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Cancer is indeed a great killer and unless it is diagnosed and treated at the initial stages, complete cure can almost be ruled out. While the known treatment for cancer has revolved around radiation and chemotherapy these are very notorious for their side effects and more often than not the side effects are as bad as the disease itself. Though radiation techniques have improved and advanced over the past few decades, even today long term exposure to radiation is filled with the risk of killing the healthy cells that surround the cancerous growth. Further as mentioned above, unless the treatment is started at a very early stage of the disease, chemotherapy and radiation at best can extent the life of the patient by a few years. Under the above circumstances, the only option left is to look for alternative or non-conventional sources for treatment of cancer. Ayurvedic treatment for cancer is a process that is beginning to get more and more acceptance amongst significant sections of society. Ayurvedic treatment basically termed as a healing process that does not exactly fall under the ambit of conventional treatments. However, over the past many years these alternate methods of treating cancer have slowly gathered ground because they have been able to achieve commendable results. The very thought of such alternate methods of treating cancer comes as a whiff of fresh air given the pain and suffering patients undergo when they are subjected to chemotherapy and radiations. Though there is not much scientific evidence to support the claim that Ayurvedic treatment for cancer works remarkably well the fact of the matter is that it has turned around the lives of many persons who had given up all hopes of cure and survival. These treatments are generally based on health formulas and regimens that help the body to generate its own natural means of healing though it could be scientifically very difficult to prove it. This is because there is not much of documentary proof to support these natural methods of healing which is the case in the conventional methods of treating cancer. These methods of health make use of the systems and practices that has come down from generations and hence it is not based on scientific data and research. Ayurvedic treatment for cancer is a practice that has been born out of the Indian subcontinent. It is now being widely recognized even in he western world that this indeed is an alternate method of cancer treatment that needs to be given a serious thought and look. It has not just landed from the moon just one fine day but has evolved over the past few centuries through various processes or trial and errors. Hence, it has stood the test of time and even today it continues to be a very highly influential and well accepted mode of treatment. Hence, it makes sense to know more about this Ayurvedic treatment for cancer. The meaning of the word Ayurveda in itself has a lot of significance. It means Life and Knowledge. The syllable "Ayur" stands for life while the syllable "veda" stands for knowledge. Hence it is a medicinal concept that has evolved by learning more about the life and the way it has to be lived. Before we understand how Ayurvedic treatment for cancer is indeed possible we should understand the fact that cancer per is not a diseases but a condition in which there is abnormal,

irregular and uncontrollable growth of body cells. It has to be also understood that different types of cancer have different behavioral patterns and therefore should have different approaches as far as treatment is concerned. While cancers such as lung cancer have very aggressive manifestations, some other types of cancer like prostate cancer the growth and multiplication of abnormal cells is much slower. As is the case with the conventional mode of cancer treatment, Ayurvedic treatment for cancer also calls for early diagnosis of the condition so that treatment can be started forthwith. The biggest advantage of with Ayurvedic treatment for cancer is the fact that it is very useful in improving the overall immunity of the body which conventional treatment destroys. For example, treatment with radiation and chemotherapy may destroy the cancer cells successfully, but in the process they also damage the healthy cells and also reduce the immune strength of the body. Whereas when it comes to Ayurvedic treatment for cancer, apart from improving the immunity quotient of the body it also strengthens the anti-cancer activity of the body. But the results may take some time to manifest itself. Further such treatment may be not very useful when the patient has been brought on his last leg of life. Serious situations require immediate results and Ayurvedic treatments are not designed for immediate results. Hence in such situations it would not be a bad idea to give a mixture of both modern and Ayurvedic treatment both rolled in one.

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer Is An Option Being Seriously Looked At  

The meaning of the word Ayurveda in itself has a lot of significance. It means Life and Knowledge. The syllable "Ayur" stands for life while...

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