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Natasha Duncan

Fiji born and internationally raised Natasha Kalara Duncan, Jewellery designer and jeweler by trade. Natasha was trained in traditional jewellery techniques in Lisbon, Portugal. Following her studies, she was taken on as a jewellery techniques tutor at the very same school. All her handmade designs are brought to life in her home studio with sleek elegant lines defining Natasha’s work. Silver and gold are her favorite materials to work with but she occasionally enjoys the challenge of venturing into the unknown. Inspired by her surroundings and its hidden details, Natasha uses her photography, travels and nature as forms of expression in her jewellery.



1st Prize

Portojoia Porto, Portugal

‘Reversible Clip’

Finalist Gallery Funaki International Jewellery Awards 2006 Melbourne, Australia.


‘Cone Ring’



White, yellow and rose gold rings.

Conceptual pieces




Cufflinks Strong on the outside fragile on the inside.

Earrings Flat or not?


Four points of contact between Lisbon and Rome-Exhibition Exchange of objects between designers in Lisbon with designers in Rome, use the objects as inspiration to create a piece of jewellery. Exhibition in both countries to display results. Organised by PIN, Portuguese Contemporary Jewellery Association and the AGC , Italian Contemporary Jewellery Association

Silver and brass ribbed rings.


‘Diamond, White and Yellow gold engagement ring.

Silver and acrylic brooches.


‘Birds-eye view’

Marriage of metals Brooch. Silver,Alpaca, brass, copper, bronze and acrylic. Steel wire. 33

‘Fitting in’

White gold clasp and pearl necklace.

Photography: Natasha Kalara Duncan Graphics: Dolores Toboso

Natasha Duncan  


Natasha Duncan