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Left of the Dial

Check out a new up and coming band from Seattle. The Myriad is an alternative group with unique and original music.

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Haunted House Reviews

Want to know which haunted houses will scare you the best? We reviewed Hangman’s House of Horrors and Parker’s House.

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Sibling Rivalry

Fresh Costume Ideas

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Find out how Catelynn and Candice Chapman feel about sharing everything including their alma mater.

Tired of the same Halloween costumes every year? Check out our new and fresh costume ideas.

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Volume 7, Issue 1 October 9, 2009

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Two Teams One Dream

Photo courtesy of Mickey Isambert

Rivals Central and Keller band together against breast cancer

Central may have lost the battle on the gridiron last Friday night, but along with Keller High took a big step toward defeating breast cancer with their $20,000 donation to Susan G. Komen of Tarrant County. Throughout the week Central organizations sold everything from t-shirts to tattoos to help raise money for the cause championed by Central varsity cheer coach, Kandle Pierce. The efforts to “pink out” the school meant a lot to CHS teacher and breast cancer survivor, Traci Babbitt who firmly believes in order to beat the disease we have to begin by educating the youth. By raising awareness and money, the two schools overcame their rivalry for a greater cause.

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Sibling Rivalry In a school with nearly 3000 students and four grades, siblings are inevitably going to be in high school together. Catelynn Chapman and her older sister, Candice Chapman, junior, haven’t let being at the same school keep them from caring and being each others best friend. “[We are] best friends for ever, for life, for all eternity! We are stuck together,” said Catelynn, “I think everyone should be jealous I have this sister. She taught me everything I know.” When they were younger, Catelynn used to follow in her sister’s footsteps. “When we were younger, like in elementary school, [Catelynn] did everything I did. Now she’s more her own person,”said Candice Just because they have different class schedules doesn’t mean they don’t see each other in Central’s many hallways. “She’d be in the hallway and scream my name, but now we just give [each other] a hug. It’s like seeing your best friend.” Candice and Catelynn do love each other as family, Candice tends to be a bit protective over her sister. “I love embarrassing her in front of her friends,” said Catelynn Ariel Utchell and her twin Kramer, both juniors, have been going to the same school since they started school, “We basically only get along when at school,” said Ariel,”When you’re the same age as a sibling, friendship probably isn’t happening.” If you ever see these twins together it’s probably lunch, the only time they have together during school. At home they sometimes play video games together.” “[Kramer] is usually in his room separated from everyone else,” said Ariel

Neal Vaughn

I am going to Texas Tech and I’m majoring in exercise sports science. I like not having bells operate your system and you can hang out with anyone as long as you get all your studying done. I’m involved in flag football, racquetball, community service, and I’m in church stuff but I haven’t found a core church. My favorite class is Asian American Literature and short stories and it’s hilarious because my teacher’s heavy Vietnamese accent is difficult to understand. My advice to seniors would be to enjoy high school. Once you get into college don’t slack off because it’s a new beginning so try to make the best of it. Make sure to be open minded because you will meet so many people. Getcha guns up and and visit Texas Tech.

April Lancto

Ale Valeriano Managing Editor

Top Stories

Christine Mounce Staff Writer

Life after high school


Photos courtesy of Cecilia Reyes

I am going to Texas Tech and I’m majoring in Mass Communications but I will most likely major in Broadcast Journalism or Visual Communications.The professors here are amazing! My English professor curses like a sailor but it’s so funny. My favorite thing about college so far is meeting new people,getting to sleep in, just having fun and the football games are beyond amazing! My advice to seniors would be to definitely NOT let senioritis get to you. Figure out how to use your time wisely and do not wait until the last minute to send in college applications. The most college like classes I took in high school were definitely Hayward’s Economic class and Long’s Government class. Most of my professors either teach or lecture like Hayward and Long. Definitely worth taking AP classes.

A “New Direction” for the Central Marching Band Kelly Calame Staff Writer

same time which we need to get us through the rest of practice.” Some of the band members, like Ashley Nichols, junior, really appreciates McNulty for all he has done. “Mr. McNulty is a great director! He’s challenging the band to do what’s hard. With his direction, I believe the band is going to improve greatly. I think we should thank him more often because he does so much for us,” said Nichols. “We normally practice two hours every Monday and Tuesday. On Thursdays, we have practice from 4 to 8 and on Fridays we have a run through of our show for an hour,” said Pate. “And at games, we play until the middle of second quarter and then we go and warm up for half time. After that we go back in the stands and play until the end of the game.” McNulty has been a teacher for nine years, and he has “never seen such hard working students as the ones in the Central Band.” “I predict this year, we will be very successful,” said McNulty.

