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1 8 November 2013

KHS se Duxleerling vir 2013, Jehlé Pretorius saam met haar ouers, Dries en Estelle Pretorius.

KHS wys Duxleerling aan Jehlé Pretorius is onlangs tydens ‘n spesiale prysuit deling vir matrieks as KHS se Duxleerling bekroon en sy het ook trofeë ontvang vir die beste prestasie in vyf van haar vakke asook die Vogelmantrofee vir die Beste Prestasie. Jehlé se gemiddeld, op grond van haar jaarpunt, is 91% en sy is die beste presteerder in Fisiese Weten skappe (92%), Rekeningkunde (87%), Besigheidstudies

(98%), lewensoriëntering (93%) en Wiskunde Vraestel 3 (81%). Jehlé ontvang ook die Erasmustrofee vir die beste prestasie op Kultuurgebied waar sy vanjaar nie net tot die halfeindrondte van die ATKVredenaarskompetisie deurgedring het nie, maar ook in die landwye finaal van die Radikale Redenaars die derde plek behaal het.

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1 8 November 2013

Cooperative financial institutions go digital About 600 delegates from all over Africa enjoyed three days of information shar ing during the 14th Savings and Credit Cooperative Associations (SACCA) Congress, held at Sun City last week. This year’s conference highlighted practi cal techniques and best practices that have been applied in providing financial services through integrating technology to geo graphically disadvantaged people, excluded from the traditional bank services, hence the theme “Technology accelerating financial inclusion using Cooperative model”. When cooperative financial institutions (CFI’s) started everything was done manu

ally. With the developments and more people being recruited to this movement, technology is seen as the best way to oper ate smoothly. During the closing ceremony the Economic Development, Environment Conservation and Tourism MEC, Motlalep ula Rosho reemphasised that technology is indeed a vehicle which can assist CFI’s to expand and modernise this financial institu tions. The biggest issue that emerged during the discussions was the legislation and regula tion framework. Delegates proposed that it would be much better to have a regulatory body that will regulate Sacco’s and CFI’s

in Africa. Annet Nantumbwe from Ugan da said it would help a lot if Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO) can have a regulatory body just like CFI’s in South Africa which have the Cooperative De velopment Agency (CBDA). The African Confederation of Cooperative Savings and Credit Associations (ACCOSCA) executive director Mr George Ombado said from here ACCOSCA will engage governments from different countries to have a regulatory institution. He said the theme of Technol ogy was well elaborated by the presenters. “SACCOs and CFI’s should consider using technology for proper governance and also

to enhance financial inclusion to be able to reach more members and the disadvantaged through mechanisms like mobile banking and mobile money transfers” he said. On the last day of the conference delegates were given an opportunity to visit CFI’s in the province to learn more about their move ments. The conference ended with an award ceremony for best performing CFI’s in the countr. Ditsobotla Cooperative Bank took first place and Lotlhakane were second. The first four positions were awarded with a tro phy, goodies and a monetary award. PRAS SA committed into training these two North West Province cooperatives.

MEC Rosho with members of Ditsobotla Cooperative Bank, as they receive their first prise award for best CFI in South Africa.

1 8 November 2013


Bladsy 3

Besoek gerus ons nuwe webwerf by of kom kuier saam op Facebook.

Wesvaal Ons bied vertroosting. Ons gee om. Wesvaal Begrafnisondernemers Alle ure: (018) 5961126/7 Faks: (018) 5962025. Sel: 083 4192350 Eienaar: J.A.Coetsee en personeel

Oom Pieter Venter van Makwassie het onlangs sy 90ste verjaars dag gevier. Baie geluk!

