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My Small Holiday Packing Checkllist Basic / Essential Items Passports /ID (Driving license) Visas (if needed) Credit/Debit cards Cash Wallet Insurance documents Currency and Cheques Tickets (planes, trains, etc.) Reservations documentation Copies of all essential Docs

Main Luggage Underwear Clothes and Socks Footwear Hats / Gloves Towels / Beach Towels Jacket / Coat / Waterproofs Sportswear Swimwear Hairdryer /Hair Straightener

Something Else

This list should only be used as a guide.

Hand Luggage Mobile Phone Camera Headphones Travel Clock Books/E-bok/Magazines Games Travel adaptors Chargers / Extra battery cell Umbrella Travel Sickness remedies

Accessories Sun Cream / Lotions Toiletries Cosmetics / Perfumes /Deo spray Jewelry Medicines / Vitamines Glasses / Lenses Chargers Extensions and Power adaptors Personal Gadgets


My personal Small Packing List for Holiday  
My personal Small Packing List for Holiday  

My personal "Small Packing List for Holiday" helps me to get my baggage ready in no time for a travel or vacation.