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A QUICK GUIDE TO SELLING YOUR HOUSE @ Real Estate Yeppoon 20B James Street Yeppoon 07 4819 9676

Sell Selling Tips Selling a property is an exciting time, not only is it the opportunity to turn your property into cash but also often selling signifies the move toward the next chapter in your life. The experienced team at @ Real Estate take a personalised approach to help take charge of your future. Armed with an advanced range of resources, tools and technology your personal Property Consultant will work with you to create a personalised action plan designed for you and your property, to help you maximize your return on investment in the shortest time possible. Remember the team at @ Real Estate will be here to help you every step of the way. Following is a basic outline of the sales process with some hints and tips along the way.

Are you committed to selling? The first step towards taking control and successfully selling your property is to confirm you are ready to sell. The below table provides a general guide to assist you to decide if you are ready to sell?





You are keen to sign a contract of sale allowing you to move onto the next chapter of your life. You may have found a new property to purchase. You have decided it is time to move on to the next chapter of your life and are making plans. You maybe thinking about your next home and what the future holds. You are starting to recognise that there may be some benefits to selling the property. You know you don’t want to own this property for ever and maybe considering downsizing, up grading, relocating or maybe you would like to free up capital. You love living in the property / the investment is working for you.

Engage a professional sales consultant, actively market the property and monitor buyer interest.

Getting ready


Not planning to move

Prepare property for sale by ensuring it is ready to be displayed in the best light possible. Choose your Sales Consultant. Plan your future. Discuss your situation and options with professional sales consultant, they will be able to provide information regarding current market conditions, presenting your property for sale as well as the process and much more.


Before you list your home for sale, consider the following; • • • •

Why are you selling? When do you need to sell? Have you consulted your Lending Manger / Mortgage Broker to confirm the exit costs and process required to sell your property? Have you consulted your accountant to discuss any tax considerations?

The team at @ Real Estate are keen to help you with this decision, and offer a free market appraisal and pre sales consultation.

The Selling Process






Get to know each other and your property


Make an individual marketing plan together and complete form 6


Insure the property looks its best

@ Real Estate

Organise professional photos and write text

@ Real Estate

Book and upload marketing property goes live on the internet

@ Real Estate

Available for buyers to call anytime

@ Real Estate

Buyer match, Personally, Call / Email / Text qualified (ready to buy now) Buyers

@ Real Estate

Buyer Inspections


Discuss buyer feedback together, make any changes required – Weekly

@ Real Estate

Negotiate the highest fair market price possible

@ Real Estate

Prepare contract for sale

@ Real Estate

Arrange access for valuers, building and pest inspection


Stay in touch with buyers to ensure smooth settlement

@ Real Estate

Settlement congratulations

Preparing your home for sale Your property is usually just one in a very long list of properties a buyer will see, so it’s crucial that they see it in the best possible light. The presentation of a property will have a direct impact on its saleability. Your personal Property Consultant will be able to make suggestions and provide guidance to ensure your property is presented in the best light possible.

You may find our printable Open Home / Inspection / Photo Ready Check List helpful. ..pdf?dl=0

SET TO SELL WITHIN 30 DAYS If your property is presented, priced and marketed well you could expect the following level of interest in the first 7 days o o o o o

Internet traffic of 1,500 hits or more Internet enquires 3 5 groups through open home 3 enquires from ad or sign 2 private inspections

The above results are typical of a property that sells within 30 days of listing. Generally, the most interest and highest fair market value is achieved when a property is first listed.

Staging Remember you are selling a lifestyle; buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the property. Buyers will often have a different perspective or image of the property from you the vendor, to bridge this gap it is helpful to clearly demonstrate how each space within the property may be used, by displaying furniture and decorating each space or zone to clearly show the properties maximum potential. If the property is empty, tenanted or maybe your furniture is just a little outdated there are a couple of options; Option 1 Professional staging Option 2 Staged images

It is also recommended that you obtain a building and pest report, which can be provided to potential buyers. This not only makes your home more appealing to buyers but also may eliminate the need for the contract of sale to be subject to building and pest report and making it more likely to go though. Contact the team @ Real Estate for more information about preparing your home for sale.