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1 8 November 2013

Motorcycle rallies are a massive boom to local economies They have a reputation as hellraising sons of anarchy who function on society’s pe riphery. They  are  a  law  unto  themselves; modern day bandits who traded the saddle of the stallion for a roaring 1000 horse power monster in chrome. Bikers.....The word alone invokes images of leather jack ets plastered with badges, of tattooed skulls and scantily clad vixens, of mayhem and mischief and marauding malevolence. We often shudder as we think of the thun derous reverberation their exhausts make as they announce their arrival in our doc ile communities, but how often do we think of their commercial worth? We should. A recent study conducted by Prof Mel ville Saayman from the NorthWest University’s research focus area Tourism Research in Economic Environs and So ciety (TREES) where they analysed the marketing and economic impact of the Africa Bike Week, which is held annually in Margate, proved that the easy riders are a lucrative and untapped market. The Africa Bike week is South Africa’s premier motorcycle event with 25 000 par

ticipants who take part in the festivities. A look at the respondents’ profile shows that 56% are male, 44% female, 61% speaks Afrikaans, 39% English, the average age at the Bike Week was 44 and 32% were be tween the ages of 50 and 64. Of the 474 respondents 64% indicated they are married. Most of the riders (46%) came from Gauteng, followed by KwaZuluNatal (27%). It is evident that they are an educated niche group with 50% having passed matric, 30% have a diploma or degree, 4% a post graduate degree and 13% have a profession al qualification. A look at their annual gross income and their spending power becomes increasingly apparent: 15% earn less than 20 000 per an num, 21% earn between R20 000 and R140 000, 14% between that and R221 000, 13% were ranked between R221 001 and R305 00, 11% between R305 001 and R431 000 whilst 8% fall between R431 001 and R552 000. Now for the shocker: 18% earns upwards from R552 001. Furthermore they travel in groups (aver

aging seven to eight) and attend on average 5.25 rallies a year. A total of 59% indicated that they planned on visiting other tourist attractions. A group spends R8 378.78 on average for about five nights. If the number of participants are taken into account, as well as the average spend ing figure per group, then the total amount generated for the community by the event accumulates to R62 722 538.70. See the picture? When the bikers come knocking, you answer. The purchase spending power of motor cycle enthusiasts are underappreciated and local authorities, as well as residents, should not scoff at the notion of hosting a biker ral ly or event. More often than not the feeling of the com munity is ‘No, we don’t want these people here’ as bikers carry stereotypical labels of drinkers and troublemakers. It’s a fallacy. The consensus among the researchers was that motorcycle enthusiasts are a sophisti cated crowd, as Margate can attest. They are loath to let go of the event as it comes with a massive marketing and expen

Prof Melville Saayman. diture component and it’s a lucrative endea vour for all involved. More towns and cities should take notice of this.

Practical law teaching is imperative It is whispered in the corridors of court houses, it is the stuff of many a water cooler conversation at law firms. It is an irrefutable fact and an undeni able truth: the kids just aren’t cutting it. A posthumous

examination of why graduated law students are not equipped with the practical skills to excel in their cho sen profession will not suffice. It will read as a coroner’s report. As it stands, only a select few

will shine whilst the private sector grows ever the wearier of the output of tertiary institutions. It is not a healthy situation, it holds dire long term con sequences and it is a disservice to stu dents whom univer

Dringend benodig Ons is dringend opsoek na goeie gebruikte motors of bakkies asook karavane om vir kontant te koop. Skakel dadelik vir Oupie Deetlefs byTelefoon (018) 596 1177of sel: 082 923 4255 of besoek ons by

R.A. MOTORS Broadbentstraat Wolmaransstad

sities claim to serve. Yes, they have ample theoretical knowledge which is, as most will at test, the bedrock of any professional law practitioner, but theory without the aptitude to put that knowledge to ef fective work means little to naught for an employer. For students, hon ing their skills is a teething process, but the aim of the NorthWest Univer sity’s (NWUPuk) Faculty of Law is to give them the mo lars to clamp down from the getgo. In recent years the Faculty has shifted its focus towards

imparting students with a skillset that is a more accurate reflection of that which is needed to thrive in the private sector. One such an ex ample is the internal mock trial competi tion for second and thirdyear students. In 2013, the Fac ulty hosted its third annual instalment of the competition that is geared towards filling practical re quirement needs that are essential for any law practitioner. The format of the competition works as follows: Two groups compete against each other with one group