President: Maggie Molhoek VP: Adriane Wagner Secretary: Zia Siddiqui Treasurer: Amanda Mayhall

Publicists: Anna Rivera Historians: Nicole Williams and Dalena Grey

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Ne ws

Have you noticed the improvement in the band lately? A lot of that improvement can be directly contributed to Central’s new band director, Mr. McNulty. “I last taught at Richland High school. I decided to come to Central so I could be a head director. I like being a teacher at Central because I like meeting new people and having a goal to turn a band around,” said McNulty. One of the many musicians in band, Jennifer Bupp, junior, who plays clarinet, shared her outlook on the band’s future. “I think he’s turned our band around and he’s done a lot to make our band better. He’s a fun person and a serious band director, which are both important. He has prepared us to be really well and I’m excited for all that we’ll be doing this year, said Bupp. Though McNulty is described as a fun director, he challenges the students because he knows they can be great. “He may be tough at times, but we just have to think that he wants us to become better,” said Taylor Pate, junior. “He is very funny, but serious at the

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Halloween Haunts Hangman’s House of Horrors

Op i n i o n

Connor Swiney Opinion Editor

Hangman’s house of horrors off I-30 in Fort Worth lives up to its reputation as a local fright legend mostly because this house offers more of a story than others. In the first room you enter, a TV on the wall shows a doctor who explains that you will be observing an insomniac who is suffering from extreme night tremors. In the next room you meet this person who is later dragged into the abyss by a shadowy figure. Throughout the rest of the 20-25 minute walk through the house, you are taken from nightmare to nightmare, featuring spinning hallways, sick people and some terrifying rednecks.

The Parker House

Aliza Etkind News Editor, Columnist

The actors at Hangman’s are extremely convincing, often times bringing you further into the moment than you want to go. The overall atmosphere outside of the main house is reminiscent of a Rob Zombie movie. There are sideshows, roaming ghouls and a DJ with an awesome hard-rock soundtrack. While this isn’t a hard formula, Hangman’s has just about perfected it. 4 1/2 bolts

The Parker House is located off I-35E in Lewisville. The gruesome history of the house adds an element that cannot be matched by other haunted houses. Apparently, the house used to be a funeral parlor owned by the Parker family. When Old Man Parker and his wife, Nancy, died they left the house to their daughter, Mary, who began mutilating bodies, and even luring the homeless in and killing them for organs. In spite of this scary tale, you’ll only find actors and electronic effects in the Parker House. The funeral home motif is expressed throughout the house, allowing for a very put-together appearance. Zombies, demonic

pastors and terrified children are just some of the characters you’ll come in contact with. While the acting conveys a sense of dread and despair, some of the make-up is noticeably fake, giving a false appearance. However, among the effects that are correctly done is the clever use of strobe lights to make an ordinary wall and rubber bugs look like a slimy, disgusting cave wall swarming with cockroaches. While its a good scare, in just its second year it falls short of more established houses in the area. 3 1/2 bolts

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SOUTH OF MCDONALD’S Hours 11 am - 9-PM


The real issues with health care Brent Pollard Sports Editor, Columnist

include the possibility of businesses paying a fine from the government by not meeting health care standards, and thus may no longer offer health care benefits. Possibly the most feared outcome could be the power of the federal government. Congress would end up regulating all things related to health care, citizens would rely on the government to pay for their health care subsidies, and the possibility of private health care institutions eroding leading to a government health care monopoly. Due to these circumstances, states that the disapproval rate for the health care reform was 55%. Although the government plan could be suitable to help health care, the effects are just too risky. However, there are many other options to decrease health costs. Brian McAfee on suggests that the government should attempt to prevent health care fraud, use the cheapest and most efficient health treatments, and invest in scientific research. Without an official health care bill, it is hard to say whether the positive will outweigh the negative effects or vice versa. However, the federal government has grown in power in recent years, and President Barrack Obama seems to be continuing the trend. The power the government could receive from the bill should cause reconsideration, and instead a more conservative route should be taken. Capitalism has worked well thus far in our history, there is no reason to change that now.

Connor Swiney Opinions Editor

Hey conspiracy theorists! You’re not helping. As a nation, we are in the middle of a debate over healthcare reform the likes of which haven’t been so seriously discussed since the Clinton plan in 1993. And while that plan had its share of opponents, the kind of negative rhetoric being spread about the new bill is almost unprecedented. From Sarah Palin’s “death panels,” to the slippery-slope government takeover scenarios, to good ol’ Glenn Beck’s ‘Obama is a racist Joseph Stalin’ argument, more scare tactics, half-truths and outright lies have been used to rail against a public-option than any major issue in recent history. This “disinformation jihad” as Time columnist Joe Klein put it, has led to a new kind of destructive nihilism from the right over the health care issue. Members of Congress heckled and laughed at President Obama during last month’s address to Congress. “You lie!” Burst Joe Wilson(R-SC) after the President claimed that his health care plan wouldn’t cover illegal immigrants. Representative Wilson’s outcry was quickly circulated throughout the network news rooms and took precedence over most everything else. This excessive coverage and one can assume, pressure from Republican party leaders, led Wilson to issuing an apology to the President. Americans saw a similar outburst less than a week later from another guy that was disgruntled and didn’t care who knew it: Kanye West. He went through the same basic cycle of being chastised by everyone from the

