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K–news Parshas Tetzaveh February 7, 2014 7 Adar 1, 5774

Royal reward for Kisharon stars

Photo: John Rifkin/ courtesy of JLGB





Kisharon youngsters plant trees for Tu Bishvat

Day School pupils help out with gifts of fruit

It’s chips all round on Mylech’s special day

Table tennis champ helps raise funds for Kisharon

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Turning dreams into reality “It always seems impossible until it's done.” Nelson Mandela In this month’s K-News two Kisharon Day School students were honoured for having completed their silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. This incredible achievement was made possible, partly, by the steadfast

what a night!


dr Beverley Jacobson Kisharon chief Executive

belief of our staff in the boys’ ability, and the massive effort invested in helping them progress along the way. This attitude is central to all we do at Kisharon and is reflected throughout the newsletter – whether it be in the way Mylech was prepared for his

barmitzvah or the way Mrs Kopfstein goes about teaching children to read Hebrew. The underlying premise is a belief in the ability of all the people who attend Kisharon and the neverending quest to push them further. Indebted thanks go to all our staff members, volunteers and supporters who live and breathe this dream, and help to turn it into a reality for our special young people and their families.

Tree-mendous work Kisharon Day School girls and boys set to work and planted trees on Tu Bishvat. Willows were the saplings selected, so the pupils can enjoy home-grown arovos for their arbo minim on Succos.

A sumptuous buffet followed by some incredible music made for a night to remember for men from The Drive and the Hanna Schwalbe Home. The event was the London Cholim Benefit Concert, raising money for Jewish teenagers in need of medical care, at The Decorium in Wood Green. Singing stars included Ohad Moskovitch, who came from Israel, Eli Tamir and Shloime Gertner.

Blessings for the home Birkat habayit (blessing for the home) wall plaques hung by the door or windows of Jewish homes the world over are often brilliant works of art. These birkat habayit decoupages, created by men supported by Kisharon in Stamford Hill, are no exception. Intended to be sold, they were designed and produced as part of a 15-week work skills course.

Page 1 picture: hRh The Earl of Wessex chats to naftoli Walzer with Boruch Gordon in the background. Full story on page 3. Photo: John Rifkin/ courtesy of JLGB


Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636


A Right Royal reward Kisharon’s Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) silver award winners Boruch Gordon and Naftoli Walzer met Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex at a celebration of the awards scheme in the Jewish community. “It was fantastic to see our students standing shoulder to shoulder with those from JFS, JCoSS and Immanuel College,” said Kisharon

Left to right: hRh The Earl of Wessex, Joelle vaughan (Langdon), Jessica Waldman (Kisharon), dr Bev Jacobson, Boruch Gordon and naftoli Walzer. Photo: John Rifkin/ courtesy of JLGB

Chief Executive Dr Bev Jacobson. A crowd of 800 at the Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall saluted the achievements of more than 3,000 young Jewish participants in the DofE Award over the past five years.

Ezra boys welcome back the Kisharon trio Ezra Youth Movement boys enjoyed davening with people supported by Kisharon in November so much they invited them again! Last Shabbos Bezi Gluck, Eli Cohen and Yonaten Lev joined Ezra’s monthly morning davening for boys at Pai House in Alba Gardens, Golders Green. Ezra UK madrich Yair Halberstadt said: “We really enjoyed the joyful difference they bring to the minyan.”

The Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade (JLGB), which operates the scheme, provides an expedition service with kosher food and which does not breach Shabbos. The Earl of Wessex thanked the JLGB for making the award accessible to so many. He said: “I hope that we will be able to continue to reach many more people from diverse backgrounds and be able to equip them as individuals to go on... and make a shining success of their lives.”

Lunch dates are in a class of their own Don’t even ask Blue Class boys and Pink Class girls what they’re up to on Tuesday lunchtimes – they’re busy! On alternate Tuesdays the boys and the girls attend Hasmonean High School. The boys eat with the Hasmo boys, then play football. Each boy is supported by a Hasmo buddy. The girls lunch at Kisharon, then go to Hasmonean High School for Girls to play games or explore the school and socialise. They too are supported by a Hasmo buddy. Jes Waldman, Extra Curriculum Co-ordinator, said: “The pupils come out buzzing from the fun they have had. The commitment from the Hasmonean pupils has been tremendous.”

