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K–news Parshas Lech-Lecho October 11, 2013 7 Cheshvan 5774

Learning with spice LOndOn marathOn 2014

nOaCh Fun FOr ChiLdren

Fresh OPPOrtunities

Fundraising triumPh

Places still available to run for Kisharon

Rainbow painting wins hands down!

Kisharon groups are on the move

Anaelle appeal raises £44k and we’re still counting

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we’re moving forward Having enjoyed holidays to the hilt, the Kisharon year now begins in earnest. ‘Moving’ emerges as a key theme. Although applying to the physical changes of premises, as with Kisharon’s Stamford Hill services, this ‘moving’ is more about Kisharon’s general drive to upgrade and enhance each and every one of our services. There are lots of

exciting plans in the pipeline which will unfold during the year. To get the ball rolling, this Sunday, a Portacabin is being installed at the Kisharon Day School. The much-needed provision of yet another extra classroom has been eagerly awaited, but, most impressively, has been achieved through the sheer

NEWS lines Grab those running shoes! Do you want to run the London Marathon on April 13 next year, but were unsuccessful in the ballot? Kisharon can offer you a place, a fundraising pack, running top and its full support. So put down those biscuits, pick up your running shoes and take part in one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events. To take up the challenge, email:

Gita’s brush with success Gita Kraus, 19, teaching assistant at Kisharon Day School, won second prize in the London Jewish Cultural Centre’s Art House contest for her work, ‘Chilling Out’. Gita, who won £1,000, submitted the piece for her A-level art exam at Menorah High School for Girls. She received an A*. She told the Jewish Chronicle, sponsor of the competition: “It was definitely a complete shock to be one of the winners.”

Spicing up the lessons

by dr Beverley

Jacobson Kisharon Chief executive

determination of a very special 12year-old girl, Ariella Aaronson. Ariella used her batmitzvah celebration as a way to collect the required funds.We are indebted to Ariella and her family for making this happen.

A Mayoral supper... in the Commons A rare opportunity has arisen to enjoy a kosher supper at the House of Commons with a mini tour, while raising funds for Kisharon. The Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Melvin Cohen, who has selected Kisharon as one of his charities for the year, is hosting this unique event on Thursday, October 17. Friends, staff and the parents and families of people supported by Kisharon are invited to join the Mayor for supper and wine in the Jubilee Room from 7-9pm. The event, held to raise funds for Kisharon and Barnet’s Armed Forces Welfare Fund, which the Mayor is also supporting, is held courtesy of Mike

Tickets are £40 per person. If you would like to attend contact Adele Busse on 020 3393 0157 or email

Look out for three new youth volunteers making their mark at Kisharon. Ryan Peysner, 15, and 14-year-old Michael Tarsh, pupils at Immanuel College in Bushey, will be helping with Thursday afternoon activities at Hannah Schwalbe Home and Hasmonean High School’s Natan Zadok, 17, will be lending a hand with Wednesday afternoon woodwork sessions at Parson Street.

■ ABOVE: Moishe Dovid, with hat, smells a besamim


Freer, MP for Finchley and Golders Green.

Youth volunteers join the team

Our five senses – hearing, touch, smell, sight and taste – are the focus at Kisharon Day School this first term of the academic year. In Limudei Kodesh, children have been learning about mitzvos in which smell plays a part, like havdolo. In class, spices have been examined and smelled, and the children made flowers, using crushed cinammon.

■ COVER: Eitan learns about his sense of smell in a Limudei Kodesh lesson

Part of our drive to improve relates also to service delivery. In the face of significant financial constraints, Kisharon is committed to providing high levels of quality support. We rely increasingly on volunteer involvement to achieve these aims. So if you have any spare time I would urge you to read through the opportunities that are highlighted on page 5 in K-News and come and join Kisharon’s caring crew to make your 5774 that extra bit special.

L to r: natan Zadok, ryan Peysner and michael tarsh with Volunteer Coordinator Lara domjan

Ryan said:“I’ve always felt that I could give more of myself to others and becoming a Kisharon volunteer will help me to pursue this goal. This is a lesson learned from my parents, who have always been involved with volunteering.”

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636


Pick my name... and no finny business! It’s taken Facebook by storm, with numbers ‘liking’ the page doubling in just one week! Tweeting has also been frenzied. And the cause of the commotion? Choosing a name for a goldfish! The new arrival was donated to head office by men supported by Kisharon when they moved from Paget Road to the purpose-built Yad Voezer centre. But their goldfish had no name. Choosing an

identity was to be put to a vote yesterday, Thursday. Kisharon supporters have been keen on tweets for ‘Goldy Lox’ and ‘Fisharon’. Other suggestions included ‘Fishel’, ‘Nemo’, ‘Gefiltah’ but ‘Kishy’ is proving most popular. Results of Kisharon democracy in action should be known soon, but no prizes for the laconic tweet: ‘I’m surprised it’s still alive!’

