How to Write an Engaging Topic Sentence for Your Essay

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How to Write an Engaging Topic Sentence for Your Essay

A topic sentence is an important element of your essay that highlights the main point of the paragraph. When you decide that I have to ​write my essay​, having a strong topic sentence helps organize each paragraph and outline its basic information in a single sentence to make it easier for the reader to understand the overall point. It is similar to a movie trailer that gives the audience an idea of what to expect. Along with that, it sets the tone for the rest of the paragraphs, so make sure that you use proper phrases and examples to craft it. If there is no topic sentence, the reader assumes that the previous paragraph is being continued. Here’s how you can ensure to write a successful topic sentence for your essay. · ​The topic sentence is how you open each paragraph, so it is important that it isn’t vague or too complex to understand. Make sure that you have kept it simple enough for the reader to easily grasp the idea. · ​It should introduce the topic and your opinion on it without making it sound like an announcement. Here’s an example of what you should avoid “In this paragraph I will discuss what the causes of obesity are.” · ​Each topic sentence must relate to your overall thesis statement. You don’t want your body paragraphs to go off-track. · ​Don’t make your topic sentence too general or broad because you only discuss a single aspect of the topic in each paragraph. ·​


shouldn’t be too narrow or a fact that you don’t have enough information to elaborate on.

· ​Hook the reader with it and intrigue them to read further. You can achieve that by using emotion, describing an interesting detail about a character, present an interesting dialogue. ·​


it as a transition into a new paragraph. Keep it short and logical.

· ​You will need to provide evidence in your body paragraph to support the topic sentence, make sure that it is provable. If you are still having difficulty crafting strong and informative topic sentences, don’t panic. The option of seeking professional help is always available. There are several writing services online, who cater to all of your ​custom essays ​needs. It is better to get help when your grades are at stake!