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Conference Call Notes from September 18 2013: Facial Care and October Promotion Period Why Use a Mask? We suggest using Verefina masks for your facial care for 5 main reasons 1. It provides a deeper clean for skin and helps to draw out impurities 2. Masks exfoliate away dead skin cells for the better absorption of the other great Verefina facial care products 3. Using Masks helps to shrink large pores 4. Masks improves circulation leaving more smooth and even skin 5. They flush out accumulated toxins and clear up blemishes leaving you with more beautiful skin in general


We recommend using the Mask 1-2 times a week. Here are our three GREAT Verefina Masks and which is best for your customers: Coco Mask (for all skin types): Delivers on everything you want when you hear the word Cocoa! •

Super decadent, feels luxurious on the skin

Improves texture and tone and helps keep the skin hydrated

Honey Powder attracts and holds moisture in the skin

Coconut Oil and Milk are great moisturizers that dramatically improves skin and prevents wrinkles

Rhassoul Clay: Reduces dryness by 79% improve skins elasticity

Kaolin Clay: unclogs pores and improves circulation

Fruit Smoothie Mask (Normal to dry/aging skin types): •

Has a blend of citrus essential oils, strawberry and watermelon fruit power helps promote new healthy cell renewal

Healing and soothing with oat powder making it perfect for dry and aging skin

Buttermilk powder is also great for dry and aging skin and is rich in lactic acid which helps exfoliate the skin and lightens up sun spots

Honey Powder Hydrates and moisturizes

Jojoba oil is perfect for our skin because it absorbs easily and is most like the natural oils that our skin produces. This also makes it GREAT for aging skin

Cherry Lime Mask (Oily skin): •

Bentonite Clay absorbs excess oil

Green Clay draws out bacteria and impurities

Shrinks down large pores

Cherry powder increases the healing rate of scars

Note: If customers says they have been breaking out after the use of Verefina masks, encourage them by saying that this can happen as a result of the clay drawing out the gunk and toxins that are deep within the pores. This can happen at first, but it is recommended to stick with it for about 1 month. Toxins need to get out of skin. the mask can accelerate getting the gunk out. In the meantime use the first aid stick to treat and heal up blemishes from breakouts.

Why are masks in powder form? •

No preservatives are added, it is 100 percent pure and natural

powdered ingredients retain their properties better in this form

Longer shelf life

You can customize the liquid you add to the powder

Examples: Water or Mix in fruit juices: aloe vera, coconut milk , other natural juices high in vitamin C

What is the best way to apply the Verefina Masks? -Cleanse with Lemon Coconut Creamy Facial Cleanser first. Jojoba beads are naturally exfoliating for removal of dead skin cells -Next cleanse with the fruit enzyme cleaner (you can omit this step) - Add 1 tsp of Mask powder and ½ tsp of desired liquid to the bowl -Mix up with the brush and bowl until thoroughly mixed and is glossy -Apply thin layer to the face, you may bring it down the neck as well -Avoid eyes and lips: go below eye bone and above eyebrow -Leave mask for 5-10 min. Watch for when it STARTS to dry, do not wait for it to completely dry -Blot off with hot washcloth -Top off with Rosewater Mist and then the Sea Buckthorn facial Cream -End with applying Antioxidant eye balm to the eye area and any other desired areas on the face

Antioxidant Eye Balm •

A little goes a long way

The ingredients were chosen with much consideration from our founder and formulator, Jennifer Lugo.

May be applied between eyebrows, laugh lines, anywhere skin begins to lose integrity or is wrinkle prone.

Eye balm moisturizes and shields the fragile skin around the eyes from free radicals. Free radicals mutate healthy cells and are the cause for aging among other problems

Packed with Antioxidants: o CoQ10 is a super strong antioxident that helps the skin

produce more collogen which is what we want around our eyes. CoQ10 is normally found in the body, but after you reach about 30 years old, the optimum level of that nutrient in the skin begins depleting to the point where the skin begins to lose its youth

o Borage Oil: It contains the highest gamma linolaic acid

concentration of any oil available. It helps increase cell resilience. The fatty layer under the skin is boosted which plumps up the fatty layer to slow the aging process down.