representing the state and one group standing for the de fence. Cases entail relevant transgres sions that regularly appear in the court such as robbery, as sault and possession of drugs. Each group is given a body of facts after which they have 24 hours to prepare. The groups are not only adjudged by their prosecution skills, but are also assessed by their ability to work to gether as a team. It goes without saying that the com petition serves as far more than to be just a showcase for students’ powers of

persuasion or their argumentative ingenuity. They are honing their skills to present a wa tertight argument whilst instilling the confi dence to do so in front of a high court judge, as was the case this year when judges Leo nie Windell and Frits van Oosten presided over the final round of the competition. It is an invaluable experience and one unique to the NWUPuk. “For too long we have passively sat and looked at what is wrong. It is time to grab the bull by the horns and start doing. It is time to walk the talk. That is precisely what we are doing here at the NorthWest Uni versity’s Faculty of Law,” explains advocate René Koraan, organiser of the mock trial competition and lecturer with an intoxicat ing fervour for getting the best out of her students. “The question is: Why would a student participate in a mock trial? It requires some sacrifice as the trials take place afterhours. The answer is that they want to, they want the exposure. They have a passion for the law and they want an opportunity to show their worth.” She attests that brows are being raised when the qualification of law students are being discussed. “Law student’s qualifica tions are being criticised, but we can, with honesty, say that we as a faculty is doing something different. We are making a con scientious effort to empower and provide them with all the practical skills that they require. We hear numerous complaints from law practices about graduated students who don’t know when to sit or to stand during a trial, how to conduct themselves or how to compile a complaint sheet. David McQuoid Mason, President of the Commonwealth Legal Education Association, said that law students must be taught lawyering skills at university before they undergo practical le gal training. We agree.” The effects were immediately visible, the output has been remarkable and the excel lence thereof sustainable. “With these mock trials we are breeding a new culture; a culture of passion for the law, a collegiality and an environment where the students are the torch bearers of this change.” Watch a mock trial at: com/watch?v=MghqsQ2dzMc

1 8 November 2013


Bladsy 5

NWU recognises cool researchers POTCHEFSTROOM Hard work paid off for more than seventy North West University (NWU) staff members who were acknowledged for excellence in re search, innovation, community involve ment and creativity at a gala event in the city on Friday, 1 November 2013. Dr Theuns Eloff, vicechancellor of the NWU said the evening was about cel ebrating the fact that research is cool and that cool people excel in research. He said the award recipients were the cream of the crop in NWU research. “You are the people who embody the research culture at the University.” He said research is cool when it makes a dis tinct difference to the positioning of an in stitution in the national higher education fra ternity, when it adds to finding solutions to realworldchallengesandproblemsandwhen it provides personal development and growth opportunities to people who are passionate to contribute to the Knowledge Economy. Top honours went to Prof Abayo mi Oyekale from the Mafikeng Campus. He was announced as the Most Productive NWU Researcher. Prof Oyekale’s research can broadly be divided into three areas. These are envi ronmental studies, poverty and inequal ity analyses and health related issues. On environmental issues he had conducted studies on land use, deforestation, sustain able land management, climate change and sustainable use of energy. The Poverty and inequality studies focus on poverty decom position, inequality decomposition, income

shock assessment and propoor growth. His health related research focusses on the impact of HIV and Aids, behaviour change, HIV vulnerability, access to portable wa ter and its association with incidence of water borne diseases, impact of malaria on households, health risk assessment and willingness to pay for health insurance. “It should be emphasised that the link ages between environment, poverty and health have formed the hub of my re search using several econometric tech niques. This award is testimony to the faithfulness of God,” says Prof Oyekala. Prof Martinette Kruger from the School of Business Management on the Potchefstroom Campus is 2013’s Most Productive Junior Researcher. The Leadership in Research Award went to Prof Marius Potgieter, director of the School of Physics at the Potchefstroom Campus. The award for the Most Productive Research Entity was awarded to the Workwell Re search Unit for Economic and Management Sciences under the leadership of Prof Jaco Pienaar, also on the Potchefstroom Campus.