The Zone 9450 Ray White Rd. Keller, TX 76248 Phone 817-744-2100 The student newspaper of Central High School is published by the Advanced Journalism class. The ideas expressed in this publication and on the opinion pages are soley those of the individuals providing them, and do not reflect the opinion of the adviser, faculty, administration, or the KISD Board. Letters to the Editor are welcome. Students receive one copy free. The Zone is a member of the Interscholastic League Press Corps (ILPC) and ASNE/KRT Campus Newspaper Service.

people to the press to the President (“He’s a jackass,” said Obama when asked about West’s VMA spectacle) and then making a public apology (or in West’s case, being shamed by Jay Leno.) Are American policy makers really that uncouth? Aren’t we supposed to hold them to a higher standard than say, a RAPPER? Joe Wilson’s yell is nothing more than the signs that the trickle-up theory to political discourse is working in the favor of Republicans. It started with your neighbor with the “nobama” bumper sticker always going on about how our President is the next leader in a line starting with V.I. Lenin. Then that neighbor got a national TV show where his lobbyist friends could spout the party line on a massive scale, spreading untruths and creating an uninformed populist machine. Soon after, this country’s elected leaders started watching the same show. Wilson’s outburst was just the first of what’s to come, and what that is, no one really knows. It’s one thing if the shoes are being thrown from the outside, but quite another for them to be thrown from within the same government. Senator Wilson and the rest have an infinite right to disagree with the president, but that disagreement should be held to a respectful level. More respect should also be given to the public. Citizens deserve to know what this bill is really about, not the lies that come from both major political parties. With this mutual respect we can ensure that all three branches of Government are pursuing the same thing: progress and prosperity for America and its citizens.

Editor-in-Chief Mashaal Hashmi

Associate Editor Christine Mounce

Managing Editor Ale Valeriano

Graphic Designer Brandon Nowell

Opinion Editor Connor Swiney

Reporters Ashley Bryce Hayley Bupp Kelly Calame Heather Wolff

News Editor Aliza Etkind Feature Editor Ashtyn Gillie Sports Editors Brent Pollard Jackson Wallace Entertainment Editor Elba Orellana

Photographers Cecilia Reyes Esteban Reyes Adviser Mrs. Natalie Brown


Op i n i o n

Right now, the talk of the entire nation is the health care issue. However, many of you may be wondering what is it that is causing all the debate and disagreement. The background of the health care issue is the enormous increases on expenditures towards health care, which as stated on, was around 2.2 trillion, more than triple the amount in 1990. The government’s plan to slow down increasing health care costs is to ensure that every citizen is covered by some form of health care. Why is this necessary, some may ask. The reasoning behind it is that when everyone is covered by insurance, the costs charged by hospitals or other health treatments will decrease, because once everyone is covered by health care, everyone will be able to pay for their own health treatments. With the system in place right now, the people with health care are paying for other peoples’ without it, which causes higher costs, which is a major reason of the increase in health costs. According to, Medicare will go bankrupt in 2017, causing a greater increase of rates or a decrease in benefits. Another statistic on shows that the rising health costs will increase the overall representation of Medicare on GDP, which by 2080, could be close to twenty-five percent, which is almost hard to conceive. The government’s plan makes sense then, right? Costs go down, and everyone will be covered by health care. That’s what the government wants its citizens to think, but they also try to hide some of the hidden effects that could stem from such a bill. states that the health care bill worth almost one trillion dollars is meant to cover 46 million Americans without health care. However, what people overlook is 9.7 million of the uninsured are not even legal citizens of the United States. Secondly, 14 million citizens are eligible for Medicaid, but just refuse to sign up until an actual emergency occurs. In addition to that, 17.6 million could afford health care because their salaries were all over $50,000, they just choose not to. Basically, the trillion dollar health care bill is designated toward 8.2 million Americans. Other major faults in this huge health care reform, as stated on,

What happened to decency?

Left of the Dial Haley Bupp Staff Writer

Music is an important part of many students lives. It can be your escape, your entertainment, your hobby, or something to help you relax. What most don’t know is that other types of music exist, aside from the stuff you hear on the radio. These are bands that haven’t had their chance to be heard, yet they have every right to be. I want the students of Central High School, to be able to be introduced to new music that you will hopefully enjoy and continue to listen to. Although they are not mainstream or necessarily popular, they deserve their chance to be loved and listened to. So, to start off, I will introduce the band called “The Myriad”. The Myriad is an alternative or indie band based out of Seattle. Beginning with Jeremy Edwardson and John Roger Schofield, and later adding Randy Miller, Jonathan Young and Steven Tracy to the band, and first began presenting their music in 2002 with their EP, Until We Meet Again. It wasn’t until 2005, that they first released their studio album, You Can’t Trust a Ladder. Their second studio album, With Arrows, With Poise was released in May of 2008, in which their most popular song yet, A Clean Shot, was released. The quirky song, with lyrics that are troubled about a long lost love, are shaped by the melodic bass guitar pulsing next to the pleasantly

