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Basic Info -Based in Maimi,FL -Medium Sized (250 people) -Multicultural Agency of the Year (‘13,’15,’17)

Contact Info Mariana Sokolowski (Mgr-Creative People & Creative Ops) Michelle Muzea-Jones (Director of Talent)

Favorite Campaigns - Corona (Beer of Summer) - Converse (Who I Am) - Ministry of Tourism (5 places you should go) Why? I really appreciate that this company is not only multicultural but also multi-lingual. It allows each of their team members to learn about differnt cultures. I appreciate that their work reflects the ide of diversity.

Favorite Campaigns - Jersey Shore (Its Animated Bitch) - Stella Artois & New York Times - Expedia: Discover Your Aloha - Bloomberg Why? What I appreciate about this agency is that it is not just basic advertising. As someone who doesnt do the typical kind of work all the time, I like to get out of the norm. I also like that is very small and personal making the work even better.

Basic Info -Based in Brooklyn, NY -VERY SMALL (50 people) -Pretty new to the game (Started in January 2010) -More Branded Entertainment

Contact Info Erin DeBarber (Head of Operations) Todd Griffin (Partner & Head of Accounts)

Basic Info -New York, New York -International agency with over 20 worldwide. -Full service agency -Loves different foods

Contact Info Spencer Black (Director, Creative & Design) Melody Benjamin (Sr. Recruiter, Creative Talent)

Favorite Campaigns -Whirhlpool (Connect to Care) - Maytag (whats inside) - Taco Bell (Blackout) Why? Unlike the mustache agency, I apprecaite that this is a traditional agency with a fun environment. I like that food is a big part of the culture and that being able to have creative freedom in a corportate settig is important. And of course who deosnt love a unicorn as a logo?

Favorite Campaigns - LG - Zelle - Nike Why? What I like about Huge, is that yes its a traditional agency but its also a busy typical New York kind of agency. I appreciate the aesthetic with its bright colors. I like it is all hustle and bustle complimenting the bright lights and colors of the city. It’s honestly every AD school kids dream.

Basic Info -Based in Brooklyn, NY -LARGE (500+ employees) -They have a mental health blog. -Full service agency.

Contact Info Marlena Edwards (Managing Director,Talent) Jennifer Rafford (Group VP, Talent)

Basic Info -New York, New York -Extra Large Agency (2000+) -Creatively Driven -Full Service Agency -International

Contact Info Cristina Falgione (Recruiter) Courteney Walsh (Senior Recruiter)

Why? I appreciate RGA for many other reasons other than their twitter page. They are cutting edge and always thinking about the next big thing in every aspect, most notably technology. I may not be a creative technologist but I appreciate the craft and being part of that process to further the world.

Favorite Campaigns - Verizon (Call Mom) - eBay Fashion - Bubly (Crack a Smile) -LIFEWTR

Favorite Campaigns - Dunkin Donuts (Cappu-chinos) - Fed Ex (What we Deliver....) - Bacardi (Dance Floor) -Mountain Dew (Dewy Rider 2.0) Why? I really enjoy this agency because of the extensive amount of work that they do. I think it would be cool to be at a big agency where you get to meet lost of people and really have a plethora of people to collaboarte with.

Basic Info -New York, New York -Largest Agency in Country -Global Network -Older agency (over 80 years)

Contact Info Laura Stroup SVP, Director of Talent) Carolyn Davis (Creative Director)

Basic Info -New York, New York -100% independent -As old as me (est. 1996) - Large (500+) -4 offices worldwide.

Contact Info Paul Malmstrom (Mgr-Creative Direction & Mgmt) Erik Norin (Creative Director)

Favorite Campaigns - Stella Artois (Change Up the Usual) - Pride 2018 (Blood is Blood) - Target Everyday Why? This agency if a little fish in a big pond with an even bigger reputation. They are a little more silent on the social front but their work speaks columes which I really appreciate. Also I like that they delve outside of typical advertising.

Why? Advertising should not only be about the products we are tryin to sell but also on how to change the world as we know it. I think it would be nice knowing that I am helping to make the world a better place, not just sell something to you.

Basic Info -New York, New York -Tight nit -Part of the bigger FCB agency -Committed to a healther world.

Contact Info Nia Tran (Manager, Talent Acquisition) Erica Turner (AssociateCreative Director)

Basic Info -Based in Tampa, FL -Small (80 people in house) -Focused more on creative

Contact Info Nick McMurdy (Creative Director) Dustin Tamilio (Creative Director)


Why? Ive always wondered what it would be like to work at a smaller agency and have a more tight knit group of people around you. I think it would be different for me and maybe I need more connection with others.

Favorite Campaigns - Big Cat Rescue - Tires Plus -Florida Aquarium

Favorite Campaigns - Krystal (Stupid Good) - Costa Rica (Save the Americans) -Shoe Carnival (Show em’ whatcha got) Why? Not only are these guys a little more smaller but they are absolutely focused on the creative atmosphere alog with keeping their employees happy and wanting to stay. I also appreciate their internship program as praised by friends of mine.

Basic Info -Tampa, Florida -Employee Owned -Smaller Agency -Independent and personal to the people working there

Contact Info Garen Boghosian (Associate Director,Creative) Luke Sokolewicz (Senior Copywriter)

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For Professor Hall Career Strat 461 FINAL PROJECT