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K–news Parsha Va’yechi December 13, 2013 10 Tevet 5774

It’s easy read

K-news easy read Dr Beverley Jacobson is Chief Executive of Kisharon Beverley tells us about this easy read version of K-News

Everyone should enjoy reading the news ●

Recently we celebrated Chanukah.

For 8 days flames burnt bright at Kisharon. This filled us with strength as in the days of old.

In recognition of the International Day for People with Disability and UK Disability History Month, both in December, this K-News is written in easy read.

At Kisharon everyone is included and equal.

We want each person who uses our service to enjoy reading the news.

We also want our donors to see the world through these eyes.

Let us know what you think about K-News in easy read.

The front page photograph shows Meir Halpern, Yonaton Lev and Eli Cohen The photograph was taken by John Rifkin


K-news easy read

In this K-News you can read about: Moishe Dovid’s barmitzvah. page 4

Yaakov Shwekey concert page 5

Mitzvah Day

page 6

Chanukah page 8

Parsha Va'yechi page 11

Jewellery and soap sales page 12

Let’s party for Kisharon page 13

New classroom page 14

Men move house page 15

Printing for Limmud page 16

Bike Shop helps fight crime page 17

Print Shop becomes Safe Haven page 18


K-news easy read

Moishe Dovid's barmitzvah


Moishe Dovid was barmitzvah at Kisharon Day School.

His family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends filled the hall.

Moishe smiled all the time and especially when he was helped to put on tefillin.

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful breakfast seuda.

Rabbi Eliezer Schneebalg of Edgware gave a d’var Torah.

K-news easy read

Yaakov Shwekey concert

About 30 people from Kisharon went to a Yaakov Shwekey concert.

He sang favourites like Vehi Sheomdoh and Bo’ee V’Shalom and some new songs.

The concert was on November 17 which is Meir Halpern’s birthday.

After the show, Meir and Eli Cohen met Yaakov Shwekey


K-news easy read

Mitzvah Day Learning to sew ●

Fashion designer Avshalom Gur came to the Hanna Schwalbe Home.

He showed Kisharon adults how to sew buttons, beads and badges on cushions.

Some adults were scared to touch the needles.

But after one-to-one help the adults managed to sew.


They were pleased with the results.

K-news easy read

A children’s party ●

Children from Tuffkid Nursery and their families had a party.

There were games, puzzles, biscuit icing, PlayDoh, fun with balloons and a singalong.

The party was organised by Michelle Sint and Julie Cohn from Ner Yisrael shul in Hendon.

They were impressed when they heard about the nursery.

So they decided to throw a party.

The Head of the Nursery, Janice Marriott belongs to Ner Yisrael shul.


K-news easy read

It’s Chanukah Here's how Kisharon celebrated Chanukah

At Kisharon Day School


Pupils at Kisharon Day School made menorahs.

They used cardboard tubes, boxes, silver foil or anything you can recycle.

The Yellow Class made the best menorah.

They used potatoes cut in half with birthday candles on top.

The menorah at the school was lit every night.

Everyone sang Moaz Tzur.

Each evening the pupils had latkes, doughnuts or chocolate.

Danny Shine came to the school one afternoon.

He played the keyboard and sang songs.

K-news easy read

At Tuffkid Nursery ●

Children at Tuffkid Nursery were busy at Chanukah.

They made menorahs using clay.

They rolled long strips of the clay. Then made eight holes for the candles.

The children painted pictures of doughnuts and latkes.

They ate latkes as well as painting them.

Tuffkid teachers helped them grate potatoes to make latkes.

Parties galore ●

All the adults who use Kisharon’s services had a party.

It was at the London Jewish Family Centre in Golders Green.

There was a party at the Hanna Schwalbe Home.

And another Chanukah party took place at Eagle Lodge.

This was to celebrate Rebecca Lassman’s birthday too.

Her birthday is on the 7th night of Chanukah.


K-news easy read

It’s Chanukah

Please help us!

How many doughnuts did you eat at Chanukah?

Some people wanting a doughnut did not buy one.

They gave the money it cost to Kisharon instead.

Kisharon asked people to do this.

It was a clever fundraising idea called Doughnate Your Doughnut.