photo courtesy of google images



Fall TV Lineup

distorted electric guitar.     The album, containing eleven other original songs, are hard to be compared to, with the range of heartbreaking love to spirit filled walks (A Thousand Winters Melting) to more sharply tones songs such as Get on the Plane and You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock. The Myriad’s songs thrive with pounding emotion and true to the heart lyrics. Lyrics are filled with creative words unlike any other band’s lyrics, exemplified in songs such as When Fire Falls from their You Can’t Trust a Ladder album. “You spit words like a whip,” Jeremy Edwardson sings fervently, his words seeming to explain buried down anger. The band even uses their own name in the song, The Last Time, in which they

pronounce, “We will spark a Myriad of lights.”     The Myriad is a well rounded band, with their horizon spanning from deep bass and more rocky vocals in “With Arrows, With Poise” and more emotional and softer use of music in “You Can’t Trust A Ladder”. But still, all of their songs contain a recognizable crunchy guitar sound, lyrics that leave listeners thinking, and best of all music that keeps people begging for more. The Myriad will not let you down with their genuine and imaginative sounds, they surely will leave you satisfied with their almost flawless ability to create great music.      I give the Myriad 4.5 electric guitars out of 5.

Ashtyn Gillie Feature Editor

Though school means the end of summer, it also means fresh seasons of our favorite fall shows! Many count down the days to the premiere of shows like Gossip Girl, Lost, and Grey’s Anatomy. TV stations also introduce many new shows each year, and this year’s crop of fresh entertainment looks like many great new additions to our favorites. For those who haven’t flipped through a TV guide, here’s some quick information on some of the new shows coming this season. Although many have already premiered, it’s never too late to start watching. The Vampire Diaries- An adaptation of the book series of the name same, written by L.J. Smith, a girl named Elena meets a new guy in town with a big secret- you guessed it, he’s a vampire. But that’s not the only thing he’s hiding-his love for her has lasted more than a hundred years. Starring Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder. Airs on the CW Thursday nights at 7 pm. For fans of: Twilight Mercy- This one deals with a group of nurses who run the hospital they work at, while teaching newcomer Michelle Trachtenberg how to be a nurse. Airs on NBC Wednesdays at 7 pm. For fans of: Nurse Jackie, Hawthorne, Grey’s Anatomy Melrose Place- This is a remake of the popular 90’s soap opera, where an apartment complex is filled with mystery and major drama. Starring Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro. Airs on the CW Tuesdays at 8 pm. For fans of: 90210 Glee- This chronicles a teacher’s struggle to recruit enough members to advance the show choir to regionals, while also dealing with a tough cheerleading coach. Starring Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, and Victor Garber. Airs on Fox Wednesdays at 8 pm. For fans of: High School Musical Community- In this new comedy, a sleazy lawyer has to go back to school, to earn a legitimate degree from his local community college. Stars Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. Airs on NBC Thursdays at 8:30 pm. For fans of: The Soup

Spotlight On: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Elba Orellana Entertainment Editor Don’t Shoot the Messenger is one more local band you will be sure to fall in love with. Based out of Mansfield, Texas: this pop punk band consists of Nick, Kenny, Eric, Dylan, Dagan and Michael. “We were all good friends. We went to high school together and met through various classes like marching band, music theory, and choir,” said Nick. These six young boys have had a passion for music all of their lives, decided to create this band, and played their very first show in August of last year. “Well, we grew up together playing music and just decided one day to start a band that incorporates every style we have listened to into one big project,” said Dylan. And like every band, they had to come up with a name. “Kenny was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the morning and he had a segment called ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’ and it stuck out,” said Eric. DSTM loves being able to play shows and promoting the band. Aside from all of the perks there is a down side to everything. “There are many struggles bands go through that a lot of people don’t know about. Being in a band puts strain on our personal lives, but we still get through it,” said Dagan. Aside from the pressures of being in the band itself, there are other things to keep in mind that bands need to do. Like write. Write and produce all the songs their fans love to belt out at the shows and in their cars. “Well, usually we think of a cool guitar riff or chord

progression and write a song of those ideas. After we get the music and arrangement done Nick and Kenny write lyrics based on how they feel the song should go depending on the feel of the song,” said Eric. “Our favorite song will always be ‘Mountains’, it was a good starting point for us and it’s what people know

photo courtesy of Jessica Rockwell us by,” said Nick. The sound that DSTM provides for the fans is a drafted from other very well-known bands. “We get inspiration from everywhere! Every single song or album we listen to puts an idea or inspiration in our heads but one of our biggest influence is New Found Glory. They we’re one of the pioneers of pop

