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WELCOME! Congratulations on choosing a boutique photographer in the Ann Arbor area who can provide you with beautiful archival artwork and a truly exclusive portrait experience. We ensure every detail of your session is perfect, right down to the packaging your order arrives in. All of our clients are unique and we tailor every session to suit their preferences. In this guide you will find helpful information about your upcoming session including details about your experience, a useful form to help you plan your portrait purchase, as well as our location and color guide. We are looking forward to working with you and your family!


Natalie has done a few photo shoots for me and she is wonderful. Our family portraits turned out beautifully! I’ll definitely come back to Natalie in the future, she is a very sweet and professional young lady and does exceptional work for a great price. Nikole R.

Ben and I are really happy with the way the pictures turned out and the family loves them too! Lot’s of compliments from everyone who looks at them!

Rebecca + Ben

STEPS TO GREAT PORTRAITS Portrait Consultation. We want you to have as much fun having your photos taken as we have in taking them. Your in home consultation will help us better determine what type of experience is best for you and your family, as well as inform us about your style and what type of wall art will be best for your home. Portrait Session. Whether we are taking portraits on location or in a studio, my number one priority is making sure you are having a great experience with a beautiful outcome. We encourage bringing things from home to add a touch of uniqueness and personality to your portraits. This could be anything from a keepsake sign to a family heirloom. Later in this guide you will find helpful suggestions about color and clothing choices for your session. Don’t stress about the details, that’s my job! Just relax and have fun because after all that is what we want to capture.

Typically the portrait sessions last between 1 – 2 hours, during that time we will pose some of the images, but all will look completely natural and capture the raw emotion of the moment. Others we will just let happen all on their own. During the Portrait Consultation we will have discussed requests that your family has for specific images and we’ll make sure to capture those moments as well. Image Presentation & Ordering. At the end of your session we will schedule a time for us to get together to go over your images and place your order. Later in this guide, we will explain the entire process of the Image Presentation and Ordering Appointment.




The urban setting is great for those who want to add a little funkiness to their images. They are a contemporary style of portrait photography. Taking place in your local urban environment, the aim is to create a set of unique “edgy portraits” that are distinctive, stand out from the crowd, and are unique to you! Brick buildings, crawling vines, and even some graffiti will add character to any portrait session. We schedule urban sessions based on the optimal time of day, if inclement weather is an issue we will reschedule at no extra charge.

Nothing compliments a gorgeous portrait better, than the pure, raw beauty of Mother Nature herself. No matter the time of year, there is always an abundance natural backdrops to be found. Natural sessions take place in locations such as parks, open areas, and woodlands; and we schedule them to take advantage of the best time of day (like the urban location, if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot then we will reschedule at no extra charge).

Home Home sessions allow for portraits that are intimate and completely unique only to your family. This is your environment that you are comfortable in and that tends to really shows in the images. We will bring any necessary equipment with us to the session to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and don’t worry yourselves too much about the small stuff like how the house is arranged or the location of wall outlets, we’re used to being innovative to get the best shot.



They are awesome!!!! I have passed on your name to everyone I know!!! Thank you so much again. Stephanie E.


Nude with a Pop

COLOR GUIDE Choosing a color palette that would look best for your portraits can be a daunting task. It greatly depends on what you like. Ask yourself, what is your personal style? Think of the time of year it is, the location we’ll be at, and even the color palette of the rooms the images will be hung in. Then look in your closet, you may be surprised to find a color theme or a type of clothing that you gravitate towards. Also consider what colors are popular this year, it’s usually easier to find clothing in the colors that are “in.” Think of denim as a multi-tasking color like black or white, it goes great with anything. If you’re doing a group portrait then you might want to start with a base color wand then you can use variations of it. Uniform shades will draw equal attention to everyone in the image like the Classic Neutral sample shown above. Try the squint trick—lay out the clothing that everyone plans on wearing for the photo and squint. Ideally, you want the colors to blend well and compliment each other. If there’s any one piece that stands out, swap it out for a different piece of clothing that blends better. Don’t forget your shoes! They will show in some of your images so make sure that they coordinate too. Lastly, avoid writing or logos, they will immediately draw attention directly to that area of the image. If you still feel lost, do not fret; here are some guides to help inspire your wardrobe.

Autumn Warmth

Cool Breeze

Baby Chic


IMAGE PRESENTATION & ORDERING APPOINTMENT The Image Presentation and Ordering Appointment will be scheduled 10–14 days after your portrait session. This allows us time to process and edit your images. We will also begin designing products we discussed at your consultation. When you arrive at the appointment we will first watch a special presentation of your portraits; and together we will narrow down your selection and create a collection tailored for you and your family. From our Build Your Own Collections to the pre-designed Collections; we can build something to work for you or save hundreds. Most of our clients spend between $500 and $1000 on their portraits. We will be placing your order at this time, so please plan to have all decision makers present. If necessary, payment plans can be arranged, however you will not receive your portraits until full payment has been received. Payment plans may be made for 1 month, 2 month, or 3 month options, and credit card only. Collection Pick-Up. Depending on your collection, your order should be available in 3–4 weeks. During peak times of the year, this turn around time may be slightly longer. If you wish to receive your items faster, you may inquire about rush charges. Note that albums require design time and may be up to six weeks for final delivery. We will schedule a time for you to pick up your collection (delivery is an option as well). We will go over the order and make sure you love everything before sending you away to enjoy your Natalie Mae Photography portraits and products.


Thank you very much again for such a wonderful and very professional job you did. You are an absolute joy to be around and Rachel felt very comfortable around you!! Audrey O.


ORDERING GUIDE & WISH LIST Sometimes the hardest part about getting portraits done is choosing your favorites and remembering everyone you need to buy for! Take a few minutes, sit down, and fill out your Wish List for your Ordering Appointment. If you send a completed copy back to us, we will have it on hand at the time of your ordering. Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email. Fill out their names and how many of each size they will want.

Grandparents __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14 __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14 __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14

Aunts & Uncles __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14 __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14 __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14

Friends __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14 __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14 __________________________________________WANTS__________________ 5x7______________________ 8x10_________________ 11x14

Special Products for You ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I had Natalie do my family photos as my mother’s Christmas present this year. I couldn’t have been happier. She took her time with us and showed great attention to detail. I frequently recommend her to friends and family. Melissa H.

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Natalie Mae Photography

Welcome Packet  

Natalie Mae Photography