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Bluecrux values bible Welcome to this ‘Bluecrux Values Bible’. This document describes and defines the values that are part of the Bluecrux identity. These values provide a guideline for how we want to interact, communicate, behave, make decisions, set up initiatives, manage clients and further grow our organization. In short, they are crucial for us and our clients to understand who we, as a company, are.


Aim high, touch base Let’s drive your ambitions

What is it? We want to bring out the best in ourselves as a person and in our colleagues and are not afraid to take on new initiatives and ambitious challenges. At the same time we foster a supportive environment that embraces feedback and reflection and we are realistic at what we can achieve.

How will it contribute to the success of Bluecrux? Growing as a company can only be achieved if everyone grows personally and in their role. By being ambitious we want to exceed clients expectations and make sure that the client enthusiasm works contagious on other potential clients. Being ambitious will also lead us to interesting work for ourselves and will create an environment that attracts high performing potential colleagues.

How it makes us different We aim to be a consulting partner that challenges our clients and doesn’t accept the status quo. On top of that, we apply a realistic and hands-on approach so we are not just designing fancy solutions that don’t work in practice but we develop the best and most realistic solution that can be implemented.

What behaviour fits this value? • • • • • •

Challenge yourself and others. Dare to propose new, creative and ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to clients and colleagues. Be honest and realistic. Apply a ‘can-do-attitude’. Try to look for opportunities rather than for problems. Deliver quality without too much ‘bla bla bla’. Being the down-to-earth-expert that has a co-creating approach with the client. Dare to be the expert but at the same time be humble, approachable and not arrogant.

What can I do? Me, personally •

• • •

Make a master plan. Where do you see yourself in 1, 3 or 5 years from now? Discuss these ambitions with your squad lead. This will help you to set ambitious targets and monitor if you are on track. Take time, during projects, to think about how you are approaching things. In between the operational day-to-day tasks, ask yourself if you can do things in a more efficient or more qualitative way. Keep your eye open for any commercial opportunities. You do not specifically need sales skills to ask some questions and check internally for help. Ask your squad lead what competencies you need to develop to take the next step in your career. Try asking other colleagues for input pro-actively. Try to understand the context in the most detail possible so you can develop something that is useable yet future-proof.

Me towards others: • • • •

Pro-actively ask feedback from others. Give direct feedback to others in the context of a project or in the general collaboration. Try taking part in internal projects. Look for ways to help colleagues but do not over-promise and say ‘no’ at the right time.

Guts for Glory Open-Minded & Futureproof

What is it? We believe that relying on models and numbers can go hand in hand with gut feeling. We dare to follow our instinct, be innovative, think ahead and challenge the client but at the same time make sure they shine.

How will it contribute to the success of Bluecrux? Growing as a company can only be achieved if we do not accept the status quo. Everyone can contribute to the Bluecrux story by delivering top quality for our clients and by daring to approach things in a different way.

How it makes us different We do not want to be the typical consulting firm, we want to develop solutions that ‘stick’. By daring to challenge ourselves and our clients and asking the right questions, we can become a trusted advisor and not propose off-the-shelf solutions if that doesn’t meet the requirements. We believe that this ‘attitude’ is something our clients appreciate as they believe it adds value on top of the inhouse supply chain expertise.

What behaviour fits this value? • • • •

Challenge each other on the typical way of working and try to come up with the best-fit solution for the client, even if it is unexplored territory. Dare to speak your mind and come up with new ideas. Be open for being challenged by others, even if they are less experienced. Show natural leadership and lead by example instead of relying on seniority only. Young and less experienced colleagues can also take the lead. Take responsibility for success but also for failure.

What can I do? Me, personally • • • •

Have a regular reflection moment to think about how you, your colleagues and your clients are working. Assess if this can be done in a more efficient or effective way. When in doubt, ask your squad lead or project lead to challenge you on your approach. This will help you to see some things in a different light. Accept a challenge and pro-actively ask your project lead where you can take the lead in. Ask your Squad Lead if you can participate in commercial initiatives.

Me towards others: • •

If you do not agree with something, dare to speak up. When there is a group decision after listening to everyone’s input, stick to that decision and move on to the next steps. During a meeting, give colleagues the room to provide input and ask questions.

A colourful tribe

Equally different, but act as one

What is it? We believe that there is room for everyone in the Bluecrux team to be themselves. We are all different but understand where we want to go to as a company and we never walk alone.

How will it contribute to the success of Bluecrux? Diversity boosts innovation. Putting different opinions and ways of working together makes sure we have a better result in the end. We want to create an environment where all types of talent can flourish and there is space to grow for everyone.

