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Writing a story without letters, seems illogical, and therefore impossible. To achieve that this story is becoming clear, words are needed. However, by telling a complete story, there is no room left for imagination. You would assume it as the truth, and then the story is being told. Sometimes you need none of this to communicate, no letters, no story. While only giving suggestions, this story still can go anywhere. Associations may differ and interpretations can give surprising outcomes. Identity can be a benchmark while creating a complete story. What if this story about identity seems like a misfit? It is about storytelling, where each picture will speaks for itself. Or are they communicating with each other?

Concept, Production, Photography and Styling: Natascha Hoogstraten Special thanks to: Marlène Hoogstraten, Suze Moor Models: Vera Kroone, Evelien van Niekerk, Britt Berden, Robbin Hoogstraten January 2014

Story Telling by Natascha Hoogstraten  

Products and people can easily tell you a story, through the various associations and specific characteristics. The story is being told, eve...