Frist Impressions First impressions are vital in the process of selling your home so it is important that when organising your property for sale you remember these factors so your property is presented perfectly: -

Clean and Tidy De – clutter Interior Staged High Quality photos

Inspection photo ready check list Preparation Inside o Clean out and de-clutter, the less stuff in your home the bigger and cleaner it will appear o Clean kitchen benches, storage and appliances inside and out and remove magnets from fridges/freezers o Put away personal items including family photos o Clean bathrooms including, consider re caulking if needed o Clean light fittings and check or replace light bulbs o Clean walls, skirting, light switches, furniture and remove cobwebs, hand prints, dust etc. o Clean windows and was window furnishings o Clean mirrors o Clean carpets and polish timeber floors o Ensure all lamps and lights are working and switched on o Open curtains and blinds o Ensure over head cabnits lights work and are turned on o Clear beneath all beds o Remove all personal Items from bathrooms

Outside Mow the lawn and clean of any weeks, palm leaves etc. Trim overgrown shrubbery Weed gardens and lawn Mulch gardens Presser clean exterior of home, sheds, paths and driveways etc OR sweep away any light dirt o Clean pool and sheds etc and remove and excess hoses/cleaning equipment/rubbish

o o o o o

Remember o First impressions count. Buyers are not just buying your home but also your location; o If any neighboring properties have over grown lawn, consider offering to mow it yourself or contact council with the address and they will have it mowed o Are street signs clearly visible and in good order o Do you have unwanted pests such as mosquitoes or a barking dog next door, consider talking to your neighbors or contact council Livingstone shire (07) 4913 5000 Email: o Check your home for any safety hazards and rectify them.

Inspection photo ready check list Day of inspection / open home or photo shoot o Quick clean, ensure kitchen, bathrooms and floors are spotless

o Secure Valuables, including tech devices, prescription drugs, weapons, bills, keys, jewelry etc. o Climate control - open windows or turn on air conditioning or light a fire depending on the weather o Empty bins o Remove pets and their belongings o Remove personal items from bathroom o Make sure toilet seat is down o Make beds o Put toys away o Remove blankets and cleaning equipment from pool o Remove hanging tea towels in kitchen o Neatly arrange new towels in bathroom o If you have built in media system turn it on o Fluff pillows and cushions o Open blinds and curtains o Turn on lights o Burn a scented candle or make some coffee o Hide dirty laundry—take it with you in the car if you have to o Display fresh flowers or fresh fruit in the kitchen o Remove cars, trailers, boats and caravans from lawns, driveways and nature strip

Remember The camera will pick up anything out of place or a different colour, making it important to remove shampoo bottles from shower, tea towels and magnets from fridges.

Choose Your Real Estate Agent When you and your property are ready to sell, you will need to choose the best Real Estate Agent for you to work with to achieve the best result. A good sale agent will be professional, listen and understand your situation, create an action plan tailored to your requirements, fully support you and provide you with the tools, information and regular feedback to assist you to make important decisions about the sale of your property.

Create a Plan Your Property Consultant will work closely with you to create a plan to promote your property to potential buyers. There are generally 4 categories of buyers; Passive Buyer – This buyer is not actively looking but passively notices real estate though print media, agent sign boards. Active Buyer – This buyer invests a lot of time and energy on media particularly online portals and is very data driven. Local Buyer- This buyer lives local, eats local and buys local always skimming though the local paper. Out of Town Buyer – This buyer may live interstate, overseas and uses the internet as their primary search tool. Making it vital to utilize a wide range of media to promote your property. The better your property is promoted the more interested buyers you will have and of course the better the result.

