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The Giant Skeletons

Do you know about giant people? Firstly, I want to tell you an interesting experience about this topic. Some years ago in Northern India the National Geographic team discovered group a graves of giant skeletons with a kind of table with written messages. It said the giant people were created by mythological Gods to save the world. The giant people were strong, tall and powerful. Thanks to their features, they could bring order to humanity where these tribes lived with abundance, peace and harmony. Then, everything changed for cruel tyranny, war, death and desolation. As a result, the giants turned against the Gods. Consequently, the giants were destroyed by Shiva (an important God). With reference to giant skeletons, the Indian government does not allow to access this area. It is isolated and only ¨Nat Geo¨ can be there. By the way, Nat Geo thinks that these skeletons belong to Indians and they have respected this finding. Photos as evidence are impressive comparing actual size of human with those giants. By, Luisa Ballesteros.


Rituals in Gambling

At first talk about the mystery that is generated in the casinos, these are: Rituals in Gambling, By the way, different people is perform different types of rituals and lucky symbols in order to get favorable results, For example: Chinese people were probably the first culture of talking about the concepts of chance and luck with destiny. The Sumerians and Assyrians used a heel bone taken from animals known or talus, which were carved so that they fell into in your different positions. This text aims to see now the rituals in gambling are symbolically important to the individual and modern society. In the first place, people do all sorts of things at casinos, some quite bizarre in hopes of winning big amounts of money, some players still intelligent too who practice these rituals every time that they visit a casino. A bathing with lucky herbal soaps is very common. Other ritual amulets are widely used, before being given to the user, they are blessed and prayed by the same people who sell, and so people are protected while accompanied by good luck. At first, bringing in a doll, teddy bear or a stuffed toy to the casino is also considered to be very lucky; as well some players believe that if they talk, fondle or kiss a slot machine, it will make them win the jack pot. Other players tap the right side of their video poker machine before they hit the deal button. In conclusion, the rituals in gambling show that the human needs to believe in fate, this is a very human need. There are currently various paraphernalia or beliefs about good luck or bad luck. This is neither good or bad, I just shows that modern society are not rational as we think, the human will always believe in superstitions, as it is very as the vice of gambling, paraphernalia is different from, and depends on the person. By: Juliรกn David Poveda


The creation of a superior race

In the initial period of the Soviet Union, where carried out incredible experiments and blood transfusions. This fact occurred in Eurasia (Eurasia is a continent made up of the Europe and Asia.) even if, this started more exactly in Russia. To begin with, facts like crosses between men and apes, Fixation of conditioned reflexes in the genes, blood renovation through blood transfusions and artificial insemination with sperm from gifted men. All this started a dark, fear and uncertainty period because different human races presumably understood as superior and this create species to have more control over humanity. In addition, everything seemed possible in that brief space of time, until the creation of monsters with brain, unique features and resuscitation of death All in all, these events left a negative balance of things for humanity as malformations in humans, War like world war two, Political dissent, Death, Psychological change in the vision, Racism and Damage in the people and their lives around the world. By: Victoria ramos rengifo


The mystery of the crop circles

You might have listened about geometrical figures in the middle of crops. This article is about it. Basically these figures are drawings that appear in crops like, wheat, sweet corn, grass and similar crops. The most common are crop circles only appear at night. The phenomenon began in 1976, when the first circle was found in Winchester United Kingdom. Later, People found other crop circles in Germany, New Zeeland, United States, Switzerland and in South America as well. In many ways these crop circles were created during spring and summer before harvest in many parts of the world. Immediately after the first crop circle was discovered, people started to explain the mystery by mean of some theories like, the paranormal theory, the human theory and the weather theory. People are agree with the paranormal theory think that it has mystic and religious messages. Although, the difficultly degree of crops drawing is too high, some people think that it was created by human. It is known like the human theory. There is a strange theory about weather; some people have suggested crop circles are result of extraordinary meteorological phenomenon like, raining from tornadoes, thunder or storms. Despite of these theories, there are other facts to consider. First, often the plants all point in the same direction. Second, the heads of stems all point in the same direction of the clockwise and Third the complexity of each crop circle is impossible to make in only one night. Finally the meaning of the crop circles is not clear because there are a lot of theories that can be correct but there is not consensus around one of them; additionally there are thousands of lost crops that can feed many people around the world. For these reasons it is considered a world mystery. By: Natalia Parra Estrada