How it makes us different We have a flat organization which makes us different from other (bigger) consulting firms. We can adapt ourselves to the client because we have a lot of different profiles and approaches in our team.

What behaviour fits this value? • • • • •

Respect other opinions and characters. Understand that everyone is different. Be open for feedback and for collaboration. Give everyone the room to contribute and to take ownership. We consider how others feel. We focus on people’s strengths and try to use them to the full potential.

What can I do? Me, personally • • • • •

Get to know you colleagues from a work perspective but also in an informal way Regularly look at the Insights training and try to reflect on what it means for yourself and for the collaboration with others that might have different characters. Think about your own pitfalls and what it means for the collaboration with others Don’t always try to be right. Understand that others have the right to have their own opinion and that compromises might be necessary. Communicate clearly to your Squad and Project Lead what you like to do and what you feel you are really good at.

Me towards others: • • •

Give everyone the room to contribute to internal projects and to client projects. Everyone’s opinion is valuable. If you have a frustration about a team member, take them aside and talk about it in a constructive way. Make sure that at the start of every internal and external project there is a kick-off meeting to make clear agreements on how to collaborate with colleagues and/or clients.

Jamming for Jazz

Organised freedom

What is it? We breathe dynamism and interaction. In team we give room to people to improvise and look for original and different approaches and to check what works well and what doesn’t. We believe lifelong learning is important, both within and outside the field of supply chain & operations and we can only achieve that by thinking outside the box and giving people the freedom to explore.

How will it contribute to the success of Bluecrux? We want to grow our business by growing individually and by further expanding, improving and building our offering towards clients. Doing what we already know will only bring us so far. We need new and interesting ideas and initiatives to further develop ourselves, our services and our product.

How it makes us different We are innovative and we think ahead! By not just relying on what we already know but thinking outside the box we rely on our existing expertise but also provide new ways of looking at traditional processes and methods. We believe this is a crucial element that enables us to be a trusted advisor for our clients.

What behaviour fits this value? • • • •

New ideas are embraced. Everyone has the possibility to improvise from time to time and propose new and exciting ideas. Feedback is always considered. We try new things but admit when something is not really working well.

What can I do? Me, personally • • • •

Take part in R&D initiatives within and outside your own squad. Propose new ways of working pro-actively. Think outside the box. Once in a while, take some time to reflect and be creative. If you see something new at the client side, ask for more details and try to capture the details.

Me towards others: •

• •

Understand that not every new initiative will be perfect from the start. Give new things a chance and think together about improving it instead of complaining that it is not perfect yet. If you have new ideas or something to share, please flag it to us. Others might be interested to learn as well! XXX

No ties, just smiles

Consultancy beyond boundaries

What is it? We are not the external consultants that enter the clients office in suit and tie. We have a personal approach to clients and foster a pleasant working environment that is professional but, at the same time, with enough room for fun. We believe it is important to also connect with your colleagues on an informal and personal level.

How will it contribute to the success of Bluecrux? Towards our (potential) team members we want to be recognized as an attractive employer that provides individual growth and development opportunities, blended with fun. We believes this enables us to attract top talent for further growing our business.

How it makes us different Towards clients we distinguish ourselves from competitors by applying a personal and less formal approach. We are experts in what we do but at the same time are pleasant to work with.

What behaviour fits this value? • •

Be approachable for everyone in the organization. Be open and supportive towards your colleagues.

What can I do? Me, personally • • • •

Take 5 minutes for a coffee in the morning and discuss how your weekend was with some colleagues Participate in a few initiatives outside working hours (OLAF,…) If you feel demotivated or unhappy with a situation, flag it as soon as possible to your mentor, squad lead, team lead or HR. XXX

Me towards others: • • • •

Take time to get to know your colleagues Be friendly to everyone you meet internally but also at the clients side. Do not forget to give a compliment once in a while when someone did a great job! If you see someone struggling with work or with a situation, try to check how you can help them.

TEMPLATE Internal vs external Is this a value that is more actionable from an internal point of view or towards our clients? What is it? Definition of the value and the value ‘slogan’ How will it contribute to the success of Bluecrux? Explain how we make sure this value contributes to the overall Bluecrux strategy How it makes us different Explain how we are different from the ‘typical consulting firm’ our clients typically work with. How will we make sure they choose Bluecrux for (future) collaborations? What behaviour fits this value 5-8 bullet points with generic behaviours. What can I do? 8-10 concrete action points colleagues can take to make sure they are showing the right behaviour.

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