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Natalie Dyson Portfolio 2013/14 || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Edge typeface (self-initiated)

This is a typeface that was created for my self-promotion and use within my logo. The concept of the letterforms is based around using two simple shapes, triangle and semi-circle, creating sharp edges and geometric pattern forms for each letter. Alongside this I have produced a type specimen booklet. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Leeds cat rescue (self-initiated)

The brief was to create a new brand identity for a cat charity based in Leeds which worked with adoption in the local area. The concept of the logo is to represent re-homing of the cats as this is the main line of work for the charity. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

The visuals have been kept simple to maximse the usability and understanding of the information being displayed to the audience. Based around a brand working across web and print. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

78violet (self-initiated)

The brief was to produce a brand identity and supporting promotional material for American girl duo 78violet. The brand concept throughout is based around two elements coming together to create one completed image. A reflection of the two members in the band creating one complete and third voice. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Supporting visuals are based around this idea but also of hothouse flowers as this is one of the key lyrics. This is also a screen printed project. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

cereal tt le ers

BEAR (competition & collaboration)

Our concept was to use the cereal packet as a way of children to discover native habitats of bears with the help of letters. Our idea was based around tear, reveal and share in which children could tear and reveal facts which could be kept, collected and shared among each other as a point of discussion at the || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

breakfast table. Children could also tear and craft each letter related to the country explored from the inside of the packet but still allowing the cereal to be held as a practical solution for parents and storing. For the YCN student awards 2014. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Account-ants (live)

The concept uses the humble ant image to suggest strength, dependability and intelligence, qualities desired by the client from any accountant. It uses a less serious approach to present an image of an accountant which is still clearly understandable but also fun. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

I have also looked at the application of a brand onto a range of related promotional material such as business cards and letterheads. The finished brand concept included brand name and visual, typeface and printed material. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506 || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506 || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Notepads (live)

The project was set to create a range of notepads that could be used to segregate and organise information within a specific office environment. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

My concept was based around related sayings of each job role that were specific to each person but also to form an inside joke among staff to add humour into the workplace. This project also explored print finishes. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Eyt all (self-initiated)

This project is a work in progress brand concept for a Yorkshire themed restaurant in the heart of the dales. Currently I have been working on the main logo which is based around the concept of the Yorkshire dialect and famous motto which refers to eating within it. This is a brand identity which focuses on use of type and copywriting. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Flashback (self-initiated)

This project is a work in progress brand concept for a 1980s channel. Currently I have been working on the main logo and icons to use across the digital platforms. The main concept of the logo is to refer to the past but also the decade. I found a great way to do this is to include the rewind icon which works with the idea of returning to past but also 1980s technology used alongside the TV. || || +44 (0) 7527 513 506

Natalie dyson portfolio 2013 2014  
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