punk and we look up and respect them more than most musicians these days. But, like I said, we take influence from everyone we listen to,” said Nick. “We would love to be on Warped Tour. We grew up going to warped every summer. It is our dream to have even a few dates on warped tour one year,” said Dagan. Fame is something else a band and its member might have in the back if their mind. With the overwhelming amount of rising new musicians, you would think a band with this much talent would be just waiting for their shot at the spotlight. We just want everyone to enjoy us and our music as much as we enjoy making it, if that gets us ‘famous’ then awesome!” said Kenny. All in all, Don’t Shoot the Messenger has a lot to give. Their music says it all. Their songs will be stuck in your head. Instant love. “We have new shirts that are printing right now! Along with finishing up our new EP titled Make It or Break It which is being recorded and produced by Geoff Rockwell (Forever the Sickest Kids, School Boy Humor, Disco Curtis) and is all due out this Holiday season along with new pictures and myspace layouts,” said Dylan. Check them out!

Ice Cream ? No, Gelato.

Rick’s Picks Rick Astley Contributing Writer

Alejandra Valeriano Managing Editor

like the real thing except better. However, if you want something fruity choose snoz berry because it will create an explosion of fruity berry goodness in your mouth. The kids scoop starts at about 2.50 for a kids cup but you won’t regret the splurge. It’s probably safe to say that the kids scoop will end up being enough because i don’t think i would have finished it if I had bought a larger size.     The interior of Piccomolo is filled with neon “try it” spoons and neon orange chairs. But eating something cold can always give you chills so if you feel to cold inside try sitting in the available seating outside. Located right in front of the shop are tables with chairs and lets not forget the benches that are found around the fountain in the middle of all the chaos. It creates a great view as you enjoy the lightness of the ice cream.So if you ever find yourself walking around Southlake drop by.

New Music Preview Mashaal Hashmi Editor-In-Cheif

As the fall clothing lines open up and the Halloween candy goes on sale, music also makes a huge impact on this year’s autumn season.     With names like Howie Day, Madonna, 3 Days Grace, and Paramore on the music charts, the crowd looks forward to see whose album is coming out when. Here’s a quick wrap-up of newly released albums: Howie Day came out with “Sound the Alarm” on Sept. 9, featuring new tracks which include “Be There” and “40 Hours”. Fans will surely rejoice with some new cool rhythm to tune into. - “Artwork” by The Used entered the scene Sept. 31, with another rattling set of songs that will be sure to have you jamming in your car. - Already one of the biggest hits of the year, “Love Drunk” by Boys Like Girls was released on Sept. 9, featuring hits like “Love Drunk” which already has made it into the top charts. - Jay-Z released an album called “Blueprint 3” on Sept. 11, including “Run this Town” featuring Rihanna. It’ll have those rap fans coming back into the groove in no time. - The globally-known Madonna comes back full-swing with “Celebration”, a new two-disc album with 18 songs, including the dance hit “Celebration”. Ready to rock again, she belts out music with her pop style without missing a beat. - With a huge fan-base, 3 Days Grace released “Life Starts Now” on Sept. 22, with songs such as “Break”.

What in the world of entertainment won’t Rick give up this month?


Film: From Dusk Till Dawn Quentin Tarantino’s criminal-getaway-turnedvampire-fighting script, dutifully made largerthan-life by director Robert Rodriguez (the Mariachi trilogy, Sin City) puts George Clooney in his most B.A. leading role. This Tex-Mex action flick is better than Twilight and True Blood combined-mostly because it doesn’t take itself so seriously. Music: Humbug, Arctic Monkeys On their third full-length disc, the Arctics get knee deep in fuzz thanks to producer Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age fame. This album is darker and less accessible than their last two, but with a few listens, it becomes clear that this is one of the high points for smart alt-rock this year. Literature: Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut Vonnegut’s darkly funny tale of time travel and war is as psychedelic an experience as a book can deliver. This book takes you through the protagonist, Billy Pilgrim’s life in no particular order, giving off all of the mind-bending fun of LSD without the pesky after-effects that come with it.

The band’s pure rock theme will surely follow through on this new album. - Mariah Carey is doing some wondering with her new album, “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” featuring the song “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Although she’s married now, her voice can still break hearts. - The hit band Paramore also released a new album “Brand New Eyes” which will surely sell very well on the markets, considering the band’s infamy. If you liked the former rock themed music, you’ll love this new CD. - Lynard Skynard fans have something new to look forward to with the band’s issue of “God & Guns” on Sept. 29. The band hopes to attract new fans as well as pleasing the former ones. - Do you remember the boy bands we used to secretly dance and karaoke to? Well, one band in particular is getting ready to gear back up with “This is Us.” Yup, the Backstreet Boys, one of the infamous 90’s pop bands returned on Oct. 6 with their album, including songs like “Straight Through My Heart”, and featuring artists such as Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Akon, and OneRepublic. Why keep it a guilty secret any longer, check it out.     Those are just a few of the many albums being released at the moment, so be sure to check out the nearest CD store for your favorite.      Also, in the next few weeks, more of your favorite music stars are belting out a few new albums. Say Anything, Train, Weezer, Sting, John Mayer, and Switchfoot, are all going to be featuring new albums within this year, and fans are anxiously waiting.

