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Design Specification I have presented the custom made typeface within a design specification book. This can be used as a guideline when designing other products for the range.

It is in a large format so that is suitable handling for children and again I have used the same gloss outer cover to mimic the texture of the biscuits themselves.

Packaging re-design The re design of the promtional packaging is used to promote the event and inform parents of how to enter. Along with this I have created a special invitaion ticket similar to that of a golden ticket.

Event products I have designed a range of event products that can be used for any of the nationwide events. They are mainly products based around the staff and distribution.

Party bag products I have focussed the main design process on the production of several products which the audience can take away from the event within their own individual party bags.

The products are easy to understand and have been designed to focus on the handling and texture to stimulate the younger audiences attention. I have considered products which would also be suitable for the parents to make it worthwhile them attending.

Web visuals The website and mobile versions are accessable to the audience once they have gained a promotional invitation. The site is simply used so that the audience can register to a specific event they wish to attend.

Presentation boards brief 2 505  

Presentation boards brief 2 505

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