Prof Abayomi OYekale and dr Theuns Eloff.

Suidwes, ‘n vooruitstrewende maatskappy met sy Sentralekantoor te Leeudoringstad in die Noordwes, wat vir meer as 100 jaar landbouverwante produkte en dienste aan sy landbouerklante in Noordwes , Vrystaat en Noord Kaapprovinsie lewer, beskik oor die volgende vakature:

AANKOPER te HANDEL, WOLMARANSSTAD Die suksesvolle kandidaat se verantwoordelikhede sluit in:

• Aankoop van voorraad en skep van transaksies op die rekenaar. • Plaas van bestellings by verskaffers. • Hulpverlening met voorraadbeheer en ‐kontrole. • Toesighouding oor ondergeskiktes. • Rakuitleg en promosies. Vereistes:

• Kennis van boerderybenodighede insluitend besproeiing en pompe.


• Kennis van voorraadbestuur • Graad 12 en geldige bestuurslisensie (minimum Kode EB). • Rekenaarvaardigheid ten opsigte van die nuutste Officesagteware pakkette (veral Excel en Word). • Moet goeie mensen klanteverhoudinge handhaaf. • Toepaslike ervaring i.t.v. opkas, bank, kleinkasbeheer, rakuitleg en algemene kantooradministrasie.

SLUITINGSDATUM: 08 November 2013 Skakel Petie Marais (018) 596 1076 vir meer besonderhede, of doen skriftelik aansoek deur middel van ‘n CV wat gewaarmerkte afskrifte van u kwalifikasies en ID dokument insluit. (Faksnommer 0185811476 of epos na Dui asb duidelik aan vir watter pos u aansoek doen.

Suidwes, ‘n vooruitstrewende maatskappy met sy Sentralekantoor te Leeudoringstad in die Noordwes, wat vir meer as 100 jaar landbouverwante produkte en dienste aan sy landbouerklante in Noordwes , Vrystaat en Noord Kaapprovinsie lewer, beskik oor die volgende vakature:

Prof Jaco Pienaar.

VERKOOPSASSISTENT te HANDEL, WOLMARANSSTAD Die suksesvolle kandidaat se verantwoordelikhede sluit in: • Bemarking van winkelvoorraad en promosies. • Produkkennis van winkelvoorraad. • Verkope van winkelvoorraad. • Marge van produkte bestuur en verslae skryf t.o.v. produkverkope. • Hulpverlening aan klante ten opsigte van produknavrae. • Toepassing van wetgewing t.o.v. winkelvoorraad. Vereistes: • Graad 12 •Voornemende kandidate moet oor ‘n naskoolse opleiding/kursusse in landbouprodukte beskik •Rekenaarvaardigheid ten opsigte van die nuutste Officesagteware pakkette (veral Excel en Word) •Moet goeie mensen klanteverhoudinge handhaaf. •Bemarkingsgerigtheid. • Geldige bestuurslisensie SUIDWES LANDBOU (EDMS.) BPK. REG NR 1990/006879/07

Prof Marius Potgieter.



SLUITINGSDATUM: 08 Nov 2013 Skakel Petie Marais (018) 596 1076 vir meer besonderhede, of doen skriftelik aansoek deur middel van ‘n CV wat gewaarmerkte afskrifte van u kwalifisasies en ID dokument insluit. (Faksnommer 018 5811510 of e pos na Dui asb duidelik aan vir watter pos u aansoek doen.

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OVERVAAL Suidwes, ‘n vooruitstrewende maatskappy met sy Sentralekantoor te Leeudoringstad in die Noordwes, wat vir meer as 100 jaar landbouverwante produkte en dienste aan sy landbouerklante in Noordwes , Vrystaat en Noord Kaapprovinsie lewer, beskik oor die volgende vakatures:


1 8 November 2013

Klein Advertensies/ Smalls

Die suksesvolle kandidaat se verantwoordelikhede sluit in: Skakeling met belanghebbendes. Kantoorbestuur Reël van vergaderings, funksies, reisreëlings, verblyf, ens. soos nodig Neem, tik en verspreiding van notules. Konflikhantering en klantediens.