Sweet Almond Oil helps reduce dark circles

Avocado Oil is rich in protein and Vitamin A and is a great Antioxidant

Grapeseed oIl tightens skin around the eyes and is light

Pomegranate Extract (also included in sea buckthorn facial cream) is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation

Has a light lavender/lemongrass scent.

Lavender essential oil helps reduce inflammation and lemongrass is known for tightening up the skin

What is the best way to apply the Antioxidant Eye Balm? It comes in a tiny jar because a little bit goes a long way. •

Apply After the Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream it absorbs quickly and leaves a soft and silky after-feel that is non-greasy. You can apply it in the morning before putting on your makeup and at night before bed. Pat it on, do not rub.

How does the first aid stick being used to prevent wrinkles and protect the eyes differ from the Antioxidant Eye Balm? •

First Aid Stick is thicker and has a greasier feel . It may be shiny as well.

The borage oil in the Eye balm is a key difference because the gamma linolaic acid is an essential nutrient that our bodies need but our bodies stop producing what we need so we need to get it from an outside source

The First Aid stick also does not include the CoQ10 which is a great antioxidant and has anti-aging qualities

You can choose between the two, however the eye balm was specifically created for the sensitive and fragile skin around the eye area.

Do you apply the Eye balm under the moisturizer or after moisturizing? •

Apply after the moisturizer. The sea buckthorn facial cream is first and the eye balm seals in the nutrients.

Rule of thumb: When applying several different products you always go from thinnest to thickest. You always want to apply thicker over thinner

because this allow the skin to absorb each product in the best way possible. For example: You want to apply the eye balm AFTER the moisturizer because the eye balm would prevent the moisturizer from being absorbed because it would act as a shield and a barrier. This way you get the full benefit from both the moisturizer and the eye balm instead of just the eye balm. You get the most out of your products!

Do you always use both cleansers for applying the facial Mask, or can you use just one? You do not need to use both, but some like to use the Coconut cleanser in the morning and the fruit enzyme at night because both have different GREAT benefits. When you use both, you can use that for a special facial experience. It is suggested to use the Lemon in the morning and the fruit enzyme at night.

Maskerade Party: Theme for October Unmask your Natural Beauty

Promotion for October goes along with the theme: Maskerade. Includes three discounted product Packages: -Crows Feet -Spooky Mask -Witches Brew

Spa and facial parties are encouraged for the month of October. Here are some suggestions from Shanna on how to host some creative Halloweenthemed Spa parties!

1. Send invitations and emails with fun wording: Set the tone before

guests even arrive. Here is a great suggestion: Maskerade: Unmask your natural beauty. Let your customers know they will be removing their makeup and will be trying some great facial products. Invite them to dress up and encourage guests to bring a mask

2. Introduce the party by having guests remove the masks and explain

that we are going to be learning how to unmask our natural beauty with Verefina healthy products in this party.

3. Dress up like a witch and use witch lingo while you demonstrate

Verefina products. Example phrases:

“I used to have a really big wart on my nose, but the Verefina first aid stick zapped it like one of my best spells!” “Toxins in our beauty products can make us feel witchy. But Verefina natural products make us feel healthy and pure!” “This mask and brush set was designed just for me! Look at that cute little broom! I use it to apply the mask, and sweep away all the impurities in my skin. Let me grab my mini cauldron and my potion and I’ll whip this mask right up for you!” 4. Place the products included in the Witches Brew special in a

cauldron and then remove them one by one as you guide your customers through their facial

5. Use a Halloween tray to display the Spooky Mask package 6. Bring your camera for your parties and post them on facebook or

instagram. There will be a prize for a winner at the end of the promotion.

#Hashtags will be given to use for instagram so be on the lookout for them from Verefina.

Will we be seeing these products and their ingredients in the product guide?

Yes, it will be updated in the near future!

Verefina conference call notes from september 18 2013  

Here are the notes from our Conference Call on Wednesday September 18 2013

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