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We hope this letter finds your family well! Our family has had a great year in 2009 with lots of activity (as usual), fun times and growing kids! God has been gracious and we are so thankful for His abundance!

Here is a little blurb about the kids:..

Stephen-He is growing up so fast. I can’t believe he is almost 13! He has passed up mom in height this year (we had to buy him pants like 4 times) and he has gone from youth sizes to adult! Stephen played soccer again this fall (up an age level) and he did extremely wellthat is his favorite sport…even in the mud!

He’s a very smart guy and doing very well in

school. He is enjoying the Environmental Science Program at Sky Valley and also a strong member of the Lego Robotics team…he loves the Lego’s! He’s still involved in Boy Scouts and is earning his 2nd Class status this month. His best friend is Mako.

Lorin-She is becoming a beautiful young lady! She’s very creative and artistic and loves anything crafty! She also still loves horses and is doing very well in her riding lessons. She loves her horse Ally! Lorin is also doing great in her schoolwork this year. They have so much to do to keep up. We are busy but doing great. Her best friend is Lauren and they are almost twins! She played soccer this fall as well and is looking forward to the spring season already!

Samuel- He is getting so big, growing tall like his brother and smart too. He is doing 3rd grade work now. He excels in math and science and loves his gymnastics class. He loves soccer, Star Wars and Indiana Jones-he’s an action and adventure kid all the way! It’s kind of hard to keep him focused on his work sometimes because he’s always moving! He’s also involved in Cub Scouts…his pack had their picture taken where he’s saluting the veterans on Veteran’s Day in Arlington, WA. Our pack actually made the front page of the Everett Herald! Samuel is the class comedian, but God has a special place for him we know! He has many best buds!

Catherine-she’s a hoot! She’s now in 1st grade and loving all her classes at Sky Valley. She really wants to take ballet and learn how to play the viola like her cousin Clare. I cannot believe my baby is so grown up! It’s hard to see your youngest get so big so fast! She loves animals, movies and playing with her friends! She got her first hair trim this year and got her ears pierced! She’s a joy…our little princess and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for her life!

As we ponder the year past, we can see what God has done in our family and others.

As we look to the New Year ahead,

we go in confidence that God is with us, guiding us and blessing us abundantly, even when we don’t recognize them at first! Here are some pic’s of the year in review for the Freeman’s!









Merry Christmas to you all and have a Blessed New Year!

Ric Natalie Stephen Lorin, Samuel and Catherine





The Freeman 2009 Christmas Letter  

The Freeman Family Christmas Letter 2009