• • • • •



• Graad 12 met tik as vak. (Naskoolse tik ondervinding sal in u guns tel). • 2 jaar Sekretariële diploma of soortgelyke kwalifikasie. • Rekenaarvaardig in die nuutste rekenaarpakkette: Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Epos, Internet. • Gevorderde kennis en gebruik van Excel is noodsaaklik • Sekretariële ondervinding in ‘n gerekenariseerde, korporatiewe omgewing. • Moet tweetalig wees, en oor uitstekende kommunikasievermoë beskik – direk sowel as telefonies, moet ook oor genoeg selfvertroue beskik om met persone op alle vlakke effektief te kommunikeer. • Moet vriendelik, hulpvaardig, ‘n goeie humorsin, asook aanpasbaar wees om in verskillende omstandighede inisiatief en takt aan die dag te lê.


SLUITINGSDATUM: 8 Nov 2013 Skakel Deon Badenhorst by (018) 581 1014 vir meer besonderhede, of doen skriftelik aansoek deur middel van ‘n CV wat gewaarmerkte afskrifte van u kwalifikasies en ID dokument insluit.(Faksnommer 018 581 1476 of e pos na l Dui asb. duidelik aan vir watter pos u aansoek doen.

BEMARKER: ONDERDELE te MEGANISASIE, SCHWEIZER‐RENEKE Die suksesvolle kandidaat se verantwoordelikhede sluit in: •Bemarking en verkope van onderdele. •Administrasie en kontrolering van voorraad. •Uitmuntende klantediens.

Vereistes: •Graad 12. •Geldige bestuurslisensie. •Rekenaarvaardigheid ten opsigte van die nuutste Office‐sagtewarepakkette (Excel, Word). •Moet goeie mens‐ en / of klanteverhoudinge handhaaf (telefonies en direk). •Vertroudheid met die produkte wat die maatskappy hanteer, naamlik trekkers, stropers en ander plaaswerktuie, is ‘n vereiste.


SEEP SHOPPIE WOLMARANSSTAD Tel: 018 596 2630 en Sel: 083 254 1553. Amoniakreiniger – R15/L, Stardishwash – R18/L, Bleikmiddel – R12/ L, Matshampoo – R21/L, Wasgoedversagter R14/L, Hoëskuimwaspoeier – R33/2kg en vele meer. Tussen Apteek en Dr van Zyl spreekkamer.

KLERE / GORDYNE Ons herstel en doen verstelwerk aan mans, dames en kinderklerasie. Ons maak ook gordyne. Navrae van 8vm 1nm by RA Motors. Wolmaransstad.

LEOMAR TUINDIENSTE Gratis kwotasie vir die uitlê van enige tuin, plaveisel. Ons doen besproeiings en tuindienste. Ons werk is van kwaliteit gehalte en is oral te sien. Kom besoek ook ons kwekery vir u saailinge, struike, roosbome en vrugtebome. Skakel Leonie 071 340 6094 of Marius 083 695 4137

DAMES Ons maak jou matte en meubels silwerskoon. Skakel Suzanne 082 750 8181 of Theo 082 750 8080.

Suidwes, ‘ n vooruitstrewende maatskappy met sy Sentralekantoor te Leeudoringstad in die Noordwes, wat vir meer as 100 jaar landbouverwante produkte en dienste aan sy landbouerklante in Noordwes , Vrystaat en Noord Kaapprovinsie lewer, beskik oor die volgende vakature:


SLUITINGSDATUM: 08 Nov 2013 Skakel Conrad Theron(053 963 1361) vir meer besonderhede, of doen skriftelik aansoek deur middel van ‘n CV wat gewaarmerkte afskrifte van u kwalifikasies en ID dokument insluit. (Faksnommer 018 581 1476 of e pos na ) Dui asb duidelik aan vir watter pos u aansoek doen.