Facts you need to know First impressions are important In creating the buyer’s perception of the property and its value. In today’s world of digital and print marketing it is vital to have high quality photos and floor plans. Leading industry experts recommend investing 1% of the valued of the home on advertising. The wider spread the marketing the higher the interest created. -

86% of potential buyers use the internet as their main tool to search for property. 53% of people don’t go past the first page when searching for property online. 81% of newspaper readers look at the real estate section of their newspaper and 68% of them have acted on something they have seen in their local newspaper property section in the past three months, by then viewing online, talking about it, driving past or attended an open home.









WEEKS ON THE MARKET Top dollar by Andrew Winter Attraction Agent 3 by Tom Panos

Home Sale Budget

Put Your Plan into Action This is the time when buyers will start to inspect your property and your Real Estate Agent will provide feedback. @ Real Estate provides vendors with 2 types of feedback; 1. A weekly report measuring the level of interest received against the level of interest expected and required to achieve the desired result. 2. Feedback from the buyers who have enquired about and / or inspected the property. Make sure your home is easily accessible, by providing your Property Consultant with a key and keep the property inspection ready.

Negotiation and signing the contract The negation of the sale, may not only include the sale price, but may also include other conditions such as building and pest inspections and finance clauses as well as settlement periods and more. Once all terms are agreed upon @ Real Estate will arrange an REIQ contact to be signed by all parties and a copy will be provided to both you and your solicitor.

Cooling Off Period From the day the buyer receives a fully signed contract the five working days cooling off period begins. This gives the buyer the right to terminate the contract for any reason, even an unconditional contract. A penalty of 0.25% of the purchase price may be charged by the seller.

Unconditional Contract This is a contract of sale without any conditions or a contract of sale where all conditions are met. The five day cooling off period still applies.

Unconditional Contract Once all of the conditions on the contract such as the building and pest inspection and finance clauses have been satisfied the contract becomes unconditional.

Settlement Day Congratulations!!! Settlement day is generally 30 to 90 days after the contract date, as agreed to on the contract. This is when you the vendor hands over transfer documents and the buyer pays the contract price and takes position of the keys and property.

Moving Checklist 4 to 6 Weeks Before Move o o o o o o

Make a date to move and arrange time off work if possible Will your new home have access for large appliances and furniture? Are there stairs? Will you use professionals or Do It Yourself furniture removals? Plan ahead, Clean up and get rid of junk Start to use all the food in your freezer to prevent waist Check your insurance

2 Weeks Before Move Arrange for disconnection and reconnection of electricity, Gas, Telephone and water Cancel newspapers, cleaning and gardening services, pet grooming etc. Return items like library books and be sure you’ve picked up any dry cleaning Book professional cleaners if necessary Pack a small box of items you’ll need for immediate use in your new home such as a change of clothes, medicines, toilet paper, soap and towels o Pack another box with kitchen essentials for the move day such as a kettle, cutlery and snacks o Pack and label everything

o o o o o

The day before Move o Make or confirm key collection arrangements o Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer

Moving Day o o o o

Do a final check of all storage area Check that all doors and windows are securely locked as you leave your old home Be sure to keep all valuables, personal effects and important papers with you Unpack bedding and make up beds as soon as possible

Moving Checklist These people or organisations need to know that you are moving; o Accountant o Banks o Cleaner o Credit Cards o Dentist o Doctor o Driver’s License and vehicle registration o Electoral Rolls – State and federal o Electricity and Gas companies o Employer/s o Friends / Family o Finance company o Health fund o Gardener o Insurance provider including, house, car, boat, personal, life and income etc. o Internet Service Provider o Local council o Magazine subscriptions and newspaper deliveries o Pet Groomer o Pool Cleaner o Post office (arrange for mail to be redirected) o Schools, colleges or universities o Centre link o Solicitor o Sporting, social and service clubs o Superannuation fund o Tax office o Telephone company

Call the team @ Real Estate for a free appraisal or to create a plan to sell your home.

@ Real Estate Yeppoon 20B James Street Yeppoon 07 4819 9676

A Quick Guide To Selling Your House  
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