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Guide to NHHS


Welcome to NHHS! Norges Handelshøyskoles Studentforening (NHH Student Association) has existed since 1936 and is now one of Norway`s most active student organizations. In NHHS there is room for everybody and for every interest. Everything NHHS does is based on student enthusiasm, building of leadership and professional skills, and voluntary work. International students are most welcome to take part in the wide variety of student groups and activities that NHHS offers. Many NHHS activities take place in the basement of the school, which is well known throughout Bergen. With several rooms and bars the total capacity is 1000 people. Most international parties will take place in Klubben, which is the main bar where students meet after a long day of studying. Several activities like pub quiz, movie nights and sport events take place in Klubben as well. Klubben is famous for its great student atmosphere and cheap drinks. The different NHHS groups are divided into: Underutvalg (Subcommittees) which are necessary groups for the union to be able to maintain its high level of activity. There are 26 different subcommittees, and these are directly connected to NHHS and Kjernestyret (the Executive Board) judicially and financially.

Interessegruppene (interest groups) which are more loosely tied to NHHS. Every group has their own activity that they focus on. There are several song and dance groups in the basement; some groups focus on more serious topics like conferences and the school curriculum, while others are groups for different sports activities. is the website of the student association. Here you can see which events are coming up. This leaflet is your guide in the NHHS-jungle. The groups which also use English are marked with a globe. If you have any questions, see the contact information inside the leaflet or on the last page.

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We hope you will enjoy your stay at NHH and in NHHS!


Guide to NHHS

Welcome from KS, IC and MEBA

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Dear student - welcome to NHHS! Some of you will stay only for one semester, some of you for your whole masters degree, but hopefully all of you will have the pleasure of experiencing Norway’s most active, energetic, and vibrant student association. NHHS has something for everyone!

Welcome to NHHS! The International Committee (IC) is a subcommittee of the student association, established to make sure that the exchange students attending NHH get an enjoyable stay in Bergen. The IC is responsible for organizing the Welcome Week, as well as other social events throughout the semester, such as theme parties, dinners, cabin trip and much more. In addition to that, IC is also an important link between the exchange students at NHH, and the Norwegian students. During the semester the IC will make sure that the exchange students are well informed about happenings at NHH campus and in Bergen in general.

Velkommen til NHHS! The MEBA Council organizes a range of exciting activities for all master students in International Business, Marketing and Brand Management, and Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment programs, with the final goal being creating opportunities both in Norway and abroad for NHH students. We also act as representatives for these students both academically and within NHHS. Basically, our aim is to encourage the best possible academic, social, and professional environment for students, both foreign and Norwegian. Networking mixers, international dinners, company visits, and even TEDxNHH; MEBA does it all!

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NHHS is led by a board of eight representatives named Kjernestyret (KS/the Executive Board). They are elected every autumn and sit for one year. Kjernestyret is involved in almost all matters that concern students at NHH, and are the administrators that ensure that NHHS runs smoothly, as well as representing the students in school matters.


International Committee


International degree students

Guide to NHHS


Subcommittees NHH-Symposiet NHH-Symposiet (The NHH-Symposium) is the largest student-run conference in Northern Europe, and is arranged every oddnumbered year at NHH. The board is elected at the autumn election one and a half years before the event starts. The board employs a total of 300 volunteers, called “sympsjonærer”.

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UKEN UKEN (“The Week”) is the second-largest cultural festival in the western part of Norway, and is organized in the spring every even numbered year. The board is elected at the autumn election one and a half years before the event starts. The board employs over 1,000 volunteers, called “fUKENsjonærer”. The festival lasts for 17 days, and during this time you can experience concerts, UKErevyen (a cabaret) and a world record attempt.


Guide to NHHS

Bergen Challenge Bergen Challenge is a student sports festival organized by students at NHH. Every second year students from all over Norway gather in Bergen to compete in a variety of sports. In addition Bergen Challenge provides various cultural activities for the participants. Their vision is to be the greatest and the best student sports festival in Norway, and they want to create an environment where students from all over the country can meet and connect.

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NHHI NHHI (The Sports Board) consists of about 600 members, and is run by a board of six people. The NHHI board makes sure that the students at NHH have good and varied possibilities for sports.








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Alpine running Bandy Basketball Climbing Croquet Cycling Dodgeball Football

Frisbee Futsal Golf Gymnastics Handball Lacrosse Rowing Soccer

Softball Squash Swimming Table tennis Tennis Various sports group Volleyball







StafKom Stafettkomiteen/Stafkom (The Relay Committee) organizes the annual Bergen Train Relay Race, a relay between NHH and a school in Oslo called BI. The teams run every other year from Oslo to Bergen and vice versa. The subcommittee also offers two running sessions a week at NHH that are free and open to all.