Suidwes, ‘ n vooruitstrewende maatskappy met sy Sentralekantoor te Leeudoringstad in die Noordwes, wat vir meer as 100 jaar landbouverwante produkte en dienste aan sy landbouerklante in Noordwes , Vrystaat en Noord Kaapprovinsie lewer, beskik oor die volgende vakature:

KASSIER te HANDEL, CHRISTIANA Die suksesvolle kandidaat se verantwoordelikhede sluit in:

• Verkope by toonbank. • Opkassering en kontantbalansering. • Produkkennis. • Uitmuntende klantediens. Vereistes: • • • • •


Wil u ‘n motor koop met geen deposito? Geen bestuurslisensie nodig nie! Skakel Raymond 072 781 2749, Cas 074 890 4231, Glenda 082 078 4687. Krediet waardige kliënte alleen.

Graad 12 met Rekeningkunde / Wiskunde. Rekenaarvaardigheid in die nuutste Officesagteware pakkette. Algemene administratiewe ondervinding. Akkuraatheid en goeie konflikhanteringsvaardighede. Toepaslike ondervinding as kassier sal tot voordeel strek.


SLUITINGSDATUM: 08 Nov 2013 Skakel Pini Joale(018) 581 1000 vir meer besonderhede, of doen skriftelik aansoek deur middel van ‘n CV wat gewaarmerkte afskrifte van u kwalifisasies en ID dokument insluit. (Faksnommer 018 5811476 of e pos na Dui asb duidelik aan vir watter pos u aansoek doen.

AANDAG BOERE Ek koop skape/lammers teen markverwante veiling/slap pryse. Kontant op u plaas. Geen vervoer, kommissie of tjek uitbetaling. 0846428960 a/u.

TE KOOP Bestaande karwas in Hoofstraat van Wolmaransstad te koop!! Skakel André 083 446 5725 of Hanilie 083 260 5803. LASER LIPO SLIMMING CENTRE – WOLMARANSSTAD. SUMMER SPECIAL!! 10 Sessions for only R2500!! Contact Hanilie 083 260 5803.

VOORBEREIDING VIR LEERLING LISENSIE Hier is ‘n oplossing vir jou as jy vir jou leerling lisensie toets gaan, vir motorfiets, kar en swaar motorvoertuig. Al die nodige tekens, reels en kontroles wat jy moet ken. Alles in een boek, asook ‘n CD met ‘n self toetser op. Slegs vir R180 00. Skakel vir bestellings 072 303 1918, na ure en 018 596 2603 deur die dag.

SWAAR VOERTUIG DRYWERS GESOEK Soek Drywers met Kode 14 Lisensie en geldige PDP. Moet minstens 5 jaar ondervinging hê. Skakel: 076 152 6654. Makwassie Omgewing.

GEWIGTE TE KOOP 2x 20kg;  8  x  7.5kg;  2  x  1.5kg;  4  x  2.5kg;  1  x  Bench  Bar; 1  x  Straight  Bar;  EZ  Bar;  2  x  Dumbell  Bar.  Bankie  en Gewigstaander ingesluit. So goed soos nuut. R5000.00. Skakel asb. Nellie Els by 0837385755.

YORKIES TE KOOP Yorkies te koop. Ingeënt, ontwurm en geregistreer deur Visuri telery.Nog 3 reuntjies beskikbaar @ R2500 elk. Kontak nr: 082 944 7037.

J.S. DIENSTE Hesterstraat 15, Leeudoringstad, Tel: 018 581 2253. Ons herstel alle huishoudelike elektriese toebehore, hervul lugversorgers & yskaste. Algemene dienste van voertuie, bande & batterye.

SKAAPHONDJIES TE KOOP Skaaphondjies beskikbaar vanaf 31 Oktober 2013. Skakel 076 527 7229 / 082 859 9332 vir inligting.

