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Over the years, natamycin has been called by names including: pimaricin, myprozine, tennecetin, CL12625, E235, Delvocid, Atibiotic A5283, Mycophyt and Synogil.

In later entries in the “The world of natamycin” section of our website, we will look at the reasons behind this variety of terms used to refer to natamycin. Let’s start with the term Tennecetin. Very few people today refer to natamycin using this term. It was discovered in 1959 by researchers in the United States from a strain of Streptomyces, which came from a soil sample collected in Chattanooga, Tennessee, hence its name. It was initially identified as a new fungicide that was different from natamycin. However, subsequent analyses and biological assays showed that it was identical to the natamycin that was already known.

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