives 100% every single day, whether he is at the gym, working with his charity (the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation), being with his family and friends, or working on a new project. He is the true embodiment of the idea that people may forget what you said, people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Dwayne always makes sure people feel their best when he is around. Gadot is an actor who stars alongside Johnson in the upcoming movie Red Notice

Chadwick Boseman

As the Black Panther, he’s inspiring everyone

It feels like every time Chadwick Boseman appears onscreen, he’s finding a new way to inspire. His portrayals of African-American heroes have shown how black America has always been able to transform pain into something powerful. From turning James Brown’s tortured soul into music, Jackie Robinson’s pride into barriers broken and records set, and Thurgood Marshall’s sense of racial injustice into equality, Chadwick depicts these figures with a coolness, power and grace that remind us that we too can be great ourselves. And now as the Black Panther, he’s inspiring everyone, but especially black youth, who deserve to see superheroes like them, to show them that truly anyone can be a superhero; this matters, because it has been a long time coming to see our own superheroes and the power that they can have on all of us in society. Black Panther’s billion-dollar global success has made it a phenomenon, and Chadwick’s role signals a black renaissance.



iPad mini (2019) review The only small tablet you should consider


ake no mistake, the iPad mini 2019 is the iPad mini 5 that you’ve been waiting for Apple to deliver, and it’s everything you’ve wanted – as long as you didn’t want a dramatic upgrade. It’s Apple’s most satisfyingly totable iPad and proof that things won’t change very much when serious small tablet competition is nowhere to be found in 2019. Apple iPad Mini (2019) at Walmart for $399 The familiar 7.9-inch display feels perfectly sized to grip in one hand and operate with two, just as it did


Issue 1 • 01 June 2019

when the iPad mini 4 released nearly four years ago. Almost nothing has improved on the outside. Beneath the bright display, however, Apple tweaked the iPad mini 2019 to work with the first-generation Apple Pencil. It’s so easy to quickly pick up this tablet, flick open the Smart Cover and instantly scribble some notes. It’s portable and carefree to use and then simply toss in a bag. This pint-sized iPad is deceptively fast, too, thanks to its iPhone XS-class chipset. The small screen lends it to more read-and-watch functionality than write productivity, but it can handle Adobe Lightroom

editing just as well as the iPad Air 2019 from a performance standpoint. We’ve also been impressed with its battery, netting us slightly better results than Apple’s promised 10 hours of battery life in our tests. It’s coupled with fast-charging capabilities so you don’t have to wait forever to juice up this version of the iPad mini once it’s fully drained. But it’s also deceptively expensive. It actually costs more than the larger iPad 9.7 due to its superior fully-laminated screen, markedly faster chipset and convenient quick charging tech. Apple’s “small” is still a medium when it comes to iPad pricing.

Its bezel-heavy design and lack of second-gen Apple Pencil support mean it’s not the scaled-down version of the iPad Pro we were hoping for in 2019. Instead, it’s a minor, but overdue upgrade that brings the charming iPad mini into modern times. PRICE AND RELEASE DATE The iPad mini may be smaller than the competition, but it’s not the cheapest iPad you can buy – that honor goes to the iPad 9.7 (2018) which starts at $329 / £319 / AU$469 and is often on sale for even cheaper. The new iPad mini starts at $399 / £399 / AU$599 / AED 1,599 for a 64GB Wi-Fi-only version. The top-end model is quite a lot more at $679 / £669 / AU$1019 / AED 2,729. That version comes with 256GB of storage and a cellular connection. Remember, accessories like the Smart Cover and fast charging USB-C-toLightning cable will pad your bill, but everything is less expensive than the iPad Air (2019) and significantly cheaper than the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9. DESIGN AND DISPLAY