TYDELIKE ADMIN POS Halfdag en sommige Saterdae. Vereistes: 25 – 40 jaar, vroulik, eie vervoer, tweetalig, rekenaarvaardig. Epos CV na

TE KOOP Miniatuur perdjies beskikbaar. “Creamcoloured” hingsies @ R6000 stuk. (ouers geregistreer), 1 swart hingsie @ R5000. 2 Geregistreerde, dragtige merries @ R8000 stuk. Mariette 082 927 8052. PRINCESS PAPILLON HAARSALON Elindi. Sel: 072 468 4113. Dalrene Lodge, Wolmaransstad. Werk beskikbaar in Amerika by reisende pretparke. Is jy 1828 jaar? Verdien dollars. Gratis vliegkaartjie. Onderhoude in Klerksdorp 072 462 7675.

KOOP & VERKOOP Voëls vir kontant. Budjies, Vinke, Kanaries, Kokketiele, Love Birds, Ringnekke ens. Maak ook neste op aanvraag. Kontak Hennie 072 532 7207.

HUIS TE KOOP – WOLMARANSSTAD 5 Slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, sitkamer, eetkamer, portal, TV kamer, opwas en dan groot stoor met plek vir 6 motors asook 1 slaapkamer woonstel met kombuis, toilet en stort, asook opwaskamer. Baie groot erf met boorgat en watertenk. Kontak persoon is Paul 082 948 2681 of Joey 082 948 2680.

WORSHONDJIES TE KOOP Ingeënt en ontwurm. Swart & Tan. 4 Reuntjies en 2 Tefies beskikbaar vanaf 16 November 2013. Baie mooi! Wolmaransstad. Skakel 072 844 1903. MATWAS Ek was u matte en sitkamerstelle. Wolmaransstad en omgewing. Kontak: Bossie by 083 456 8754. Cash for cars and bakkies. R15000R50000. Also trucks, caravans, ect. Enquiries: 071 967 0285. 072 472 8686.

TE KOOP 13 x 1m Hoë swart, yster dekor staanders is te koop. Ideaal vir gebruik as centre pieces op tafels by troues of funksies. Prys: R1200. Skakel: 072 170 9398. Wolmaransstad.

1 8 November 2013


Kennisgewings/ Legal Notices KENNISGEWING VAN AANSOEK OM WYSIGING VAN DORPSBEPLANNINGSKEMA INGEVOLGE ARTIKEL 56(1)(b)(i) VAN DIE ORDONNANSIE OP DORPSBEPLANNING EN DORPE, 1986 (ORDONNAN SIE 15 VAN 1986) MAQUASSI HILLS LAND USE MANAGEMENT SCHEME, 2007 WYSIGINGSKEMA 47 Maxim Planning Solutions (Edms) Bpk (2002/017393/07) synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaars van Erwe 222 en 223, Leeuwdoornsstad, gee hiermee ingevolge Ar tikel 56(1)(b)(i) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe, 1986 (Ordonnansie 15 van 1986) kennis dat ons by die Maquassi Hills Plaaslike Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het om die wysiging van die Maquassi Hills Land Use Management Scheme, 2007, soos gewysig, deur die hersonering van Erwe 222 en 223, Leeuwdoornsstad, geleë aanliggend tot Francisstraat, tussen Henry, Paul Kruger en Wesstraat Noord, Leeudoringstad, vanaf “Residensieel 1” na “Residensieel 2”, vir die doeleindes van sewentien (17) wooneenhede. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Munisipale Bestuurder, Maquassi Hills Plaaslike Munisipaliteit, Kru gerstraat, Wolmaransstad, vir ’n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 08 November 2013. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne ‘n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 08 November 2013 skriftelik by of tot die Munisipale Bestuurder by bover melde adres of by Privaatsak X 3, Wolmaransstad, 2630 ingedien of gerig word. Adres van gemagtigde agent: MAXIM PLANNING SO LUTIONS (EDMS) BPK (2002/017393/07), EENHEID 35 CORPUS NOVEM KANTOOR PARK, DR. YUSUF DA DOOLAAN 35, WILKOPPIES, KLERKSDORP, 2571, POSBUS 6848, FLAMWOOD, 2572, TEL: (018) 4686366, (2/1498) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56(1)(b)(i) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWN SHIPS ORDINANCE, 1986 (ORDINANCE 15 OF 1986) MAQUASSI HILLS LAND USE MANAGEMENT SCHEME, 2007 AMENDMENT SCHEME 47 Maxim Planning Solutions (Pty) Ltd (2002/017393/07) be ing the authorised agent of the owners of Erven 222 and 223, Leeuwdoornsstad, hereby gives notice in terms of Sec tion 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordi nance, 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986) that we have applied to