Pictures and graphics courtesy of Google Images


Piccomolo can be found in Southlake town square in front of Delia’s and Barnes and Noble. It’s an italian gelato shop that holds more than 100 different flavors of ice cream. Aside from being really sweet and creamy it is made daily in every store out of natural ingredients. Piccomolo gelato is even healthier than your average ice cream with less fat and calories. Its the perfect alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth and ditch the junk found in other sweets.      When you walk in and approach the glass to look for your perfect ice cream every flavor is decorated with what it is made making its appearance appetizing. You can choose from milk gelato, fruit gelato, and sugar free. The milk flavors can include cotton candy to pumpkin pie while the fruit gelato include flavors ranging from raspberry and strawberry lemonade.If you were craving something sweet go for the birthday cake because it tastes just


Going against the grain

Get Linked

Fresh costume ideas to vamp up your Halloween

Ashley Bryce Staff Writer


Brandon Nowell Staff Writer It’s that time of year when the entire world of parenting is turned on its head. Instead of trying to make children look cute and proper, parents dress them in the ugliest Hannah Montana and pirate garb available. Instead of insisting on telling them not to talk to strangers, they are encouraged to boldly knock on the doors of people they will never know, with the creepiest of decorating options on their lawns, and demand the most unhealthy of treats available, with the threat of mischief if there is non-cooperation. It’s Halloween.     Love it or hate it, it’s an important part of American culture, and it offers many opportunities for parties and originality. So instead of crowding the nearest Party City and waiting through lines of screaming girls fighting over the best Miley Cyrus wig, try these original (and cheap!) ideas to get through the Halloween party season. GANG GREEN      Get a group together, and wear green shirts with green bandannas. Gives a touch of irony to your Halloween. SECRET SERVICE AGENT      Dress in a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. Slick hair back with hair gel. Find ear piece and plug ipod or walkie talkie in and put in ear. At party or while trick or treating talk into wrist or shoulder like talking to someone. CASTAWAY      Take an old pair of khaki pants and tear off the legs to create shorts. Wear a dirty white t-shirt and beard and long hair. And carry around a volleyball with read hand-

print face. SUPERMAN IN A CHUCK NORRIS COSTUME     Wear the shirt from a fake-muscled superman costume. Over the top wear blue denim or flannel shirt with the top three buttons undone showing the Superman badge. Outfit. Add a Chuck Norris beard, mustache, cowboy hat, boots, belt buckle and a star badge. Tell everyone that Chuck Norris doesn’t dress up as superman for Halloween- Superman dresses up as Chuck Norris. Get plenty of Chuck Norris jokes from the internet to have ready all night. DEVIL WITH A BLUE DRESS      Blue dress, devil horns, devil tail and pitch fork. CHICK MAGNET      Attach peeps or some form of chicken all over body. SUNBURNED TOURIST      Dress like a tourist (Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, camera around neck, ect.) use makeup to create bright red sunburn. GOD’S GIFT TO MEN (OR WOMEN) Wrap yourself in wrapping paper and attach a large bow. The bigger the better. Include a super-sized gift tag: God’s gift to women. Have cheesy pickup lines ready. BLACK EYED PEA Using construction paper, cut out a large letter “P”. Attach it to your shirt and use makeup to blacken one eye.

Spain Trip

This will be the 6th consecutive year that we have escorted students to a Spanish speaking country.

The immersion program includes:

Daily Spanish Classes Students live with local families and l Guided Tours are completely immersed in Spanish. l Beach Excursions l

Their speaking ability is greatly improved and they return confident to take the AP Spanish Exam. For information please contact: Mr. Teel N103

Building unity one class at a time Remember back to freshman year... You walk in the doors from the couurtyard and into the view of unfamiliar faces that stare back at you. Most likely the numberone thought running through your mind is “What have I gotten myself into?” Well, what if there was an organization made up of upperclassmen to help you out during this trying first year? That organization is called Link Crew, and its purpose is to help out freshmen. “Link Crew is a transition program designed to help freshmen feel welcome at their high school. It also helps them feel more comfortable their first year by using upperclassmen as positive role models,” said Mr. Lanham Stark, the Link Crew adviser. So what goes into being a part of Link crew?     As Link leaders, upperclassmen went through a two day training on how to help this years freshmen fit into Central High School.      “I joined Link crew because I wanted to see our freshmen have a good year and to get more involved in the school to make it a better place,” said

Chelsea Cheatham, senior.     Starting Aug. 13, Link leaders have been meeting with their groups of freshmen.      “I’ve been able to go to my Link leader about a lot of things. The whole program has already made my freshman year easier than I expected.” said Brittany Ashworth, freshman.      Link crew plans to continue to work with freshmen throughout the year. “My Link leaders and their groups will be getting together to hang out and recap what they have going on in and outside school,” said Mr. Adam Powers.