Scarlet Witch


Witchcraft, in historical, anthropological, religious, and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical power. Historically, it was widely believed in early modern Christian Europe that witches were in league with the Devil and used their powers to harm people and property. Particularly, since the mid-20th century, "bad" and "good" witchcraft are sometimes distinguished, the latter often involving healing. The concept of witchcraft as harmful is normally treated as a cultural ideology, means of explaining human misfortune by blaming it either on a supernatural entity or a known person in the community. Beliefs in witchcraft, and resulting witch-hunts, are both found in many cultures worldwide today mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa and historically notably in Early Modern Europe of the 14th to 18th century, where witchcraft came to be seen as a vast diabolical conspiracy against Christianity, and accusations of witchcraft led to large-scale witch-hunts, especially in German Europe. The "witch-cult hypothesis", a controversial theory that European witchcraft was a suppressed pagan religion, was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since the mid-20th century, Witchcraft has become the self-designation of a branch of neopaganism, especially in the Wicca tradition following Gerald Gardner, who claimed a religious tradition of Witchcraft with preChristian roots. By: Claudia Sofia Segura



Atlantis was a legendary island located between the Aegean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis was one of the most advanced cultures of its time. It was a lighthouse of knowledge for American and African civilizations. The Atlantis technology was used to build weapons like warships. By the way, the Atlantis’ architecture was used to build temples and palaces in the Mayan civilization. Although, Many philosophers think that Atlantis was destroyed by a battle between Zeus and Poseidon . Others philosophers think that Atlantis was destroyed by the arrogance of Atlantes. For one thing, atlantes were beginning to conquer North Africa, Europe and they tried to conquer Greece and Egypt. Gods decided to punish the Atlantes for its arrogance and pride with a tsunami. Finally, nobody knows whether Atlantis existed or whether it is just a myth. Scientists say that an island like Atlantis never existed. Likewise, philosophers say that Atlantis existed but in a different place like in Mediterranean Sea. Personally, I think that there was a civilization superior to all. Maybe, We could find it someday. By: Edward Garzon Romero



MAGIC Magic is a knowledge which has the ability to physically alter the laws of nature. It also uses rituals where words are used, instruments dedicated to the intervention of supernatural entities. Magic can be used by witchcraft, illusionism, shamanism, vodoo, black magic, etc. Not only the magic is used for this, it is also used in various rituals such as the invocation and evocation.Before, the magic was related to ancient fertility rites. Magicians or socerers were a healers and connoisseurs of the invisible world of spirits. They were important in the community. ILLUSIONISM It is a performing art and spctacle of skill and ingenuity that artificially produces wonderful effects and unexplained appearance while the cause that produces them is unknown. These effects (disappearance, transformations, unions, mind reading, etc). Apparently make the impossible reality. The illusionism can be used with coins, cards, animals and types of effects are mentalism, teleportation and levitation. The magic and the illusionism are a way of does art, but the magic can involve satanic rituals, dark magic, hurt people phsycally or psychologically and cause death. Zatanna is a beautiful Illusionist, alquimist and magician. She doing part of “Justice League� and the traditional method of doing incantations to talk using words and phrases in reverse. Zatanna can control the four elements such are fire, earth, air and water. Besides her career as hero, she is also a remarkable actress. She usually suffers amnesia after making a powerfull spell By: Lina Maria Bohorquez


