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Lego Men at HOME GDCV 1115 / Photo Book / Liu Ka Ying 12011649

In this photo book, I am going to use six pictures to tell a story. There are totally four stories. All the materials are found at home and I imagine how will the lego men make use of them.

/ Story One • WAR /

It's the war between men.

Don’t kill me, please!!!

I won’t lose / Me either.


Huh! surrender?

My man you’re so brave!

/ Story Two • BOAT/

It's a wonderful sunny day!

Come on! Be careful.

Hey Sally! Join me?

How’s your holiday?

Oh Hi Jessica!

That’s great......

/ Story Three • ROLL/

Don’t look down, everyone.

Sally! Be careful!

I am falling down, save me!

Catch my hand! Quick!


David, lunckily you’re here.

/ Story Four • BUILD/

Let’s put the blocks together.

David, I am not tall enough.

Max, could you help me?

You can do it, Max!


Bro, we did it!

bYE bYE Reference: Andrew Whyte - long exposure photography - Legography

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