Training pays off as David lands his first job David Green has struck gold by landing a full-time job after the first work skills course at the Kisharon Bike Shop.

Kisharon, JLGB, Norwood and UJIA are working in partnership to improve access to mainstream camps and Israel tours for children and young adults with learning disabilities across the UK.

The new stockroom assistant at Debenhams in Harrow passed a computer test with flying colours, then had a phone interview before a face-to-face meeting with his new employer. Kisharon staff spent many hours preparing David for his job application, using role play and interview techniques. “We wanted him to be confident and he was. Now he’s tired because he’s working hard, but also very happy,” said Rabbi Shlomo Weltman, Adult Services’ Employment and Opportunities Manager. “We will continue to support David so if he needs advice or just someone to talk to. We will still be there for him.” David, who has mild learning disabilities, works five days a week from 8am-3pm. The course was funded through Right to Control, a Jobcentre

Can you help us improve access to holidays?

Plus scheme to help disabled people find work. ■ The Kisharon Bike Shop is launching its second work-skills course. Three participants aged between 18 and 25 will be taught bike maintenance , customer service and basic accounting over 12 weeks by Bike Shop Manager Eytan Bordoley. It is open to those with or without learning difficulties and participants will be supported to find paid work.

To do this, we have commissioned a thorough investigation into what provision is currently available within the Jewish community and we need your help. If your child has attended, or was refused access to, a mainstream camp, please contact Michelle Terret on 07759 821 377 or email

Print Shop has a date with success When Oxford University students want the dates of J-Soc events they’ll consult a calendar printed by... the Kisharon Print Shop! The second calendar for the Jewish Society at Oxford has just rolled off the presses at the Print Shop, ready for the start of the Michaelmas term at the end of this month. “We’re delighted to have this job for the students – for the second year in a row,” said Print Shop Manager Raymond Bonham.

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636



the Jewish PersPeCtiVe

shabbos – time to connect with hashem On Simchas Torah we celebrated the completion of the Holy and coded Torah that we read each week. On the very same day we also started the cycle of reading the Torah again from the beginning. This week’s sedra, the third in the Book of Bereishis (Genesis), is called Lech Lecho. We learn that the essential mitzvo of Bris Milo (circumcision) is to be performed on the eighth day following the birth of a boy. The question is asked: If this important mitzvo is so significant, why not do it earlier? Why wait eight days? One answer is that the child needs to be given the opportunity to experience a complete Shabbos to be spiritually uplifted prior to the performance of this special mitzvo. Shabbos was introduced to the world during creation, as it says in the opening verses of Bereishis, ‘on the seventh day of creation Hashem rested’. As we are made in Hashem’s image, we too rest on the seventh day. Shabbos is ‘time out’ from the mundane drudgery of the week, six days filled with work and the constant bombardment of interruptions and demands from mobiles, emails and instant messaging mediums. Shabbos gives us the opportunity to have quality family time, space in our minds to appreciate the bountiful blessings Hashem gives us. Shabbos is a window in the week to pause and recognise Hashem, a fundamental in Judaism.


Yaakov Kramer head of Limmudei Kodesh

akiva deutch helps Yecheskal Josebashvili put on tefillin at the Yad Voezer Centre

A new base spells new oppo A new base has brought fresh opportunities for the adults at the Hackney women’s site. Team Leader Micki Herzog and the women supported by Kisharon have moved to a suite of rooms at Jewish Care’s Brenner Centre in Stamford Hill. A sizeable ground floor art room offers scope

for bigger craft projects and, following Kisharon’s recent link with the nearby Yad Voezer Centre, the team is using its soap factory to make sweet-smelling gifts. The women go food shopping and cook lunch every day except Mondays, when they eat at the

It is interesting to note that if one takes the very first word in the Torah, ‘Bereishis’, and rearranges its letters, one can form the words ‘Yiro Shabbos’, ‘be in awe of Shabbos’. In last week’s sedra, Noach was told to make a window in the Teivo (ark). Why was a window required? Surely if Hashem can orchestrate all the miracles associated with the flood, why could He not do one more and provide light in the ark? So why the window? Maybe it was meant to be a reminder to Noach that when he looked out and saw the Heavens above he would remember Hashem and keep the Shabbos day. It was a ‘window of opportunity’ to connect with Hashem and set aside time from his mundane task of looking after the animals. Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to a unique number,Aleph = 1, Beis = 2, etc. This coding is known as gematria. If the numerical values of the letters in the words ‘Tzohar’ (window) and ‘Teivo’ (ark) are added together it equals 702. Amazingly, the gematria of Shabbos is also 702. The keeping of the Divinely given Shabbos is coded and implicit in the creation of the world. May we always fully keep this spiritually elevating day to the full and enjoy its essence and beauty with our families.


Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636


Kisharon groups are on the


Moving house is never easy, but the Stamford Hill men’s group did it in fine style thanks to Caretaker Trevor Sanders and Team Leader Lola Hinds. While Trevor was the muscle behind the move, Lola smoothed the transition for the 13 men over a five-week period.

