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Gemstones have adorned mankind for thousands of years. Cultures from centuries past believed that different gems held mythical powers, and would bring various types of fortunes to the wearer. Presently, gemstones are held with parallel regard and value. Omi Privé recognizes that gems reveal the earth’s purest form of beauty. Every individual has the ability to connect with a stone. In its essence, each gemstone is a living treasure from nature that should speak to the viewer. As purveyors of the world’s greatest rarities, we select only the finest gemstones of unsurpassed quality. Each stone is carefully cut and polished to depict its utmost brilliance. The jewel is then studied to envision the design that will best showcase its individual splendor. Every Omi Privé piece is handcrafted in the United States, and exceeds the most exacting standards. Uniting the earth’s organic treasures with artistic design and our craftsman’s skill is our specialty. These three elements provide the ultimate combination that renders each Omi Privé piece exceptionally unsurpassable.




ŠErika Winters



Natural Sapphire, total weight 15.09 carats Award-Winning Design 9


Sri Lanka Sapphire, 30.26 carats 11

Natural Sapphire, total weight 10.51 carats 12

Sri Lanka Sapphire, 6.54 carats 13


Natural Pink Sapphire, 20.02 carats 15

Natural Emerald, 5.15 carats 16

Natural Color-Change Alexandrite, 5.16 carats 17

Sri Lanka Sapphire, total weight 40.78 carats 18

Sri Lanka Sapphire, 20.03 carats 19

Natural Color-Change Alexandrite, 3.45 carats 20

Natural Color-Change Alexandrite, 2.96 carats 21

Natural Emerald, 4.67 carats 22

Spessartite Garnet, 22.45 carats 23

Natural Ruby, total weight 7.67 carats 24

Burma Ruby, 3.07 carats 25

Sri Lanka Pink Sapphire, 5.14 carats | Natural Sapphire, 6.70 carats 26

Burma Ruby, 3.01 carats | Tsavorite Garnet, total weight 2.58 carats 27

Natural Sapphire, total weight 7.92 carats 28

Natural Ruby, total weight 7.53 carats 29

Burma Ruby, 3.52 carats 30

Colombia Emerald, 4.68 carats 31

Natural Spinel, 3.55 carats 32

Natural Orangy Yellow Sapphire, 9.09 carats 33

Natural Color-Change Alexandrite, 2.25 carats 34

Tsavorite Garnet, 7.10 carats 35

Natural Pink Sapphire, 4.82 carats 36

Natural Sapphire, 4.57 carats 37

Natural Color-Change Alexandrite, total weight 6.06 carats 38

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Omi Privé 2012 Collection  
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