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j--------Festival on the Niger, Segou,Mali Get down by the riverside Celebrate

the sounds of West Africa on the banks of one of its key

rivers. For one weekend

only, the charming

hosts huge processions

of puppets

bands belt it out on a floating audience

town of Segou



stage. And you've never seen a roused

until you join a crowd of ecstatic

to the music. By night this magical setting a procession


and masked

of fire-lit pirogues (dugout

Malians getting


comes into its own, with canoes)


on the

water. As the full moon sits low in the sky, bats weave in the air to

Natalie French

the beat from the main stage. 1-3 Feb 2008. Segou is a three-hour

bus ride from

Bamako ( "

dance with the troupes

at the Recife Carnaval,

Feb); check out the Unesco-listed

Feb;;hearSwahili路Sounds at Sauti za Busara, Zanzibar

Brazil (2-5

Binche Carnival, Belgium (3-5

(7-10 Feb)

of Wisdom'

-~-------Pasifika, Auckland, New Zealand

Songs of the southern seas

See the whole South Pacific in one city at this flower-garlanded extravaganza. The cultures of far-flung Fiji, Samoa, Kiribati and other islands descend on New Zealand in a riot of dance and song. Wander the mini 'villages: selling everything from woodcarvings to hula-style flax skirts, and feast on fresh coconuts and earthoven-baked goodies. Then sit back and watch the stages pound to the crashing drums, thumping


Fiesta de San Isidro, Madrid, Spain Saints & sinners tarting life as a humble one-day pilgrimage to the shrine ofIsidore the Spanish capital's patron saint - this fiesta has become far fatter, expanding from its roots on IS May to fill nearly a month with traditional processions, open -air concerts and general in -the- street merriment. And nowhere knows how to let loose like Madrid - this is a 24 - hour party city on a school night, so just imagine the noise when it's official festival time. Whether you listen to spontaneous jazz in Vistillas Park, catch some flamboyant flamenco in the Plaza Mayor or just take it all in while chomping your way between tapas bars, you'll be unable to resist the Madrileiio madness. Sarah Baxter Further info: During May ( Dr. .. eat and be merry with the Kalash at Joshi, Pakistan ('4-'5 May); chill out to folkloric tunes at the Summer Festival, Mount Abu,lndia (,8-20 May); wiggle your hips atthe 30th San Francisco (arnaval (24 -25 May; •

feet and raw power of the Pacific's passionate peoples. Sarah Baxter Further info:7-8 Mar ( Or ... watch world music Down Under at WOMADelaide, Australia (r9 Mar;;bustsome Hispanic moves at (aile Ocho (arnaval, Miami, US (16 Mar;;ridewith Sumbanese warmen at the Paso la, Wanokaka Village, Indonesia (27-28 Mar)

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