the Maquassi Hills Local Municipality for the amendment of the Town Planning Scheme known as Maquassi Hills Land Use Management Scheme, 2007, as amended, by the rezoning of Erven 222 and 223, Leeuwdoornsstad, situated adjacent to Francis Street, between Henry, Paul Kruger and West Street North, Leeudoringstad, from “Residential 1” to “Residential 2”, for the purposes of seventeen (17) dwelling units. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, Maquassi Hills Local Municipality, Kruger Street, Wol maransstad, for the period of 28 days from 08 November 2013. Objections to or representations in respect of the applica tion must be lodged with or made in writing to the Munici pal Manager at the above address or posted to Private Bag X 3, Wolmaransstad, 2630 within a period of 28 days from 08 November 2013. Address of authorised agent: MAXIM PLANNING SOLU TIONS (PTY) LTD (2002/017393/07), UNIT 35 CORPUS NOVEM OFFICE PARK, 35 DR. YUSUF DADOO AV ENUE, WILKOPPIES, KLERKSDORP, 2571, P.O. BOX 6848, FLAMWOOD, 2572, TEL: 018468 6366, (2/1498) KENNISGEWING VAN GEREGTELIKE VERKOPING. IN DIE LANDDROSHOF VIR DIE DISTRIK VAN WOLMARANSSTAD GEHOU TE WOLMARANSSTAD SAAKNO: 434/2011. In die saak tussen: ILIAD AFRICA TRADING (EDMS) BPK EISER En E MOETI H/A EZEKIEL MOETI CONSTRUCTIONS VERWEERDER. Ingevolge uitspraak in die Hof van die Landdros van WOLMARANSSTAD gehou te WOLMARANSSTAD en Lasbrief tot Geregtelike Verkoping gedateer 21 MEI 2013 sal die ondervermelde goedere op 22 NOVEMBER 2013 om 11H00, te P/A 1392, LEBALENG, MAKWASSIE, aan die hoogste bieder geregtelik verkoop word, naamlik: PYPFITTING, VERF, SKROEWE, BOUTE, STENE, GRAWE, TUINVURKE, BESEMS, TOILET BAKKE, HOUT BAKKE, HOUT DEURE, VENSTER RAME, STEEN VORMS, KONKREETMENGER, SLEEPWA, 1 x FIAT TREKKER, 1 x SITKAMERSTEL, 1 x STAALRAKKE & ALLE VOORRAAD OP HANDE. GEDATEER TE WOLMARANSSTAD OP HIERDIE 01 STE DAG VAN NOVEMBER 2013. COETZEE & VAN DER MERWE POSBUS 12 KRUGERSTRAAT 30A WOLMARANSSTAD 2630.

OVERVAAL plaas voortaan geen berigte waar daar verwys word na besighede en die dienste wat hulle aanbied nie. Wanneer n VLUtak byvoorbeeld n lekkergoedfabriek besoek en hul naam en die verskil lende lekkers wat vervaardig word verskyn in die berig word dit nie geplaas. Dis is die normale prose dure in die mediabedryf, want dit is gratis reklame. Ons sal ‘n uitsondering maak As die besigheid ‘n gereelde adverteerder is sal die berig geplaas word. Wanneer die tak ‘n besoek bring aan byvoorbeeld: Die Geelhuis, Saamstaan Bore, ‘n Tak , Silo of Werkswinkel van SUIDWES, Drostdy Antiques of enige van ons gereelde adverteerders.

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1 8 November 2013

Overvaal 1 - 8 November 2013