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GETTING A NEW STYLE. What type of girls is targeted fashion style? Our style can be described as –girls who has been fans of the color black, dark eye makeup, ripped jeans, and anything that gives off a tough-girl vibe, as at the same time as that whole rocker look is very big in fashion. You are going to LOVE this new Style. It’s definitely your coming into your own chic. It may not be sophisticated, per say, but it’s a step to sure it’s “teen rebellion”, we mean, if you are a girl that didn’t have a distinct style –you mostly dressed like the other girls and

struggled to fit in. You can get a whole new look and has become quite the little fashionable! You can feel like you’re not just wearing what everyone else wear, you can find a style only for you. Be yourself, don’t pretend to be another person and let the other girls pretend to be like you. Here, the key elements of the style that we propose to you:

 Plaid, plaid and more plaid! Obviously, Plaid is a hot trend for this year. This season, Girls have been wearing lots of plaid cotton dresses, but they occasionally worn a plaid flannel jacket instead. If you want to emulate their style a plaid dress should be top on your list. Pair the dress with dark opaque tights, ankle boots, and a couple of large faux-diamond necklaces and you’ll have a great look down.

ďƒź Grey & Black. This season we are going to be fans of monochrome. These have to become two of your new staple colors, part of your more sophisticated new look. Shades of grey are basic, minimalist, and ever so New York City chic. Even better: they can be mixed and matched with everything else in your closet. From your seemingly-vintage leather jacket to your prim and proper grey tweed bolero, you need love wearing black and grey jackets. As you can see from the pictures, basics styles don’t have to be boring.

 Pops of Bright Pink. Along with your plaid dresses and shades of grey and black, is a really good idea a pop of hot pink to your outfit this season. This year it’s all about use pink, and pink can be hotter as neon magenta. An easy way to add it to your outfit is with a hot pink scarf as the left model below is worn. Another way to include hot pink in your wardrobe is by wearing a neon pink tulle skirt under your regular skirts like she wear in the center photo.

 Piles of Accessories. Get a few necklaces of different lengths and materials – a few beaded ones, a metal one with some bling, and whoever catches your eye. Then you can mix them all up and wear them together for an effortlessly chic accent to any outfit. That go for bracelets too– stack them or however you want and pretend it was totally random.

 New hair. Probably the biggest change has been your drastic new haircut and dark, smokey eye makeup. We suggest you to use bangs, but you have to be careful, make sure you will look good with bangs, so cut your hair with caution and always consult a trusted hairstylist before you go through with it.

 And Makeup. The makeup actually is very easy to achieve even if it looks complicated. For the smokey eye, starting with a wash of shimmery grey eyeshadow from your lash line and into the crease of your eye. Next, apply a thick line of dark black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines and on the inner rims of your eyes. Grab a q-tip and smudge this line to get it looking smokey, and then blend it with some more of the original grey eyeshadow. Keep blending until you have the desired look, then apply two coats of black mascara. Finish this look with a nude lip gloss. The focus here is your eyes, so a lighter lip color will balance it out. There you have it.

Some useful tips that you can t forget:  Always wear black. It’s definitely the color that you need to choose. And if you don’t include black in your outfit, probably you have grey.  Use bad-girl details. Studs, silver sequins, rips and chains. Never play safe with your accessories.  Almost always wear heels. A few extra centimeters definitely make you look even more modelesque.

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