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“I Think the environment should be put in the category of our national security .Defence of our resources is just as important as defence abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?�

-Robert Redford


Introduction 4 Ministry of Environment & Water Resources


The Green Label


Current Trending Problem


Terraskin 8 Conclusion 9



This Project ‘The Green Label’ undertaken by the MEWR (Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Singapore) is one of utmost importance. This project focuses on taking small steps towards a greater change. MEWR plans to target all the beverage companies spread across singapore to change their ‘Plastic Labels’ to that made out of recycled material. The importance of changing the labels from plastic to recylable material is a step to move towards a more sustainable society.The current trending problems concerning plastic have risen beyond imagination and the time has come to end this destruction to the environment and the society in which we live.


(Ministry of Environment and Water Resources)

“MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT & WATER RESOURCES� MEWR is committed to providing Singaporeans with a quality living environment. Having achieved a clean and green environment and a system in place to maintain and safeguard it, our ultimate goal is long-term environmental sustainability.

the green label

the green label project

‘The Green Label’ project is an initiative taken by the MEWR to help liberate the environment from the detrimental damage from plastics. As it is well known the damage and the harm that plastics cause, this project helps focus on initiating small steps towards a greater environmental good. This project aims at replacing the ‘Labels’ on all the plastic bottles with a recyacle material. MEWR aims at targeting all the beverage companies in Singapore toenforce a change at the soonest. The trending problem in the increase in the carbon footprint due to plastics has increased at an alarming rate, hence the urgent need in protecting our environment.

the current problem

CARBON FOOTPRINT Carbon footprint is an estimate of the impact in the climate change caused by a particular activity. The carbon footprint is calculated by estimating the CO2 emissions as well as the green house gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. All these impacts are added together and expressed as a single number (carbon dioxide equivalent) that is the amount of CO2 that would create the same amount of global warming.

REDUCED LANDFILL SPACE Plastic bottles contribute to a large number of problems during their disposal , one of them being occupying large amounts of space in landfills. According to the study made by Clean Air Council is it estimated that citizens of the United States alone dispose approximately 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour, that makes it around 60 million bottles every day. Landfills serve the area’s immediate disposal needs for an extended period of time, the continuous disposal of plastics in the landfill reduces the life span of the landfill.

the solution “TERRASKIN”

ABOUT TERRASKIN - TerraSkin is a combination of mineral powder (>75%) and a small quantity (<25%) of non-toxic resin combined to create an environmentally friendly paper. - The production of TerraSkin requires no water, so the TerraSkin papermaking process incurs no water pollutants. - TerraSkin also has beautiful printing capabilities and a unique texture and feel. Because the paper is fiberless, it does not absorb ink like regular paper and also uses less ink than regular paper. Images stay much crisper and cleaner because the ink doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bleed. - TerraSkin is water â&#x20AC;&#x201C; resistant and inherently strong and durable.


“SMALL STEPS TOWARDS A GREATER CHANGE” The advantages and benifits of terraskin are very high and due to the increasing rate of carbon footprint, it’s our duty to help and protect the environment. We have to take a step now. The time has come.


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