contrarian view: that Apple hasn’t bothered to change its ‘blown-up older iPhone’ design. It’s undeniable dated. The second way is that Apple didn’t need to change it. People love the iPad mini series, and for good reason. It’s lightweight at 300g (0.66 pound) and perfectly portable, so it’s easy to toss in a bag without much care. You can take it almost anywhere, which is the opposite way we feel about the iPad Pro 12.9 sometimes. But, the ‘iPad Pro mini’ this is not, and that opens this tablet up to good bad and ugly attributes: the age-old 3.5mm headphone jack and reliable Touch ID home button remain (good), only the less refined first-generation Apple Pencil is compatible (bad), and bezels remain thick around the screen (ugly). It has a bright, fully-laminated Retina display, same as the iPad mini 4. From a technical explanation, it means the protective glass is wafer-thin and the screen digitizer is pressed up against it, unlike the thicker glass and resulting gap seen in the iPad 9.7 screen. And from a practical standpoint, it means drawing with the Apple Pencil feels more natural, like you’re drawing directly on the screen. OUR VERDICT

Apple doesn’t have a foldable phone yet, but if it did, we’d hope it folded out into the iPad mini 2019. We found its 7.9-inch screen to be the perfect size to carry the iPad one-handed and reach our thumbs across the entire on-screen keyboard with two hands. There’s very little new here, though, and that leads to two schools of thought on the design. The first is the

New to the iPad mini series is a wide P3 color gamut to display more shades of color and True Tone Display technology. True Tone adjusted the white balance to match our environment, so outside in the park, the screen was bluer and, transitioning inside the in the TechRadar office, we saw a faint yellow tint that was easier on our eyes.

The iPad mini 2019 is Apple’s most totable iPad, and it’s deceptively powerful for its small size. It has a bright 7.9-inch display that works with the Apple Pencil and a chipset that smokes the small tablet competition. Its price is equally deceptive, costing more than the larger iPad 9.7. For its asking price, we would have loved to have seen an ‘iPad Pro mini’ and Apple Pencil Gen 2 support, but it’s hard not to love this charming little tab.


*Perfect size to tote around *Works with the Apple Pencil *Surprisingly powerful specs


*Unchanged, bezel-heavy design *Uses the older Apple Pencil *Costs more than the iPad 9.7



Issue 1 • 01 June 2019



Mortal Kombat

here have been eleven main Mortal Kombat games. Can you believe it? The 90s were that long ago. Since then the fighting game has become a gory institution as colorful ninjas and sorcerers and special forces agents collide to rip each others’ guts out in wacky martial arts tournaments. But in the past decade Mortal Kombat

has gone from just a recognizable violent fighting game to a really good recognizable violent fighting game. And the recently released Mortal Kombat 11 brings the reboot trilogy home with a story mode stretching across all of history and new ways for customizing characters to your liking, with different skills and gear to make the accessiblemechanics even more varied and deep. ohnny Cage is a star, baby. He’s an action movie icon who’s like a lean teen All-American heartthrob equivalent to a martial arts celebrity. And just like how Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and other titans of the 80s and 90s refused to go away, Johnny Cage is still rocking it as an old man. Mortal Kombat 11’s storyline even uses the time-travel shenanigans to compare his current relative maturity to his wildly offensive, horny, arrogant younger self.


KOMBAT KHRONOLOGY Johnny Cage is one of the seven core playable characters of the original 1992 Mortal Kombat. Throwing a cocky actor into a violent tournament of real fighters is just such a great idea. Plus his sunglasses and lack of shirt help him look distinct against color-swapped ninjas. He’s remained a main character ever since, starting a whole family Cage kombatants.

