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the escapism range


the escapism range

Entrance through Palm trees leads to make up and Batiste hair stations.

Nationwide train station mini escape booths with a “red carpet to work” exit. Cheap, easy to construct mobile booth with palm trees, red carpet, make up stations and give-away bags.

Photo opportunity and goody bag with a “Red Carpet to work” exit. Large brand presence in busy stations


the escapism range

Limited edition 50ml boxes come with detachable emery board, nail buffer and mirror for a quick on the go fix up. Ideal give-away at the Batiste Escapism Launch


the escapism range

Digital ephemera to underpin the new escapism range hosts all the relevant Batiste information and relaxation guidance for young women in the professional world. Mobile and Tablet compatibility is essential to reach the Target Audience.


Eden Waterfall

the escapism range

Rainforest Fresh




Sunset Beach







Woodland Berry




200ml 6.73fl.oz net wt 120g

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0


the escapism range


Batiste joint response  

Batiste joint response submission boards

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