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Natasha Howard Visual Communicator Fashion Communication Portfolio

Experimental Direction Creating a narrative through an unconventional approach. Developing abstract imagery.

Tactility - Bringing us back to our senses and engaging with our creativitiy.

Tactilitly Through Fashion - Editorial collaboration Photography by Natasha Howard


Brand identity board

noun [mass noun] assistance and support in times of hardship and distress: the wounded had little chance of succour.


“Visual relief for the creatively entitled.�

These variations of logo experimentation will be used throuhgout the branding of Succours products including on posters and social media content.

Social media mockups

“SUCCOUR” front cover & Editors Note.

‘Shorts’ throughout the publication

“More please, please now”

“One more click might just do the trick”

Content Visuals -

Final Product Flatlays

Final Publication -

Lookbook & Stickers -

Posters & Postcards

SUNDOWN promotional content Event Fundraiser for GFW

As part of the attempts to raise money for Graduate fashion week, a fashion communication fundraising event has been developed to attract students and the local night life to Aruba on Bournemouth’s Pier on the 19th of May. In order to raise sufficient funds for us to split between a group, we will need to sell atleast 200 tickets, with the profits going towards our display of Final Major Project work at the prestigious show in London from the 2nd to the 5th of June. In order to promote the event and gain as many tickets sold as possible, promotional techniques have been considered to grab attention, around univerisity campus and online via social media.

Project 1

Event Details

Where? Sundown will be held at Bournemouth’s main beach bar right on the Pier. It is known for its cocktails and 360 sea view terrace. The space allows for a great hosting, with a large bar and dancing space, as well as table areas.

When? Sundown team will be promoting the event a month before the lead up to the night. The event will be on Sunday the 19th of May at earlier times of 9pm-2am in order to allow for viewing of the sunset across the sea. These times are well suited for the venue and location.


Bournemouth pier- ARUBA

Aimed at the youth generation of night life students, keen to socialise and attend the events held by their peers at University as well as supporting their friends success.

Purpose & Justification Creating an event inspired by the summer months to ‘start off the summer as it means to go on’ was an inspiraiton for a project to develop. It is important to see how promotional strategies can excel an events success and acknowledge how powerful social media can be in attracting individuals. Using the knoweledge i’ve learnt throughout my univeristy experience in a real life sitiatuion, with the intent to have the confidence in feeling proffesional to conduct future events for my brand and the likes. Socialising is an important form of communication especially within my unique industry and field. Involving with other like minded individuals and those within the similar arts, within a fun environment is key to creating success fo a future brand, as well as personally for networking. Opening up doors for business opportunities.

Colour Moodboard of inspration

Imagery to inform the events aesthetic and style for decor and colour pallette.

Consumer Tribe

“The Social Student”

Colour schemes and Initial thought inspiration Main inspiration for the events theme was based around the bar in which it will be held; a bar on Bournemouth’s Pier- from here we developed a sun inspired theme to surround the jungle/funk genre of music. A strong font was used in order to contrast against the soft gradient background.

Fonts - ‘Nervous’ & ‘Impact’



Promotional Content

Posters and leaflets



19th May

Come join us at Sundown @ Aruba Partying on the beach with the best drinks and beats. £3 Pints 2 for £10 Spirit Doubles 2 for 1 cocktails until 12am

ONE NIGHT ONLY Starting @ 9pm-2am

Get your tickets NOW! £4 Online £5 OTD Last entry half 12


SUNDOWN The Fashion Comms Fundraiser

Jungle - Funk


Sunday 19th May

The Fashion Comms Fundraiser


Come join us at Sundown @ Aruba Partying on the beach with the best drinks and beats.



£3 Pints 2 for £10 Spirit Doubles 2 for 1 Cocktails until 12am

Sunday 19th May Come join us at Sundown @ Aruba Partying on the beach with the best drinks and beats.

£3 Pints

2 for £10 Spirit Doubles 2 for 1 cocktails until 12am

Starting @ 9pm-2am Get your tickets NOW! £4 Online £5 OTD



Jungle Get your tickets NOW!


Last entry half 12

Jungle - Funk The Fashion Comms Fundraiser

Starting @ 9pm-2am £4 Online £5 OTD

Funk Last entry half 12


ARUBA 19th


SUNDOWN @Aruba Sunday 19th of May

Social Media Promotion Main Promotion via Facebook -Similar visuals will be used towards the lead up to the event via Instagram.

OFFIE MAG - Brand Analysis & Content Proposal Music Video and Offiemag short brand analysis -Potential content & client

About Off-licence Magazine

“We’re a British music, photography and culutre magazine that is both inspired by and stocked inside off-licences.”


