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Natalie Ramirez 3rd

Women's right movement S​ince the early years, woman have been given fewer rights than the average

man. In 1859, Susan B. Anthony held a convention to promote awareness of the fact that men have more rights than women. ALCOHOLISM: ​Susan also held the convention to show that alcoholism also has a big impact on women's rights, when men come home to their wives and family they are normally intoxicated and will come home and beat their wives. The woman that were beaten could not get a divorce because in that time era it was uncommon to see a woman and a man get a divorce because it was looked down upon. CIVIL WAR:​ During the civil war woman took up jobs to help the men fight the war. At the end of the war African men got the right to vote, but woman did not get the right to vote till 1920. PROFESSIONS: ​By 1860, 25% of teachers were woman. Since the men were off fighting in the war, woman have been left to teach. Twenty years later two-thirds of all teachers are woman. 2018: ​It’s now 2018 and woman are upset about the fact that men have more privileges than women. Here are a few things that make women upset. LESS PAY: ​ In 2015 full-time women workers made only 80 cents for every dollar by men. The wage gap is by 20 percent. POLITICS: ​Men have always had a spot in politics and government. Women have been left in the dark. Not till 1964 is when It became more common. 2017 was a big awakening for women, on January 21st at Washington, Dc there was an enormous march that had 2.6 million people. The purpose of this march was to make a social change, It was also for women to earn dignity and respect from men. The march was also for LGBTQIA, reproductive rights, workers rights, and finally immigration rights. When people think of women’s rights, they think of feminist and women just wanting control, but if everyone was to do their research on the topic they would see that women just want to be treated equally to men.

Natalie Ramirez feature article final draft  
Natalie Ramirez feature article final draft