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Natica textile designer

Natalia Visbal, Graphic designer, masters in textile and surface design from Ied Madrid, lover of the simplicity in design, artwork and illustrations inspired by ethnic groups and tribes, the urban natural look, stress to activate yourself and others, Scandinavian designs, design blogs, chocolate cake, background music,alternative medicine, interesting and complex minds, traveling the real and virtual world, photography, typography,fibers, textures and patterns.

Pattern Design Collection of patterns done manually with stamps and watercolors for the brand “Iou project� which is based in artisan production and craftsmanship. Madrid, February 2012vv

Pattern Design Collection of patterns done with various manual techniques and computer design programs for fashion and home textiles. Madrid, 2012

Textile Design

Project seeking to enrich the cultural values of African tribes through the creation of an identity systems applied to complementary pieces for home decoration such as pillows, lamps, and looms through silkscreen printing techniques. Barranquilla, Colombia November 2010


Tableware design project done in collaboration with the portuguese company Vista Alegre. Madrid, April 2012


Basic identity design for a young feminine and delicate women’s jewerly brand Barranquilla Colombia, March 2011

Branding for a brand inspired by african cultures and whose core values were the handmade producion and the role that women play in their society. Barranquilla Colombia, January 2011 .

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