Gift bears fruit Families in our community were able to enjoy a Tu Bishvat seder – thanks to Kisharon Day School pupils. The boys and girls worked hard packing fruit baskets which were distributed by the food charity, GIFT. Yaakov Kramer, Head of Limmudei Kodesh, said: “Pupils learned that they can support members of the wider community.”

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636



To bea

Preparing for big changes

Fashion designer Avshal Bezy Gluck, flits between the UK but still found tim afternoon at the Hanna S

Some of the biggest changes to the teaching of special education are coming with the introduction of a new Code of Practice in September. The new code replaces ‘Statements’ with Education, Health and Care Plans, redefining the term ‘Special Educational Needs’ and ushering in personal budgets. More than 40 special educational needs co-ordinators (SENCOs) from across London, along with primary and secondary school heads of Kodesh, last month attended a Board of Deputies

Bringing a selection of Avshalom worked with stylish multicoloured n

sora Kopfstein, Kisharon day school Principal

training session on the changes at Kisharon Day School. Sora Kopfstein, Kisharon Day School Principal, spoke about the new code and shared ideas on Hebrew reading for pupils with special educational needs.

Most of us clearly remember our first faltering steps in Hebrew. But how does someone with learning difficulties get to grips with their aleph bais? Sora Kopfstein shared some illuminating thoughts with SENCOs and Kodesh heads at the meeting. For basic Hebrew reading, she recommended: ●

● ●

Teaching whole words and their meaning before learning individual letter sounds. Encouraging pupils to select pictures of the words they have learned. Using the initial Hebrew sound before introducing vowels and letter blending.

Chips a For his barmitzvah, Mylech Bard was surrounded by the good things in life – his mum and dad Simi and Yanki, grandparents, siblings – and vast quantities of chips! Mylech chose his favourite food for the breakfast seudo which followed a special Shachris attended by Rabbi Harvey Belovski, Kisharon’s Rabbi, fellow pupils, family and friends. Musician Asaf Flumendorf and singer Yossi Dunner provided entertainment. Eminent child psychiatrist Professor Jeremy Turk, who worked with Mylech and his family many years ago, was a special guest. Mum Simi said: “We are especially grateful to staff who went way beyond their duty to ensure that the event was enjoyed by all. Our parents, siblings and

When teaching pesukim, she suggested: Pre-teach key words ● Photocopy the text, enlarging and highlighting known words. Remove the cantillation notes. ● Don’t confuse the text and the translation ● Read aloud while the pupil translates. ● Show prefixes and suffixes to the main word in a different colour to aid understanding ● Focus on learning without errors. ● Above all, remember to praise. ●


Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636


d or knot to bead…

om Gur, right with n Israel, Hong Kong and e for a creative Sunday Schwalbe Home.

bracelets. He said: It’s amazing how time flies when you are creating something. I am impressed by the unique colour combinations the men came up with.”

beads and threads, the men creating necklaces and

Avshalom’s son Guy, six, and family friends 12-year-olds Zoe Harris and Tabitha Barnett, lent a hand during the afternoon.

all r    und!

Prof. Turk were moved, and commented on the devotion of the staff and how well they treat all the children. There was a joyful and merry atmosphere and a feeling of sharing with extended family – which Kisharon is.”

Tuffkids bash out a tune Don’t try this at home...Tuffkid children will be making music on their brand new Stomp music set funded through a Barnet Council capital grant. Tuffkid Nursery Head Janice Marriott explained: “We applied for the grant to replace nursery equipment and

were able to buy a number of smaller items too. “The set comprises a metal xylophone, steel drum and dustbin lids bringing a new dimension to our outdoor music and broadening the children’s knowledge of sounds and rhythm.”

Kisharon and Langdon take over Jweb Kisharon and the charity, Langdon, have taken over Jweb, the specialist website for the Jewish learning disabled community. The free-to-use, user-friendly, one-stop portal with forums, listings, noticeboards and a UK directory of Jewish learning disability services will continue to run independently.

