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Fore mostly a knitter, creator and all round explorer. I use my love of travel, culture and the natural surroundings to feed through into my design work. I use photography to capture the essense of a culture, a place, to display what it feels likes to call a place home, for a few days, months, or longer. Creating a humble, nomadic design aesthetic. Working with natural fibres, reflects a sustainable and ethical awareness. I create, and design fashion knitwear that is durable and designed to last reflecting a growing social awareness of quality over quantity. Each project, sees me, exploring multiple techniques to create a broad, diverse collection of knitted garments, suitable for those cosy winter nights, or chilled out summer days. I am currently embarking on finishing my degree, and takeing the next steps in my creative journey, with much fervour and anticipation. Natalie x

Thank you for checking out my portfolio Natalie x