Teacher’s Take

Q: How do you feel about the new schedule?

Ms. Murfin: “The new schedule is very demanding on teachers’ time and it’s harder to get things done.”

Mr. Huston: “The new schedule starts too late, bring back the 7:30!”

Mr. McCaragher: “The new schedule doesn’t bother me since I started teaching a new class.”

Preparing for the future Tips to planning ahead Heather Wolff Staff Writer

    College: moving out, growing up, no parents, parties, and classes of your choice. Are you ready for college? One of the biggest dilemmas facing a senior today is choosing the right college-one that will best prepare him/her in their career and future life. Preparing can be one of the main difficulties that goes into planning for college, but it is nothing to fret over. Need some help? Don’t know where to start? Start here: - Think about your future goals and what you want to accomplish when you’re older. - Think about “what you want to be when you grow up”- in other words, your career - Talk to a counselor on how to get on track with scholarships, admissions, etc. - Involve your parents. They might offer some insight on what to expect, or they might just want to be a part of your new adventure. - Think about your finances. Who will pay for college?Will you need financial aid? - DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Your application will not fill itself out. - Be real and honest in writing your admissions essay. You might have to answer questions about it. - Do your research and make visits before you apply. Know something about your school other than its name. - Take the SAT or ACT - multiple times. - Always have a backup plan. Don’t just apply to one school, and keep your options open for change. - Be on time! Sending in your application, and applying for financial aid and rooming can be a big hassle the later you wait. - Get ready! The change is coming. Are you ready? Don’t be afraid of change, don’t get too caught up in parties, and do NOT procrastinate the process. Do your research, get help, and get excited. Meeting new people, being in new places, and enjoying new things is half the fun of growing up and moving out on your own to college. Seniors - get pumped. “I love college” will be your new catch phrase.

Hayley Bupp Staff Writer

As high school students, it can be difficult rise to the challenge of Advanced Placement classes. Many of us are busy with jobs and extracurricular activities. Those of us, though, who accept the challenge, may find ourselves struggling and unsure how to raise our grades. Follow this advice and it can help you succeed and get you through the AP curriculum. To start, actually reading the textbook can be one of the most beneficial study habits. Without reading the book, it is difficult to actually learn anything substantial. Expect for most classes to actually require you to read the book and take notes for about two hours every weeknight. Slacking on this can cause students to fall behind, which ultimately leads to bad grades. “Actually read the book instead of Sparknotes-ing it,” said Will Johnson, senior. Johnson, who is in a rigorous schedule of six AP classes, knows how difficult it can be. But there is still hope. “Getting into a good, steady routine of study is always the hardest part,” he explained. “Once that’s set, everything becomes easier.” Another great study habit is to plan ahead. “Don’t cram,” AP English teacher, Mrs. Gail Tunnell said. “Break up [studying] over the week and you will retain it better.” Cramming the night before a test can make things worse, as you probably won’t remember as much information and you will most likely be tired the next day. “Start looking over the material three to four days in advance,” Johnson said, to ensure that you will have time to study. Another way to help study for tests is to create study groups. Collaborating with others can help you learn from each other. “The more people there are, the easier it is to get [the work] done,” said Tyler Wynne, senior, another AP student. Also, be careful of certain study buddies. Having a bunch of friends over will just likely cause a few hours of talking, not studying. Mrs. Tunnell advises to be smart about whether to study with others or not. If so, choose people who can help you earn higher grades. Another helpful option for studying, not only for tests but for the AP exam itself, is review books. Wynne calls review books, “a must” and Johnson, “a lifesaver.” Make sure you use all available resources to help with your studying. Especially resources like review books, as they can give you additional essential information. “You’re going to want to review before the exam,” Johnson said “A review book is the best way to do that.” “Don’t be overwhelmed, take it one day at a time,” said Tunnel to all newcomers of an Advanced Placement class. “If you actually do your work, it will pay off, I guarantee it,” said Will Johnson. So don’t be afraid, have good study habits and you can make it through your AP classes.

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Mr. Asp: “The new schedule is easily one of the biggest highlights of my entire life.”

