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Major Fields for Global Talent

Search Tool : AIESEC Indore's Opportunities

Relevance of Global Talent

Indore as a city , is growing with an amazing pace in the field of IT , marketing and Education. With the existence of AIESEC in Indore , many companies are privileged to have international profiles in their organizations. The experience of a new talent in this city of opportunities is always astonishing and full of knowledge.   

Major Fields for Global Entrepreneur

Search Tool : AIESEC Indore's Opportunities

Relevance of Global Entrepreneur

Indore city is the largest growth sector for start-ups and small and medium enterprises coming up with innovative products and ideas. These start-ups are ready to expand their business and work with young and creativeinternationals with an entrepreneurial outlook. These start-ups are searching for best profiles to create amazing projects.Â

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