The inverted cross

First of all,in the year 64,the romans crucified St.Peter in rome,but he asked the romans crucified him with the head down,because he believed that he was not honorable to die like a cross also he said he was not worthy to have the privilege to die like jesus.Anyway,in that year St.Peter die in an inverted cross as a sigh of humilty.All this information is available in the acts of Tertullian the 2nd century and for Origen of Alexandria.Origen said:�St.Peter was crucified in Rome with his head down as he liked to die�. The inverted cross became tobe a symbol of St.Peter.He was the first pope because he received from jesus the supreme legal authority.Then,for this reason, the inverted cross is a main symbol of the catholic church .Inmediately this generated controversy when the misinformed peoplesaw the image in which the pope JohnPaul2,appered sat in a chair with the inverted cross in the back .Quickly,began to circulate the idea that the pope was the Antichrist,while this symbol represented the legacy of St.Peter,this symbol is used in satanic rituals,because the satanics use this symbol to ridicule the catholic church,in their black mass,they try to ridiculethe catholic massand frecuently they change the order of their ceremonies .Also,they desecrate the christian symbols specially the cross,they usually turn round a crucifix with the image of jesus,rotating his head downwards ,leaving of this manneran inverted cross but in this case this symbolis used as blasfemy and as aversion of jesus,the christianity.Whereareas the people believe that the inverted cross is a satanic symbol,because they have a wrong idea of this symbol.l magic. But she has always remained as one of the most important super heroes of the Justice League. By: Cristian Munoz.



Stonehenge is a megalithic monument, it was built around 3000 a.C, in the paleothic (Bronze age), near of Amesbury and Warminster (England). It was build with big rectangular stones, tidy in circles that make horizontal structures. The structure megalithic are made of sarsen. This –monument is formed a circle of 30 vertical stones, 30 horizontal stones and the into five big archs like horseshoes. The big mistery of Stonehenge is hidden in their big stones , because it has a form of temple or something like that .However, there are many theories of astrologist and archaeologist that look for the solution for this enigma. All in all, a man Geoffrey de Moninouth around of 1136 says that the monument has been carried until Irland by the Magician Merlin. But, now the science met archeological remains of cremations and radioactives that conclude that the monument has been built around 1800 a.C and in this age the Magician Merlin had not been born yet. Mike parker Pearson a British archaeologist thinks that the monument was built like a holy place for the ancestor. In conclution,Now people say that Stonehenge was a temple, because this monument is aligned with the sun in the summer, it indicates that Stonehenge was used to predict is a calendar to predict arriving of the season in the country people. By: Natalia Parra Estrada

Iron man

The The end of the World

In the first place, we know that humanity is looking for the truth and the light, we are searching to be in a better place where love and peace reigns, outside of the evil man and his war machine, where the Justice, forgiveness and big cheerful reigns, while the world thinks of fashion styles, vanities, dirt and selfish acts with great touches of pride, the end of the world is coming. There are many theories about it, like the renowned climate change by Reinhard Stindl, doctor of University of Vienna he said at the end of this century it is possible that greenhouse gases have been bent and that the global temperature increased 2 degrees. This is really hot, because it could alter the climate in many regions and there will be global famine, migrations and conflicts over resources or the famous Mayas prediction 21 December 2012, it talks about the change of the sun from east to west. Furthermore the hercolumbus in 2014, it is a big planet that it is coming to destroy or it nuclear war also known like Armageddon, the lord Garden , Marshal of the British Air Force tell this could destroy human civilization but time has passed. There are three potential nuclear care today: Middle East, India, Pakistan and North Korea. Of these, North Korea is the most worrying, because it has a very large army with good gunmen, who could start a war by accident besides theories like massive epidemics, black hole, super volcanoes etc. However, Hans Moravec, a research professor at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh thinks that the robots will be more powerful than humans, currently they are below the lower range of vertebrate complexity, but it could reach in 2050, brain power like humans, with capable of making your decision. Also the scientists say that United states of America will have heavy snow and Europa will have icy cold, Germany, France, England they going to be in Canada, the sun will set at its maximum level and there will be great droughts, wars for the water, the stars in the heaven will fall, by the way I was researching and I met with someone that He said me, heaven and earth will pass away but My word shall not pass, which word? The Holy Bible is based on the eternal, faithful and true God, it talks about past, present and future. You can find answers to your questions, He promises that If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved because then If you believe in Jesus, you are going to be safe from the end of the world and all its troubles, Nevertheless he who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. The Bible tells that a man with all power of the world a capitalist maybe, requires that all both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave will have marked and that no one can buy or sell except the marked and force everyone to worship his statue. There will be a war, ending in the Armageddon conducted by bad men, likely with war machines, robots and nuclear arms, after the ocean and land will removed and the end, Jesus Christ are going to come like lightning, Jesus going to shines from east to west, and everyone will see that Jesus comes with his great power and glory and He will join his elect, who were not marked and despised his life unto death later we will sit together with him for eternity and He will dry all the tear and there will not be death, crying or pain for the former things have passed away and He will do everything again. By: Josue Cadena