AP Success

Here We Go Again 10


Brent Pollard Staff Writer

Four hundred and sixty-four touchdowns, 65,127 yards, 169 wins, three MVP awards, and the Brett Favre Saga will continue with the Minnesota Vikings in the 2009 National Football League season. Favre has started a record 269 games in a row, and that record continued in mid-September, when his first season with the Vikings began. Favre spent 16 of his first 17 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, and in 2008 he was traded to the New York Jets, where every football fan believed Favre would play his last NFL season. However, fans would be “shocked” to learn on Aug. 18, 2009 that Favre signed a two year, 25 million dollar contract with the Vikings. “I think it’s cool that he is coming back again,” said Blake Pollard, 10. Amit Patel said “Adrian Peterson needs a good quarterback to hand him in the ball.” Although the 39-year- old going on 40 quarterback has had an outstanding career, questions have arisen whether he could last another season in the NFL. Last season, the Vikings were NFC North champions, but lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Eagles. They have a team very capable of making a Super Bowl run, lead by their star running back Adrian Peterson. Favre entered a team with talent all around him, such as wide receivers Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin, running backs Peterson and Chester Taylor, and a very big and physical offensive line. “I think with their explosive players lead by Peterson the Vikings are superbowl favorites,” said Bryan McCollister, 11. The offense will also have a quality defense for assurance, with star players Jared Allen and Kevin Williams on the defensive line, and Chad Greenway playing linebacker. Many people wonder why the Vikings risked signing the old, worn down Favre, who last season threw 22 interceptions in sixteen games. The real question to ask, however, is if not Favre, who else is there to start? Before the Vikings signed Favre, the quarterbacks competing for the starting

Photo courtesy of Cecilia Reyes

job were former Houston Texans backup Sage Rosenfels, and the very inconsistent and inexperienced Tavaris Jackson. The Vikings seemed desperate for the veteran Favre, pursuing to sign him throughout the entire summer. Once Favre was signed, the new look of the Vikings was in place. “Brett Favre is an Ironman,” said Steven Wallace, 12, when asked how effective Favre will be at the age of 39. When Favre arrived, he arrived just in time for the preseason, but missed all of training camp with the Vikings. Rumors arose that Favre’s arrival created a “schism” in the locker room. Those rumors would be shot down when Favre was elected by his teammates captain. Favre made his Vikings debut Aug. 22 against the Kansas City Chiefs in a preseason game. He had a disappointing game, completing only one pass for four yards. His second game against the Houston Texans was a huge improvement, completing 13 of his 18 pass attempts for 142 yards and also a touchdown pass to running back Chester Taylor. Favre sat out the final preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. The biggest question of all for Favre and the Vikings this season is whether or not they can make the playoffs, and more importantly to Favre, the Super Bowl. So far in the 2009 NFL season, the Vikings are undefeated and Favre has thrown for five touchdowns and only one interception. The highlight of the NFL thus far is also held by Brett Favre, who threw a 32 yard touchdown pass to wide reciever Greg Lewis with two seconds remaining to win the game against the 49ers. If Favre can keep up this production, the Vikings’ chances look real good in the playoffs.

Are football games better this year? With the football season well underway the million dollar question arises “Will the Central Chargers be Elba Orellana any better this Sports Columnist year?” Finishing the season last year with a 3-7 record, many boys still hold their head up high and are proud to call themselves CHS varsity football players. “The hard work we all put in on the field and the sense of unity and family we have make me proud to be a part of this team,” said Eric Mendes, 12. Although the Chargers have lost against Richland, Newman Smith, and Keller already: the games have only begun, and key players have already begun to shine. Stuart Redding, Izzy Valentin, Trenton Turrentine and Matt Gibson are only naming a few, and will hopefully lead Central into a more successful season this year. “I think we have a better chance just because we have a lot of returning players on both sides of the ball,” said Tyler Kohler, 12.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will be more successful this year,” said Mendes. “ I hope we will somewhat improve this year, i have a feeling that we will, “ said Stephen Varner, 12. The Chargers have many areas in which they need to work on from consistency: playing as well as they do in the first and fourth quarters to running the ball more, and using the running game they have to their advantage. “I think the O-line needs to give Corey more time to throw the ball, we would have a lot more success in the passing game,” said Kohler. The team also has a lot going for them, areas in the game in which they are good at. “Our team plays with a lot of enthusiasm and they have been blitzing the quarterback very well,” said Kohler. “We play with high intensity, excitement, and effort in the games.” said Eric Mendes. So with five games left, let’s hope that the Chargers will hold up a more successful season.

Who’s back?

Jackson Wallace Staff Writer

After spending two years at a federal prison in Kansas, Michael Vick will return to play again in the National Football League once more. Vick was signed on Aug. 13 by the Philadelphia eagles, with a contract of one year worth 1.6 million dollars. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had stated he would allow Vick to play in the final two preseason games and practice fully with the team. As the preseason went on Vick showed signs of sincerity and cooperation. According to Vick appeared on 60 minutes on August 16 for his first interview since being released from prison and signed by an NFL team. James Brown from CBS conducted the interview. To some people Vick appeared sincere to others it was just a show. Appearing in Chicago, Vick attended a humane society seminar against dog fighting on august 21st. Finally, on September 3, 2009 Vick is fully reinstated into the NFL. Not many are happy with his return. "Although I think he is extremely talented I do not support his return to the league because of his dog fighting activities, " said Steve Burns 11. While others are just fine with it. " I'm happy to see him back in the NFL," said DeAndre Kirtz, 11. Either way Vick will prove an asset to the eagles offense. Vick is eligible to play in his first regular season game since being convicted in week three of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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