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OUGD603 Studio Pitch

Individual Briefs

Brief 1: 80s TV channel 1980s televisions shows and films are still much loved today but have no dedicated channel to support them like there is for music and other film genres. Your task is to propose and design a channel concept that would show only those programs from the 80s. The channel would need to bring 80s shows into the 21st century TV perspective. Deadline: 27th January 2014

Evidence: Suitable name and brand guidelines for the channel Channel concept visuals along with an app/iplayer proposal.

Suitable name for channel- one day Channel logo- one week Brand guidelines- two weeks Website/iplayer concepts- three/four weeks Other channel products- one week

Brief 2: 78violet Produce a re brand for the band after their recent change in name and change in musical direction in preparation for their first album release in 5 years.

Deadline: 25th November 2013

Evidence: Suitable new logo for the band Album artwork for their upcoming release ‘Hothouse’ and suitable CD packaging Other promotional material for the album and tour, this should include a minimum of gig tickets, tour book and website.

Brief 3: Leeds Cat Rescue Produce branding for Leeds cat rescue and consider a range of products that could be used to promote the work of the charity to the relevant target audience.

Deadline: 11th December 2013

Evidence: Suitable new logo and branding for the rescue centre Re design of their website including information which they already display and printed publications promoting the work of the charity.

Brief 4: Wizard of Oz series To produce a set of 4 book covers based on a selection of books from the Oz series. Your design however this time must be a typographic piece that is able to still attract the same audience as the original had intended with its use of playful illustrations.

Deadline: 29th December 2013

Evidence: A set of at least 4 book covers using a typographic approach to their design.

Brief 5: Coeliac campaign This brief is a research-based project and will require a great amount of understanding of coeliac’s disease to produce suitable and educational outcomes. The research gathered in the first part will then allow you to create an awareness campaign both suitable for a young audience and their parents. Deadline: 24th February 2014

Evidence: A range of products that can promote the awareness of the condition and educate both children and their parents of it Must work across print and web.

Brief 6: Books still? Produce a graphical piece that communicates across print and web that considers and demonstrates how we read in the 21st century.

Deadline: 24th March 2014

Evidence: The outcome will need to be displayed across print and web, in the form of a printed publication and a website/app.

Brief 7: Yorkshire restaurant Produce branding for the new opening of a restaurant based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. For this you will be asked to produce all materials that will be needed for the opening and running of the restaurant including a suitable name.

Deadline: 14th April

Evidence: Suitable name for the restaurant and new logo for this brand A website for online promotion of the restaurant. A range of products that would be seen and used within the restaurant, minimum products should include menus, drinks mats and napkins.

Brief 8: Yorkshire documentation This brief will require a great understanding of Yorkshire in order to document and show within a publication the positives and negatives of the county and its tourism.

Deadline: 15th May 2014

Evidence: A printed publication and app based product.

Collab Briefs

Coeliac type Produce a typeface that communicates information to an audience of under 14s, the typeface must work in print and on web.

Evidence: A working typeface complete with glyph set and numerals presented on 2 A2 boards. A set of typeface guidelines for its use in.

Deadline: 8th November 2013

Competition Brief

D&AD: npower Design an app that helps people use their energy more wisely, which at the same time is fun or interesting. There must be a stand-alone reason to use the app, in addition to it being functional.

Deadline: 19th March 2014

Evidence: A concept for an app presented within 8 images or 2min video demonstration. Possible working protype.

Other Briefs

Studio pitch