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Summary - 1

Health Education Portfolio Spring 2011 Natasha Dowell 9735 - 1306

Within this portfolio, you will find the many facets of my undergraduate career at the University of Florida. The Introduction section contains links to my rĂŠsumĂŠ as well as my professional philosophy of health education. The Academic Projects has three of the projects I completed in the HEB program. Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise is a research paper I wrote in 2009; the Green Market Newsletter was a group project I worked on in 2010; and the final project is a lesson plan I completed with two other members which focused on prescription drug abuse in teens. After each link, I credited each member associated with the project. The next section, Practical Experiences, contains a toolkit which I completed with another intern to help American Red Cross disaster workers communicate with clients who do not speak English. I included a short synopsis of several volunteering opportunities in the Extracurricular Activities section. Lastly, I included a page on the site in which I reflected on my invaluable experiences at UF and within the HEB program.

Portfolio Summary