People heard about the idea on Facebook and Twitter.


K-news easy read

The Parsha Yaakov Kramer is Head of Limmudei Kodesh at Kisharon. Yaakov tells us about this week’s Parsha, Va’yechi.

In this week’s sedra we learn that Yaakov gives a brocho, blessing, to Yosef’s two sons Ephrayim and Menashe.

Yaakov then says that all children should be given a special brocho every Friday night.

Boys are given a brocho that Hashem should make them grow up like Ephrayim and Menashe.

Ephrayim and Menashe were special because they behaved beautifully with each other.

Ephrayim and Menashe also kept the mitzvos even though they grew up in Mitzroyim.

Girls are given a brocho that Hashem should make them grow up like Soro, Rivka, Rochel and Leah.


K-news easy read

Jewellery and soap sales ●


Two sales of jewellery and soap made by Kisharon women in Stamford Hill have taken place.

The first sale was at Kisharon Head Office in Parson Street.

The next one was in the restaurant at the Brenner Centre in Stamford Hill.

Many necklaces and bracelets were sold.

The soaps were made at the Yad V’oezer Centre.

The sales were organised by Support Worker Geraldine Frankel.

K-news easy read

Let’s party for Kisharon ●

Seven young men and women really love Kisharon. Six of them are in the photograph.

They are called the Young Kisharon Committee.

They organise quizzes and parties to raise money.

Their chairman is Eli Younger.

He said: “I did work experience at Kisharon when I was at school.

“Everyone on the committee cares very much about Kisharon.

“We hope the people at our events will support Kisharon throughout their lives.”

Members of the committee have visited Kisharon.

They saw how Kisharon takes good care of adults and children with learning difficulties.


good care


K-news easy read

New classroom

A new mezuzo was put up on a Portakabin at Kisharon Day School.


This will be a new classroom for the Purple Class.

Ariella Aaronson donated the Portakabin. She is 12.

She used money from batmitzvah presents to buy it.

K-news easy read

Men move house ●

Two Kisharon men moved into new flats in Golders Green.

One of them was Yaakov Leon. The other was Avrom Gruber.

This move took a long time to plan.

Their new flats are at Wohl Lodge and Montpelier Rise.

Supported Living Manager Robert Speker said: “Both men have settled well in their new homes.

“We wish both men many years of bracha and hatzlacha in their new homes.”



Printing for Limmud

Staff at the Kisharon Print Shop are preparing for the Limmud Jewish conference.

A conference is a special kind of meeting which happens over a few days. Sometimes people stay at the conference and have meals there too.

The Limmud conference is happening at the University of Warwick at the end of December.

The Print Shop is printing greetings cards and postcards for sale. They are also printing placemats for mealtimes.

. ● Raymond Bonham Manager of the Print Shop said: “Limmud staff are designing their own greetings cards and postcards.

. ● “We will be printing them. We are also printing 6000 placemats.

. ● “This is the first time we have printed for Limmud.

. ● “We are very pleased to be doing this.”



Bike shop is helping to fight crime

Staff at Kisharon’s Bus Stop Bikes have serviced four bicycles belonging to the police.

Servicing a bike means someone checks all the parts of the bike to make sure it is safe to ride.

The bike shop staff Yaakov Leon, Levi Hyams, Shaya Zimmels and Manager Eytan Bordoley made sure the bikes worked perfectly.

PC David Jones is pictured with Bike Shop staff Levi Hyams and Yaacov Leon. The photograph was taken by John Rifkin.

The police will use the bikes to patrol the streets.


K-news easy read

Print Shop is a safe haven

The Kisharon Print Shop has become a City Safe Haven.

It means that men and women of all ages can go into the Print Shop in Hendon if they feel unsafe.

Raymond Bonham, Manager of the Print Shop said: “We will call a carer, relative or the police if necessary.

“You can wait here until you feel safe again.”

A poster is in the window of the Print Shop saying it is a City Safe Haven.

The police and a man called Boris Johnson who is the Mayor of London think this is a good idea.


There are many City Safe Havens in London.

Kisharon Head Office: 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP ● T: 020 8203 2233 ● Helpline: 0844 496 4636

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