human torch

spontaneous human combustion

There have always been stories about men and women brutally achieved by an “invisible fire”, reducing people to ashes while all around them remain intact. This phenomenon is called “Spontaneous human combustion”, incineration cases of living people without an apparent external source of ignition. Although there are many theories that try to explain it, the main position is skeptical about its existence. Through history, there have been reported over 200 cases, many of which were investigated by the police, taking photographic records in the most recent events. The first occurred in 1470 to Mr. Polonus Vorstius in Italy, while the latter happened this year (2011) in Ireland, where Mrs. Elizabeth McLaughlin died incinerated with none apparent reason. To discuss about the theories that have been created to explain it, in the 13th century the most obvious explanation was the divine punishment: fire sent by God. However, with the development of science, new ideas have emerged, being the simplest usually referred to a neglect of the person, who falling asleep with a cigarette in the hand, started a combustion on himself, and clothes or alcohol level in the blood acted as an accelerant. The problem is that these reasons do not explain how the fire could reach such temperature to transform the body to ashes, as even in the crematories, which handle temperatures of 700°C to 1000°C, have to grind the remain bones. How is it possible to develop such temperatures indoors without destroying the entire place? One explanation, given in 1998 by one BBC investigation team, was the “wick effect” hypothesis, that suggest that a small external flame source, such a burning cigarette, plus the clothes on the victim, could split the human skin and release the subcutaneous fat, which is absorbed into the burned cloth, acting, at time, like a fuel for the combustion, as a wick. This experiment was performed with a pig's body wrapped in a blanket soaked with gasoline. After a while, the temperature was regularly measured, reaching the 800°C. As the fire burned the skin of the pig, the subcutaneous fat melting, flowing into the blanket. The furniture around it did not suffer damage, but the plastic casing of a television near to it melted. The fire had to be manually turned off after seven hours, when a part of the pig's body had been reduced to ashes; still, the damage seen on a real spontaneous combustion is always worse. Finally, this enigma has been a topic approached by the literature, authors such as Mark Twain (Life to Mississippi) or Charles Dickens (Bleak house) wrote about this phenomenon, not like “spontaneous combustion”, but as a possibility that could happen, often referring to the person as a “human hearth”. Either way, this mystery still exists and, in the same way, theories that try to explain it, but finally, the enigma survives. By: Jaime Eduardo Garzon Alfonso


The Reincarnation

The reincarnation is a mystery that believes in the soul and body as two separate beings. In other words, after the body dies, the soul takes another body to continue living. In general, the soul can reincarnate into a human, animal or plant. This belief existed since ancient times in religions such as Hindu, Greek, Egyptian and Roman. Although, currently Asian cultures are those that believe in reincarnation. Part of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other Western and African religions also accept reincarnation as part of their doctrine. There are different theories about why the soul reincarnates, one of them is the soul needs to learn different lessons on Earth, while in Asian cultures, called dharma; it is believed that the soul is reincarnated in an endless circle until it can be released by their good deeds. For example, Hinduism believes that the soul, called "atman", is immortal, whereas the body is born and dies, also the body in which the soul is reborn depends on good or bad deeds done in previous reincarnations, this is called karma while Buddhism does not accept reincarnation and does not believe that there is a soul or spirit, but says that a new individual appears depending on the actions of a previous life; Christianity and Judaism, as Buddhism, do not officially accept any form of reincarnation, but unlike Buddhism, Christianity thinks that the reincarnation goes against the doctrine. Though some religions do not accept reincarnation as part of their doctrine, all in different ways, have with a sample of his belief about reincarnation, the most notorious is Christianity because it does not accept reincarnation but it believes in the resurrection. In my view there is reincarnation but some people refuse it that because it would cause great controversy in its doctrine.

By: Angelica Paola Pachon

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