Currently, it receives more than 8,000 visits a month. Jweb and its sister website Netbuddy, which services a non-denominational learning disabilities audience, were founded by Deborah Gundle and Linda Goldberg. The takeover of Jweb follows the acquisition of Netbuddy by the UK disability charity, Scope. Jweb will remain unchanged, continuing to pool information from organisations, parents, carers, teachers, therapists, and anyone with first-hand experience. ■ You can find a link to K-News on the Jweb homepage

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636



Help us meet the fundraising target   Months still to go, but Kisharon is eyeing a £150,000 target for its hugely important 2014 Gala Dinner brochure. The Gala Dinner in May, the most significant event in Kisharon’s annual fundraising calendar, needs to bring in, or even exceed, the £750,000 achieved last year. The sum represents half the £1.6million that Kisharon must raise annually simply to survive. Kisharon is looking for more supporters with extensive and wellplaced business contacts to do the mitzvoh of securing brochure sponsorships ranging from £300 to £10,000. These influential individuals will be part of Kisharon’s 2014 Gala Dinner Brochure Committee – and will be

clockwise from above: The 2013 Gala dinner committee; John culshaw chats with daniel Green at last year’s event; moishe Goldblatt with one of the 2013 auction lots; sir Ranulph Fiennes on the podium.

persuasive and effective in pulling out all the stops so Kisharon can achieve the £150,000 brochure target it needs to make the impossible, possible for the adults and children it supports. Kisharon’s own fundraising team will prepare and send letters on behalf of the Brochure Committee, which will meet every month from February to May, but Committee members come

into their own when closing brochure sponsorship deals! This represents an important networking opportunity, and one that would bring recognition from more than 2,000 of Kisharon’s prominent supporters. Could you play a part in Kisharon’s biggest challenge in 2014? Want to know more? Contact Adele Busse on 020 3393 0157.

Skills course features Jewish living as added extra An important learning and employment skills course has been adapted to include Jewish living for adults supported by Kisharon.

ASDAN, whose courses are taught in thousands of UK schools, offers flexible courses teaching life skills to people of all ages and abilities. Clive Rosenfeld, teacher of the course at Kisharon, mixes Jewish studies with


Kisharon course participants heard a briefing from the community safety group Shromrim, saw a sofer at work, learned about Hebrew dates and studied brochos as part of their ASDAN course.

Kisharon participants on course for an AsdAn certificate

the ASDAN curriculum which covers the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, decision making, learning to compromise, helping others, dealing with conflict, looking after the

environment and independent living skills. The five participants, who will be awarded an ASDAN certificate at the end of the course, study for two hours twice a week.

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636

The Parsha

K–news easy read

Yaakov Kramer is Head of Limmudei Kodesh at Kisharon. Yaakov tells us about this week’s Parsha, Tetzaveh

Hashem choose Aaron and his four sons to work in the Mishkon – they are called Kohanim.

The Kohanim had to wear special clothes to serve Hashem. The Kohen in charge was called the Kohen Gadol and he wore extra special clothing.

The Kohen Gadol wore a breastplate called the choshen. It had 12 precious jewels. Each one was engraved with the name of one of the 12 shevotim.

The Kohen Gadol also wore a special coat called a me’il. It had gold metal bells and cloth pomegranates round the bottom.

It reminds us that sometimes we should talk (say our brochos) and sometimes we should stay quiet (not to say loshon horo).

The Kohen Gadol lit the menoro every day.

The Kohen Gadol cleaned the dirty ashes from the menoro each day. Even though it was a horrible job, the Kohen Gadol liked his job and did it carefully every day. We must always be happy to do our jobs with care.

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636


K–news easy read

Ping pong for Kisharon ●

Great Britain’s paralympic table tennis champion helped raise more than £3,000 for Kisharon.

David Wetherill played table tennis at an event organised by the Young Kisharon fundraising committee.

The event was at Bounce, a party venue in Holborn. 100 guests attended.

Young Kisharon chairman Eli Younger, 25, said: “David has shown what Kisharon is all about: that people with disabilities can achieve great things.”

Moishe counts his earnings!


Moishe Goldblatt has just started his second paid job.

He is working at Ashley Page Insurance Brokers in Finchley.

He opens letters, helps with paper shredding and posts outgoing mail.

Rabbi Weltman travels to work with Moishe. But soon he will travel independently.

Moishe also works at JFS School in Kenton.

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636

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