Expensive cutscenes and ancillary (arguably exploitative) side content aren’t worth anything though if your fighting game doesn’t have a solid roster. Fortunately, Mortal Kombat 11 gives you a diverse cast of kombatants on which to unleash your bloodlust. And we’re taking a look at every single one of them.

moves though include brass knuckles to power up said nut punches and the ability to call in a stunt double for sneak attacks from behind. HOW GROSS IS THE FATALITY? Johnny Cage understands that Mortal Kombat fatalities aren’t just violent but so cartoonish and over the top that they are actually funny. So after ripping the top half of your body off of the bottom half, he props up your dripping torso like a little puppet and does bad jokes while the audience boos. Ain’t he a stinker? Mortal Kombat 11 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. For more, read our spine-ripping impressions of the game as a whole, learn more about Mortal Kombat’s history with the government, and check out our character guide for the much less violent fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Koolest Kustomizations In Mortal Kombat 11 Johnny Cage can cover up with all sorts of tactical vests or let his bare chest out, complete with his own name tattooed on it. I like dressing him up like a clown though, and you can! His moveset meanwhile consists of flip kicks and fireballs powered by his glowing green energy as well as cheap shots to the crotch. Our favorite custom



Marvel Cinematic Un



romises to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we’ve known it for the past 11 years to a close. So it seems like the perfect time to go back and reflect on how we feel about the biggest blockbusters of the Avengersera. We polled Marvel fans at TIME to rank every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. In order to make sure that our nternal votes aligned somewhat with critical and commercial standards, we took a few factor into account. Our methodology calculates the votes of TIME staffers; a “public opinion” vote represented by opening weekend box office, adjusted for inflation; and a “critical vote” represented by the movie’s ranking on Rotten Tomatoes. Opening weekend data tracks very closely with worldwide gross data, so we chose opening weekend in order to more quickly update the list as more Marvel movies debut in the future. An important note: Marvel movies tend to make far more than your average film — or even your average blockbuster. The Incredible Hulk has the lowest (adjusted) opening weekend for a Marvel movie with $55.4 million in 2008.


Issue 1 • 01 June 2019

That’s a solid opening weekend for just about any other film. But as Marvel has grown in popularity, its openings have become gargantuan. The team-up movies do especially well: Last year’s Avengers: Infinity War had the biggest opening weekend ever in U.S. history with $257.7 million. So when we note that lower budget Marvel films focusing on a single superhero like Ant-Man — with a $57.2 million opening weekend— only did OK at the box office, that assessment is meant to only be relative to other Marvel films. Ten TIME staffers — ranging from culture writers who cover Marvel movies for a living to Marvel fans in the art, video, photo and copy departments — got 60% of the total weight. Our public vote, or box office, accounted for 20%, and the Rotten Tomatoes critical vote accounted for another 20%. In all three categories, the movies were ranked 1 to 21, according to popularity, with 1 being the best and 21 the worst. The final ranking was based on the weighted average, as described above. When it came to the results, TIME staffers tended to fall in two camps: Those who love solo superhero outings, and those who relish team-ups, like the Avengers movies. And though there was some differences over where the movies in the middle

belonged, ultimately fans, critics and our staff seemed to agree on which films belonged at the very top and the bottom.

niverse Movie

Here is the definitive ranking of Marvel movies.


Black Panther‘s lofty perch at the top of this list probably doesn’t surprise you: It’s the only superhero movie to ever be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. But beyond that, Black Panther did well in all of our categories: It’s Marvel’s highest-grossing movie domestically and the most universally beloved among critics. Three of 10 TIME staffers ranked Black Panther as their top Marvel movie. Seven of TIME’s staff ranked the movie in their top 3. It’s safe to say this one deserves the top spot.


The Avengers after properly laying the groundwork with several solo films, Marvel was the first major studio to release a superhero team-up film that actually worked. The studio also picked the best villain on their bench — Loki, perfectly played by Tom Hiddleston — to get up to mischief in this film. Though this formula would grow tired and bloated in later years, director Joss Whedon’s movie was a revelation at the time, propelling it to number four on the critics’ rankings. It was also a massive hit at the box office, easily earning a spot on the list of the highest-grossing movies of all time. It ranks second in Marvel opening weekends, outdone only by Infinity War.


