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Brent Pollard Staff Writer

Four hundred and sixty-four touchdowns, 65,127 yards, 169 wins, three MVP awards, and the Brett Favre Saga will continue with the Minnesota Vikings in the 2009 National Football League season. Favre has started a record 269 games in a row, and that record continued in mid-September, when his first season with the Vikings began. Favre spent 16 of his first 17 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, and in 2008 he was traded to the New York Jets, where every football fan believed Favre would play his last NFL season. However, fans would be “shocked” to learn on Aug. 18, 2009 that Favre signed a two year, 25 million dollar contract with the Vikings. “I think it’s cool that he is coming back again,” said Blake Pollard, 10. Amit Patel said “Adrian Peterson needs a good quarterback to hand him in the ball.” Although the 39-year- old going on 40 quarterback has had an outstanding career, questions have arisen whether he could last another season in the NFL. Last season, the Vikings were NFC North champions, but lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Eagles. They have a team very capable of making a Super Bowl run, lead by their star running back Adrian Peterson. Favre entered a team with talent all around him, such as wide receivers Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin, running backs Peterson and Chester Taylor, and a very big and physical offensive line. “I think with their explosive players lead by Peterson the Vikings are superbowl favorites,” said Bryan McCollister, 11. The offense will also have a quality defense for assurance, with star players Jared Allen and Kevin Williams on the defensive line, and Chad Greenway playing linebacker. Many people wonder why the Vikings risked signing the old, worn down Favre, who last season threw 22 interceptions in sixteen games. The real question to ask, however, is if not Favre, who else is there to start? Before the Vikings signed Favre, the quarterbacks competing for the starting

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job were former Houston Texans backup Sage Rosenfels, and the very inconsistent and inexperienced Tavaris Jackson. The Vikings seemed desperate for the veteran Favre, pursuing to sign him throughout the entire summer. Once Favre was signed, the new look of the Vikings was in place. “Brett Favre is an Ironman,” said Steven Wallace, 12, when asked how effective Favre will be at the age of 39. When Favre arrived, he arrived just in time for the preseason, but missed all of training camp with the Vikings. Rumors arose that Favre’s arrival created a “schism” in the locker room. Those rumors would be shot down when Favre was elected by his teammates captain. Favre made his Vikings debut Aug. 22 against the Kansas City Chiefs in a preseason game. He had a disappointing game, completing only one pass for four yards. His second game against the Houston Texans was a huge improvement, completing 13 of his 18 pass attempts for 142 yards and also a touchdown pass to running back Chester Taylor. Favre sat out the final preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. The biggest question of all for Favre and the Vikings this season is whether or not they can make the playoffs, and more importantly to Favre, the Super Bowl. So far in the 2009 NFL season, the Vikings are undefeated and Favre has thrown for five touchdowns and only one interception. The highlight of the NFL thus far is also held by Brett Favre, who threw a 32 yard touchdown pass to wide reciever Greg Lewis with two seconds remaining to win the game against the 49ers. If Favre can keep up this production, the Vikings’ chances look real good in the playoffs.

Are football games better this year? With the football season well underway the million dollar question arises “Will the Central Chargers be Elba Orellana any better this Sports Columnist year?” Finishing the season last year with a 3-7 record, many boys still hold their head up high and are proud to call themselves CHS varsity football players. “The hard work we all put in on the field and the sense of unity and family we have make me proud to be a part of this team,” said Eric Mendes, 12. Although the Chargers have lost against Richland, Newman Smith, and Keller already: the games have only begun, and key players have already begun to shine. Stuart Redding, Izzy Valentin, Trenton Turrentine and Matt Gibson are only naming a few, and will hopefully lead Central into a more successful season this year. “I think we have a better chance just because we have a lot of returning players on both sides of the ball,” said Tyler Kohler, 12.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will be more successful this year,” said Mendes. “ I hope we will somewhat improve this year, i have a feeling that we will, “ said Stephen Varner, 12. The Chargers have many areas in which they need to work on from consistency: playing as well as they do in the first and fourth quarters to running the ball more, and using the running game they have to their advantage. “I think the O-line needs to give Corey more time to throw the ball, we would have a lot more success in the passing game,” said Kohler. The team also has a lot going for them, areas in the game in which they are good at. “Our team plays with a lot of enthusiasm and they have been blitzing the quarterback very well,” said Kohler. “We play with high intensity, excitement, and effort in the games.” said Eric Mendes. So with five games left, let’s hope that the Chargers will hold up a more successful season.

Who’s back?

Jackson Wallace Staff Writer

After spending two years at a federal prison in Kansas, Michael Vick will return to play again in the National Football League once more. Vick was signed on Aug. 13 by the Philadelphia eagles, with a contract of one year worth 1.6 million dollars. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had stated he would allow Vick to play in the final two preseason games and practice fully with the team. As the preseason went on Vick showed signs of sincerity and cooperation. According to Vick appeared on 60 minutes on August 16 for his first interview since being released from prison and signed by an NFL team. James Brown from CBS conducted the interview. To some people Vick appeared sincere to others it was just a show. Appearing in Chicago, Vick attended a humane society seminar against dog fighting on august 21st. Finally, on September 3, 2009 Vick is fully reinstated into the NFL. Not many are happy with his return. "Although I think he is extremely talented I do not support his return to the league because of his dog fighting activities, " said Steve Burns 11. While others are just fine with it. " I'm happy to see him back in the NFL," said DeAndre Kirtz, 11. Either way Vick will prove an asset to the eagles offense. Vick is eligible to play in his first regular season game since being convicted in week three of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs.


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