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Our School in Greece!

The outside ď‚— Our school is blue, white and yellow on the outside.

And at the blue, red and green playground It has two main entrances. Children use the pedestrian street entrances. Also it has tree and benches

The classes  Indoor has 18 classes (1’,2’,3’,4’,5’,6’,ICT class, English

class, teachers office ,drama class, afternoon class and a special teachers education class)

The cantina ď‚— Also the cantina has orange ,dark pink and blue

color ,it has food (pizza, fridge ,bread ,) ď‚— It also has colorful pedestrians street and one dark red door.

ICT class and teachers office ď‚— At ICT class has 14 black computers, is white, yellow

and pale blue. ď‚— At teachers office 6 desks, a big room for our head teacher, the walls are painted yellow, white and pastel.

The English class and our class ď‚— At the English class has blue, white, yellow and dark

blue walls, 14 desks and 1 teachers desk. ď‚— In our class ( 6th grade ) we have 24 pupils, 13 desks, 2 teachers desks, we have a white board, the walls are painted yellow, white, pastel and pale blue.

Special education class and afternoon class! ď‚— At special teacher education class has 10 desks, it is

colorful and it has 1 teachers desk.In the afternoon class has 15 desks ,2 theachers desks and a white board.

Greaded of: Thalia Greek3 Natalia Greek1

Our school in greece!  

The 6th Grade work and make the e-book for our school in Greece.

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