Infinity War certainly defied expectations when it — spoiler alert — turned half its massive cast of characters into dust at the end of the film. The twist largely proved popular with fans: Infinity War ranked highly with both the public (it’s Marvel’s biggest opening weekend ever) and staff — three TIME employees ranked this movie as number one. But it didn’t do as well with critics, who complained that the epic was overcrowded with some 27 superheroes and that the knowledge that at least some of the “dead” characters will have to return eliminates any real suspense headed into the sequel. It ranks #11 on Rotten Tomatoes’ list.





he 2011 art-house actioner Hanna was one odd duck of a flick: part thriller, part coming-of-age tale, studded with propulsive, well-staged fight scenes, standout performances from a coolly evil Cate Blanchett and a then-sixteen-year-old Saoirse Ronan, a driving Chemical Brothers


Issue 1 • 01 June 2019

score (remember 2011 you guys?), a febrile color scheme and a fondness for fairy-tale imagery. Ronan played a young woman who’d been raised as the perfect assassin by her ex-intelligence officer father (Eric Bana) deep in some Nordic forest. When his old bosses finally catch up to them, he and

Hanna go on the run — separately. A Big Secret hangs over Hanna’s past, because it’s that kind of movie, and the girl racks up a serious body count as she travels to Berlin to rendezvous with her father, and uncover said Big Secret. One of the things that make the film so memorable is

what happens to Hanna along the way — amid all the fighty-fights andneck-snapping, the film stops dead to allow this teenage girl to ... be a teenage girl. She makes her very first friend (a girl vacationing with her family), goes dancing and makes out with a boy in a surprisingly sweet, gorgeously

shot, dreamlike interlude ... and then it’s back to the neck-snapping.Director Joe Wright’s willingness to switch tones on a dime should have made the film feel choppy and uneven, but the performances and, especially, the striking cinematography lent the proceedings a sturdy backbone so it all cohered, howsoever quirkily. The new eight-episode Amazon series Hanna, based on the film, can’t rely on those performances, of course, and lacks the signature, vaguely surreal visual punch of the original, especially in the early going. So what’s left? Well, there’s that satisfyingly pulpy story, for one. The first episode makes some

minor tweaks — the forest in question shifts from Finland to Eastern Europe — but the pilot neatly overlays the film’s first reel. The fight choreography is solid and clear — none of that quick-cut Bourne business here — and the violence seems a good deal more grounded and visceral (there’s a lot more gunplay, and thus a lot more faceless, hapless armed guards getting bloodily mowed down, than in the film). There’s also that same lovely interlude when Hanna gets a friend and enjoys the kind of mundane teenage nonsense her life as a badass-assassin-hermit denied her. The series devotes much more time to it, which turns out to be all to the good, as the friend

is question is played by Rhianne Barreto, who’s superbly real. It’s here that any trace of the original film’s feathery, evocative tone falls away; the scenes between Barreto and Esme Creed-Miles, who plays Hanna, are disarmingly intimate, lived-in and natural. Creed-Miles is the best thing about the series; the actor shoulders nearly every scene, and manages to make the taciturn and seemingly affectless Hanna expressive and achingly relatable. She seems as much at home blowing away bad guys as she is hesitantly nibbling her first candy bar, or navigating the thorny emotional landscape of fellow teenagers.

Hanna’s father Erik has a much larger role in the show than he did in the film; he’s played here with moody intensity by Joel Kinnaman; the great Mireille Enos steps into the stiletto heels of Blanchett’s character, the sinister Marissa. (The two actors, who starred together in AMC’s The Killing, don’t share the screen often, but when they do, they charge the air between them.) If you liked the loopy, discursive and determinedly odd 2011 film, you’ll enjoy the series, as long as you’re prepared for something a bit more violent, a bit less visually arresting, and — particularly when there’s a pause in the bloodletting — a lot more emotional.



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