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My trip to Barbados.

One sunny day I went to Barbados. It was a long drive to Barbados. Me my mom my dad and brother went to Barbados. Me my mom my dad and brother stayed there for a week. Me my mom dad and brother went to the beach every day. Me my mom that dad and brother went on a boat and saw turtles and swim with them.

We fed the turtles bread. We got to feed the turtles. We also got to pet the turtles.

Next we went to the store at the store we got bread,fish,grapes,fruit and vechtbeles. He even had a private pool. A lot of times when we got to the beach we saw a lot of gees. We even went to the Crystal caves. In the Crystal Cave there was a lot of water dripping down from the celling. Drop by drop the water dript down slowly. But there was actually no real crystals in the cave. Me and my brother stayed in our private pool until 11 o'clock at night.

Our private pool had a rainbow light. The water was very cold.The next day we had to leave I was very sad. I like going to Barbados.

Barbados by caitlin