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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Prints & editing Natalie Cocker

Photographs Ellis Lundy Alice Collier Hannah Sharrett Sarah May Ambler

SPINNING DOWN UNDER This lookbook displays a variery of objects, covered in prints depicting a range of emotions felt during an unexpected rollercoster ride. Main insperation Alice In Wonderland ride. I have also placed the prints onto a human silhouette to show how they can be worn as a wearable fabrics As well as Materials covering interior objects.

“Door’s all round and all locked. she wondered how she was ever going to get out” (Young,1915)

Upside down, inside out.

“Around & Around”

“The Merry Go Round.”

- “What Became of the baby?” ‘It turned into a frog.” - “I thought it would.” (Young,1915)

REFERENCE Young W.W. (1915) (Slient Film) Adapted&Directed, Alice In Wonderland

Look book spinning down under  
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