“It was all done extremely well,” said Aviva Braunold, Day Services Manager. “The men heard about their move in an easy read document and had time to get used to the new surroundings, so were well prepared.”

The men, who left a house in Paget Road, divide their time between the room above Stamford Hill Library and the high-tech Yad Voezer Centre with its soap factory, sensory room with soothing lights and music, and modern kitchen. Aviva said: “The move promotes community inclusion. “Several of the men have work experience with local companies and daven in local shuls. Their new bases are a positive move into the community.”

ortunities for the Kisharon women Brenner Centre’s restaurant. Computer lessons, woodwork and baking takes place on Thursday, when the group spend the day at Kisharon Head Office in Parson Street. The chaggim are marked by relevant arts and crafts activities. Before Rosh Hashonah, the women bought glass jars from Ikea to decorate and filled them with

Children are in the pink... and yellow... and blue Learning the Noach story made for a colourful week at Tuffkid nursery. The children painted their hands in different colours and created rainbows on paper, tasted vanilla pudding transformed with food colouring and clambered up a climbing frame after it was covered with a multi-coloured parachute.

Match your skills to a volunteer vacancy How are your social media skills? Can you tweet and use Facebook? If the answer is ‘yes’, you might be just the candidate Kisharon needs. The time requirement is just one hour a week on a day that suits you. Another volunteer is needed to give the children at Kisharon Day School a breath of fresh air at lunchtimes. The volunteer will play outdoors with the children while staff have lunch. Can you help children with their Hebrew reading? The school needs volunteers to read with children aged from six to 18 years on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays. Do you hold a D1 licence? You could be the person Kisharon needs to drive the school bus. You won’t be needed at fixed times, but will be called in to help from time to time. If you are interested in any of these vacancies, call Volunteer Coordinator Lara Domjan on 020 3393 0159 or email:

honey. Popular trips out include bowling and shopping. One recent project – suggested by a parent – had Micki teaching the women how to cleanse, tone and moisturise their skin, with lessons in applying make-up. Micki said: “We made make-up bags, filled them with products and taught the women how to use them.”

Record makers! Chaim Dovid Rotenberg is heading for the song charts with a CD after completing a music and media course at the Arts Depot in Finchley. The six-week course, also attended by Meir Halpern, Eli Cohen, Boruch Landau and Shmuel Katz from Kisharon Day School, provided an opportunity to compose music tracks, make a CD and design the cover. “The course was enjoyed by all the men who attended. It gave them the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and create a unique music CD which they will treasure,” said Supported Living Manager (Men’s Units) Robert Speker.

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636



Anaelle appeal raises


The incredible story of Anaelle, who was written off by doctors before she was born, but is now happy and thriving at Kisharon, touched the hearts of supporters who have raised more than £44,000 in the Rosh Hashonah appeal. Anaelle’s parents, Sharon and Joel Silberstein of Edgware, agreed to talk about their daughter by way of thanks for the input Kisharon has had in her life. Sharon said: “I was compelled to

Miri Adler in her own words:

write about the incredible work that Kisharon does because the community’s support will give my daughter, and hundreds of other children, the chance to reach their potential and lead fulfilling lives.” The appeal total is £4,000 higher than for the same period last year.

New shiurim follow hot on the heels of… Missed the first series of shiurim at The Drive? Don’t worry, because a second series is to start soon. “The shiurim allowed many new people to meet the three men at The Drive and featured a wide range of interesting, engaging and astute rabbis, including

in the spotlight

Rabbi Harvey Belovski, Rabbi David Lister and Rabbi Mordechai Ginsbury. We anticipate that the second series of shiurim will be as successful and popular as the first,” said Robert Speker, Supported Living Manager (Men’s Units)

“I spend most days of the week here at the Brenner Centre in Stamford Hill. I live five minutes’ away and can walk here on my own. The activities I look forward to most are arts and crafts, but hate washing up after we’ve cooked lunch. Wednesdays are my busiest days. I have two paid office jobs – one at Interlink (which supports people with learning difficulties) and the other at Step-by-Step (the afterschool club for children with disabilities). I’m starting a new job on Monday at Hotline Meals (a food delivery service for those unable to cook for themselves). I’ll be travelling in the van delivering meals at lunchtime. I love working – and especially being paid for it! I’m learning to play the piano, I like writing letters and I enjoy our Shabbat oneg. ”

For more details, watch this space…

students’ introduction to Kisharon Youngsters at Yavneh College in Borehamwood found out about volunteering with Kisharon at a JLGB fair at the school. Kisharon took a stall at the event to explain the work it does and the important role volunteers play. Volunteer Coordinator Lara Domjan said: “We raised awareness of Kisharon’s work and pupils enjoyed hearing about what we do.” JLGB arranges for charities to visit schools to engage young and enthusiastic new supporters.


Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636

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