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Business Continuity for the 21st Century ®

Introducing Neverfail version 6 Business dependency on IT systems has never been greater, so when things go wrong the impact can be catastrophic. Whether it’s the CEO waiting for information as part of an acquisition negotiation, or the thousands of transactions that flow through the corporate website, any glitch in the IT infrastructure can wreak havoc with productivity, revenue and the organization’s reputation. Yet despite the critical role of business applications the approach to keeping them up and running remains in the dark ages for many companies. In today’s competitive and budget-sensitive world nothing short of continuous availability is required for the most important applications. Neverfail version 6 delivers that cost-effective continuous availability for the 21st century. It is architected to focus on those applications that are most critical; to be flexible enough to fit into existing and future IT infrastructures; to deliver integrated high availability and disaster protection in a single solution; to enable accelerated performance over wide area networks; to provide unparalleled levels of automation and control, and to do all this with minimum configuration and within budget.

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Continuous Availability Director

The Most Flexible and Business Aware Solution for Continuous Availability. From day one Neverfail 6 protects business critical applications against downtime. Neverfail integrates class leading replication technology with application monitoring and automated failover to deliver continuous availability meaning users are not disrupted when IT systems go down. Business demands on IT change continuously. As new applications are introduced and existing configurations change so Neverfail version 6 changes too. Automated discovery prevents configuration creep that could leave existing applications exposed and the new Neverfail Continuous Availability Director acts as the point and click interface to protect new and existing applications.

The Availability Director provides an intuitive interface enabling real time visibility and control of application availability with both local and remote protection options. Policies and rules determine exactly what should happen to protect critical services and automated or manual failover options are available to meet business and IT needs.

Isolating Business from the Impact of IT downtime

Business Centric Management

The nature of IT systems is that at some point they will go wrong. External factors such as power interruptions may take entire data rooms down. Application failures will cause business processes to stop. Selective component failures may take individual machines down. SAN issues may disrupt physical or virtual clusters and entire sites are increasingly threatened by power issues and environmental disasters.

Preserving the user-experience means taking a business centric view of availability rather than just focusing on individual IT applications. The Neverfail Availability Director is designed to provide a view of the status of business processes. IT applications can be grouped to reflect business function (e.g. E-commerce), technology functions (e.g. mobile email); geographical structure (e.g. New York, London) or any other desired view. At a glance the operational status of key business functions can be drilled into and if necessary actions such as manual failover or re-configuration can be instigated from the Availability Director.

Neverfail version 6 protects against all of these scenarios, and more. By taking a business centric approach it is the only solution that will keep users working even when multiple software applications go down. Neverfail concentrates on the user experience and keeps them working when IT outages are unavoidable. It integrates local high availability and remote disaster protection into one seamless solution to provide continuous availability. This ensures critical applications remain available through unplanned IT downtime as well as enabling planned maintenance without disruption.

ŠNeverfail Group 2009.

ŠNeverfail Group 2010. |

Integrated Tertiary Deployment

WANSmart™ Technology

Modern solutions for business continuity should not force companies to choose between local high availability and remote disaster recovery options. Neverfail version 6 crosses these artificial boundaries by introducing an optional tertiary deployment mode. As well as the traditional primary/secondary server pair concept for high availability an optional tertiary server can be configured remotely for disaster protection. This ensures neither localized failures such application issues nor site wide issues such as floods, hurricanes or power failures will bring the business down.

Neverfail version 6 takes the performance of remote based protection to the next level. The optional WANSmart facility is designed to ensure maximum performance over the wide area network while minimizing the bandwidth requirements and impact on other WAN users.

Should either the secondary or tertiary server be called into use Neverfail automatically manages the operation transparently across the three servers. The result is that all failure scenarios are guarded against, and continuous user access continues even during the eventual switch back to the primary location.

At the heart of WANSmart is sophisticated WAN Acceleration technology. Using state of the art data de-duplication techniques, Neverfail WANSmart dramatically reduces the amount of data that is physically replicated across the network. Depending on data and application conditions as much as a 30 times reduction in bandwidth traffic can be achieved leaving more capacity for other users or avoiding costly network upgrades. Additionally replication latency is significantly reduced by the WANSmart option with the result that disaster protection performance is not compromised by bandwidth limitations.

Neverfail tertiary means that both high availability and disaster protection can be delivered without compromise, ensuring the highest level of performance and the widest reach of protection.

WANSmart is a software configuration option that does not require additional WAN acceleration devices thus delivering immediate ROI when implementing continuous availability.ous availability.

Optimized for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Deployment Neverfail protects applications deployed on both physical and virtual platforms. Deployment scenarios embrace all combinations of physical, virtual and cloud based servers.

multiple virtual machines.This approach brings the cost benefits of server consolidation for continuous availability and avoids the risks of unnecessary virtualization of established critical applications.

Mission critical applications may still be sensitive to the resource sharing requirements of virtualization so unlike other approaches Neverfail does not require applications to be virtualized. Nor does it require the implementation of new storage infrastructures.

Where organizations are looking to take advantage of Enterprise or External Clouds the unique combination of storage independent replication, optional WANSmart acceleration and automated failover/ switch back means the economies of scale from cloud computing can be fully leveraged.

Neverfail allows physical and virtual deployments to be blended for maximum benefit. Continuous availability can be delivered across P2P, P2V,V2V and even V2P configurations.The seamless switchover technology allows applications to be tried, risk free, in a virtual deployment with immediate switchback should things go wrong, and with no user disruption. A Neverfail patented methodology can protect multiple production servers against failure by using a single standby physical server running

The time to address business continuity is now.Waiting for an outage to disrupt, or even destroy, the organization is not an option. More information about how Neverfail version 6 delivers Business Continuity for the 21st Century is available through local Neverfail Offices. Neverfail Tertiary and Neverfail WANSmart are options with Neverfail Version 6. Network performance improvements achieved will vary according to the applications and data being protected.

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