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What is good?

Biscuits things you need to know about

A biscuit is a baked, commonly flour-based food product. The term is applied to two distinct products in North America and Europe.

In the United States and Canada, it is a small, soft, leavened bread, somewhat similar to a scone, though generally softer and fluffier.

In England it is a small baked product that would be called either a “cookie” or a “cracker” in the United States.

Biscuits in the United Kingdom and Ireland may be savoury or sweet, such as chocolate biscuits,ginger nuts, custard creams, or the Nice biscuit.

Above is further research which I have carried out on the general history of biscuits.

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What is good?

Biscuits things you need to know about

Fox’s Biscuits has grown to become one of the UK’s leading biscuit brands and has been manufacturing over 150 years since 1853.

Several biscuit ranges availiable: biscuit barrel, savoury, chocolate biscuit bars, assortments, grown-up indulgence and kids.

Vinnie the panda- is Fox’s biscuits’ No. 1 fan and is used to promote the brand. He has 547,000 likes on Facebook.

Party rings were created in 1983. They were a product of the 1980s fashion for the newly developed chemical food dye system that enabled more lavish colours to be incorporated into the manufacture of biscuits.

My chosen area of investigation after recent discussions is to focus on a brief history of biscuits looking at symbolising shapes and colours used along with the production of them through the years but with a focus on a specific brand of Fox’s biscuits. Above is the initial research which I have gathered that focusses on the brand history and the products it produces.

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What is good?

Biscuits formats/distribution

For my initial concept I am thinking of designing to educate a child audience about the history of biscuits so the formats used to convey the information needs to be stimulating and interactive, possibly with the use of folded paper, pulls outs and moving image. I have also looked at existing ways in which the biscuit market convey there information to consumers and how they distribute these.

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What is good?

Biscuits print processes

Foil blocking


Die cut/laser cut

Spot varnish

Again the processes that I am looking at using must add to the content to stimulate the audience without losing their interest or distracting them too much and also allow them to interact and absorb the information much more easily. Also looked at techniques that I would also like to look at in my own practice which includes processes such as foiling and varnishing.

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What is good?

Biscuits visual inspiration

These are a few examples of intial visual design decisions already existing that I may look at in my own ideas or could link to my concept and subject. Initially I am thinking of creating something that is educational and suitable to stimulate a child audience along with a humourous tone of voice, so I have looked at inspiration which uses bright colours and high impact visuals and illustrations.

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Re worked what is good boards  

Re worked what is good boards

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