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Welcome to Cavallaro-Neubauer Chevrolet-Buick

About Us: Cavallaro-Neubauer is a popular used car dealer in Wolcott NY with a reputation for providing the best quality vehicles. Other than that, it also offers auto financing for its buyers along with complete servicing and maintenance of the vehicle. We accept full responsibility for the condition of any vehicle that we offer for sale. We also offer insurance and installment payment policies for vehicles.

We Provide: Cavallaro-Neubauer’s website has a gallery of used cars that are categorized under specific characteristics that will make it easy for you to search through and select what you’re looking for. In addition, we provide the following:  Trading in used cars  Selling new cars  Car servicing  Car rentals  Supply of spare parts  Financial support

What You Can Expect:

Contact Us: Call us at (888) 697-4695

ADDRESS: 12105 Oswego Street, Wolcott, NY 14590

Cavallaro neubauer chevrolet buick  
Cavallaro neubauer chevrolet buick  

We’re a well known dealer of used cars in Wolcott NY. We’ve a large collection of used cars that you can choose from without having to worry...