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DOMAIN BAR & GRILL The Concept Jakarta's growing nightlife doesn't breathe the air of fresh change every so often, until the creators of MANNA LOUNGE-MANNA HOUSE-PUBLIC, EMBASSY, SCORE!, CORK&SCREW, PORTICO unveil their new project : DOMAIN

Occupying a section of Panin Tower in one of Jakarta's most prestigous addresses, DOMAIN is a late night dining and party. DOMAIN musical policy is unlikely Jakarta has ever heard, capturing the coolest and the hippest urban nightlife culture. In the norm of the Hollywood party scene, popularized by the late DJ AM, Steve Aoki's DIM MAK Screw, Samantha Ronson et al, and enjoyed by everyone from A-list celebrities to hipsters and clubber alike.

The design concept for Domain was to create a house or a secret hiding place inside a dungeon / cavern Upon entering Domain, one can see a house that stands in the middle of the space. The design concept for Domain was to create a house or a secret hiding place (lounge+dine+dance) inside a dungeon / cavern. As you stepped inside the house, the feeling of the space is unmistakably contemporary. Sculptural forms of smooth, polished concrete were used as bench-top and seating for dining. Various kinds of timber material finishes were applied to the ceilings and the walls of the interior to give a warm and cozy homey atmosphere. The spatial layout of the interior allows for visual connections between the individual areas, through the use of glass partitions and wall openings of various sizes.

To heighten the individual spatial experience, different floor levels were assigned to the different areas (dining, lounge, dance & DJ). Rough-textured stone tiles were used for the floor to reinforce the effect of outdoor and the natural feeling. As the focus of the room, the bar was designed with expressive forms and high level of detail, emphasized by the color changing of bottle display shelves. In general, the design for Domain has resulted in a place where one will left expose to contrasting experiences between outdoor and indoor, darkness and brightness, simplicity and complexity, tradition and avant-garde, familiarity and abstraction, and so much more. Have fun exploring Domain!

PANIN TOWER B2 UNIT C SENAYAN CITY Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19 Jakarta 10270 P+6221 7278 1787 F+62 21 7278 1642 Twitter: @domainjkt

Domain Bar & Grill  

Occupying a section of Panin Tower Senayan City Jakarta is the most prestigous addresses for late night dining and party, DOMAIN.