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Sports groups in NHHI:


Guide to NHHS


Subcommittees Profileringsutvalget Profileringsutvalget/PU (The Promotion Committee) works to promote student democracy in NHHS, and aims to build NHHS as a brand. They are responsible for events such as The General Assembly (FM), the spring and fall elections and the Recruitment Week.

KKU Klubb- og Kulturutvalget/KKU (The Club and Cultural Committee) manages the daily operations of the clubs in the basement; Klubben and Campus. They organize parties and other social events for NHHS members, such as Homecoming and “TT”.

AIESEC AIESEC NHH was one of seven founding entities of AIESEC in 1948. AIESEC offers students internships abroad, and is the world’s largest student-run organization.

GEP Global Economic Perspectives (GEP) arranges conferences for students both at NHH and in Bergen. Through debates and conferences, GEP seeks to focus on important social issues, and to create a forum for opinion and knowledge exchange.

K7 Minutter K7 Minutter is our own student TV channel, covering many events at NHHS. New broadcasts are made every two weeks, and can be seen at The subcommittee also manages the video system in the Aula.


Guide to NHHS

Subcommittees K7 Bulletin K7 Bulletin (also known as “Bulle”) is an independent student newspaper for and by NHH students, and is published between six and seven times in the semester. The newspaper has a circulation of 5,000 copies.

Grafisk NHHS Grafisk NHHS (Graphic NHHS) has designed the student newspaper K7 Bulletin, and helps to set the paper before each release. The subcommittee also makes products like the NHHS yearbook and posters and logos for different student groups. GRAFISK

Næringslivsutvalget Næringslivsutvalget/NU (The Business Committee) is the link between companies and students at NHH. Each year they organize a large number of company presentations, as well as many Career Fairs.

Foto NHHS Foto NHHS (Photo NHHS) is the Student Association’s photo group, and covers most of NHHS’ events, such as parties and conferences. Photo NHHS also take all the pictures in the student newspaper K7 Bulletin.


NHH AID NHH Aid raises money for UNICEF’s project “Schools for Africa”. This is one of the first subcommittees you will meet as a new student. The second week in the autumn term, the NHH Aid board appoint a group of first year students that will arrange the so-called “Aksjonsuken” (Campaign Week). NHH Aid collects around 1 million Norwegian kroner each year, and all of it is given directly to UNICEF. The bulk of this amount collected during “Aksjonsuken”.

Guide to NHHS


ss Band Big Busine

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pnes Photo: Erik Ha


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Kjellergrupper/basement groups


Big Business Band Big Business Band is the big band at school. For over 25 years Big Business Band has filled the school and the Bergen area with music. They have their own room in the basement, “Kammerset”.

Direksjonsmusikken Direksjonsmusikken was founded in 1963, and is among the most traditional groups at NHH. Their purpose is to please themselves and others, in that order. Among other activities, they focus mainly on sex, beer, and monumental horn music. They also have their own room in the basement called “Rum”.

Svæveru´ Svæveru’ is NHHS’ male choir, founded in 1950. According to themselves they are a highly welcomed element of any festive event. Members of the choir are usually hanging out in “Maus”, their own room in the basement.

Teknisk Gruppe Technical Group (Teknisk Gruppe/TG) provides all the technical aspects of events at NHHS, such as sound and lighting. The group also engage in, among other things, maintenance and lending of equipment.


Guide to NHHS

Kjellergrupper/basement groups


Basement map VK

Kammerset Rum



OP fUken


AnneMa Gang




Baby’s Corner

eXtravadance eXtravadance represents the joy of dancing, and was established in 2000. They are a very diverse group of girls with experience from a number of different dance genres. They have their own room in the basement, familiar known as “Baby’s Corner”.

Sangria Sangria is the best, prettiest, and unfortunately, the only girls choir here at NHH. Today, Sangria consists of 22 girls, who all love to sing, perform and have fun, and our hangout-place is “Langsomheten”, the room with the orange door in the basement.

Optimum Optimum is the only mixed (boys AND girls) choir here at NHH. They sing everything, everywhere and for everyone. Optimum consists of 24 boys and girls who love to sing and have fun. You can find them in “OP”, their room in the basement.

Vaktkorpset NHHS Vaktkorpset (VK) is an organization run by the students of NHH. VK is responsible for security services during events (e.g. parties). Members are there primarily for the guests’ safety and to uphold the law.

