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Going to main

When I got to the motel parking lot. My dad got the keys. Then we went to are apartment. And dropped our things. So we could anlock the door. Then we found are rooms. And unpackt.

Then I went to the playground. At the playground there was a play strukter a slide and a snail that you could sit on.Wen I went on the slide it went rely fast.

Wen my cosins got to the motel they got there keys and went to there apartment they unpackt and went out side to play soccer with me and my brother.

When we we're playing soccer it was all of us agents ech other. When we are playing soccer my cosins Brian and Cameron mostly have the ball.

At bed time me and my brother went to bed. Wen we left I said bi to my cosins and went home. On the way home when we crossed the bridge I saw boats and lots of other cars crossing the bridge.

I also played the license plate game. That's when you find license plates that you haven't found.

Going to maine by Spencer  
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