Project 2

Brand overview and rational Issue 1 (Cover feature- Lee Scott)

Off-licence Magazine Is a very small scale independent magazine and media channel that is dedicated to the culture of music and the trends that consume and adopt it. Its consumer focuses on a niche sector, primarily the young millennial, who shares similar culture preferences and tastes. The music that Offie chooses to share is very specific and quite of kilter to normal popular music, such as underground hip hop and rap, and up and coming artists surrounding the London and main city areas throughout the UK- which is why I believe Offie has a real niche and presence within the crowded market, that is the independent magazine media sector. By selling their magazine in off licence stores it attracts a real diverse consumer. Although small scale currently, they have large scope to branch out and develop their content and channels to become more mainstream but still within their target audience. The content they do have is of relevance to future generations who seek to be inspired by others who are making a name for themselves and sticking to a passion that they believe will carry them far. The team is made up of very like minded individuals who have the same taste in style and creativity as their features. Offie’s youtube channel is of importance to mention as it is where I believe they have the most success, they present artists in a unique light and stay true to the nature of these individuals as well as the magazines. They present these videos as lighthearted, easy to watch and equally promote individuals as well as creating purely entertaining content. Offie is more present on social media, and isn’t as much so on their personal website, most individuals would be aware of the brand through Instagram and across the channels. Artists are fans and promote their content with high regard. They involve themselves with the artists they choose to feature by attending their gigs and shows and share this with their following through photography and film. They are very present and aware of their talent and ENJOY who they collaborate with. Offie has large scope to develop their content and how it is presented through feature articles and further expanding their collaborations.

Issue 2 (Cover feature- Dirty Dike)

SWOT Analysis Strenghs




-Culutrally aware and diverse.

-Layout and design is simple and looks rushed.However woks with aesthetic.

-Opportunity to expand their content. -Branch out to expand collaborations.

-Competing against other independent magazines focused on culture and the arts.

-Collaborations with up and coming artists and young creatives within the Gen Z demogaphic.

-Being stocked at off licences means that only a niche consumer will be targeted.

-Event’s promoting Off Licences content and showcasing the talent within, eg. Gigs and shows. As well as pop ups.

-Not everyone would expect to see or find a magazine of its type in a off licence store.

-Intune with the young generations including Gen Z and Millennial’s. -Content is of relevance for the majority of individuals. -Unique content that is different from other independent magazines. -Specific place in which is stocked, no other magazine targets towards off -licence stores.

-Not alot of attention on the magazine itself and more so on the media content throughout their platforms. -Variety of content is limited. Focusing on just the one feature cover.

-Getting hold of it would be considered difficult for the majority as it is only stocked in major cities.

-Good presence on social media platforms.

They also have a “Music Of The Month” feature where they add to a playlist, Via Mixcloud. Linked and promoted on their social media platforms such as instagram.

Social Media Combining their love for culture and photography, presenting unique content through Instagram.



With 728 followers, they are still very small- however the content and style is of high standard. They have a very unique take on the structure and way their videos are shot. They do a series called “5 minutes with‌â€? Where artist, musicians and other talents are shined a light on for all of 5 minutes, exploring their environments and their likes and dislikes, all the while keeping true to the nature of themselves and not filtering anything for sake of being something they are not. Artists and collaborations include: -Dirtydike (Musician) -Slowthai (Musician) -Cosmo Pyke (Musician) -Lee Scott (Musician)

They use very basic video editing techniques but in a completely affective way in order to present themselves in a certain style that works well. Using simple font and cutting of clips. The focus of the videos is the individual talent which is important and what brings the aesthetic. diverse and relatable. Nothing is seen to appear better than it it is to everyone else. -Raw, organic, natural and unfiltered.


Creating a breif based on Offlicence’s content and aesthetic/style

-Article content for a short feature within the magazine.

To create potential content for Offie Magazines social media channels and platforms, to challenge how to produce and edit a short film inspired by an artist that would be of similar genres to past collaborations within the magazine. As well as a short article, exploring how I would feature written content surrounding music genres.

Being heavily influenced and inspired by music culture and beyond passionate about the need for music and the impact it has on individuals lives. I take great enjoyment in finding and commiting to new songs within the genres I love, from Old School Hip Hop, UK underground rap and grime, to 80s rock such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers (who are my all time favourites), Nirvana and everything in between, with some exceptions (ok, maybe alot). I believe that music today has lost sight of its purpose and meaning, and that ultimatley as a result, I was born in the wrong era. Popular radio stations don’t do music justice and rather ironicly and have turned individuals against music in the modern sense, but then, that would’nt have made me as pasionate about the legends I admire if they werent playing so much trash, to contrast. They don’t explore the variety of talent that does exist as for it being to “outside the box” and controversial. Including Lee Scott and the likes. We need to take more risk and trust in these indviduals. Although obscure and quite alot of the time, offensive, theres nothing but purity and heart behind their lyrics, and unbelieavable relatability through the choice of words, humour and clever construction of lyrics through analogies, that most mainstream artists fail to delve into and explore which is know fault of their own, as if you dont have the talent to pursue such depth- why should they. They consider every raw aspect of their music and make sure each element is just as powerful as the other, including the beats (THE BEATS!) We as a young generation need to hold on to these lasting legends and “unheard” of musicians and continue to be the most passionate fans and followers that we are and encourage others to understand why we have better music taste then them. Building playlist upon playlists to explore this endless and hopefully never ending musical goodness is my plan to remain completely confident with my musical taste and passion.

Music Video - Short Film Inspired by Offiemag’s style, I created a short film to represent how I would go about creating and producing content for a magzine of Offie’s type. I chose a song that represents the brands collaboarations well, a muscican from london who is very present amongst the likes of others who have been invovled with Off-licence magazine before.

BAKAR - 4AM I went for “raw” “uncut” footage including B roll in order to create a style that would translate well for Offl-icences content. Experimenting with overlays to create an artistic, abstract narrative that reflects a style inspired by both photography and music.

Film Link -

Stills from B-roll

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