Guide to NHHS


Other subcommittees Markedsgruppen Markedsgruppen/MG (The Corporate Relations Group) is responsible for all the sponsorship agreements NHHS has with corporations, and provide, student benefits for all NHH students. Fagutvalget Fagutvalget (The Committee for Faculty Affairs) works for a continuous improvement of the education at NHH. Hytteutvalget Hytteutvalget (The Cabin Committee) is responsible for the Student Association’s cabin; “Kramboden”. it.gruppen it.gruppen (The is responsible for NHHS’ IT systems and, among other things, develop new IT-solutions for the Student Association. Backline Backline Music arranges concerts, stand-up events and parties at NHH. They help interest groups and subcommittees of NHHS with booking work, and book both Norwegian and foreign artists. NHHS Consulting NHHS Consulting is an independent, student-run consulting company working with various projects for both internal clients in NHHS and external customers. Regnskapsgruppen Regnskapsgruppen/RG (The Accounting Group) keeps the accounts of all subcommittees of the Student Association. Studentpolitisk Utvalg Studentpolitisk utvalgt/SPU (The Student Political Committee) is engaged in student politics, and represents NHHS in external bodies such as the The National Union of Students (NUS-Norway) and the Welfare Council. Økonomiformidlingen Økonomiformidlingen (The Personal Financial Advisory), is the most recent addition to NHHS. From their office at Merino they offer indepenent advice to anyone from students to retired. NHHS Organizational chart


Guide to NHHS

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Guidelines for using the NHH Student Association’s nightclubs

To help reduce the damage caused by alcohol abuse, the Norwegian government has adopted the law on the sale of alcoholic beverages1. Experience has shown that some of the international students have difficulties adapting to these special Norwegian regulations. In order to clear up any confusion the Student Association (NHHS) has made this information note. To meet the requirements imposed by the government, NHHS has employed their own security guard crew. The security guard crew will provide security for guests as well as making sure that the following items are complied with: • • • • •

Valid identification (passport, driver’s licence, credit card with picture etc.) must be presented in order to enter Klubben and/or Campus. No food can be brought in or out from the site serving alcohol. No drinks of any kind, with or without alcohol, can be brought in or out from the site serving alcohol. The same rules apply for empty bottles/cans of any kind. No object of any kind (e.g. a toy sword for a costume party) that can be used as a weapon is allowed inside Klubben and/or Campus. People intoxicated from excessive alcohol consumption will be refused entrance to, or evicted from, the site serving alcohol.

It is important that these items are complied with. If they are not, NHHS could lose its license to serve alcohol. Failure to comply with the listed rules or behavior that’s not in line with Norwegian law could result in exclusion from Klubben & Campus for involved individuals. The security guard crew will contact the local police if necessary. Klubben and Campus is regularly controlled, without prior notice, by inspectors from the municipality as well as local police. For further questions please contact or 1

Guide to NHHS 11

NHHS Calender fall 2012

AUGUST Welcome week Recruitment week: See page 14 for more info. U-fagsaften Standsaften

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Homecoming SEPTEMBER Reversibel Sveiseaften Aksjonsuken An inspiring week of fun and creative fundraising projects, led by NHH Aid for their school project in Malawi. Internaften Marks the end of Aksjonsuken, with a big show and a fundraising auction in the Aula. FM no. 3 (General Assembly)

Photo: Ole Hermansen

Bierstube Direksjonsmusikken invites you to their tradional Oktoberfest inspired event, filled with singing, competitions and german ompa music. OCTOBER Big Business Night Aula show by Big Business Band. Karrieredagen (Career Day) Bergen Challenge 2012 Fall Elections Election Show This big Aula show is hosted by NHH’s 5th year students. All election candidates will also be a part of the show.

Photo: Adi Kothari

Halloween Party


Guide to NHHS

NOVEMBER FM no. 4 (General Assembly) DECEMBER TT/Exam party

NHHS Dictionary Aula: Located on the right of the students entrance. The Aula is also the place where concerts and big events take place. Theese are called Aulashows. Campus: Campus is located in the basement and is the second largest bar next to Klubben. Small concerts usually take place in this bar. Elections: The student elections in the student association are held twice every year, once during fall and once during spring. Through the elections the positions in the subcommittees are filled. Those running for positions in the student association hold campaigns with flyers, freebies and competitions in the fight for your vote. FM - Foreningsmøte: The General Assembly (FM) is the main governing body of NHHS. FM is held twice a semester and all regular students have the right to speak and vote. Fløien: The hall beside the stairs to Kjelleren. A lot of subcommitees have rooms here. Kjelleren: The basement including all the rooms of the basement groups and Klubben, Campus and Sjekkbar. Klubben: This is where the heart of NHHS beats. During weekdays it is a cozy bar and in the weekend it transforms into a real nightclub. Kontorlandskapet: The first door to the right in the studenthall. Subcommittees like IC, MEBA, NHHI, K7 Minutter, K7 Bulletin and NHH Aid have their rooms here. Kramboden: This is NHHS’ cabin in the mountains approximately one hour from NHH. Subcommittees and other groups of NHHS go here for a great weekend. Kramboden has many different rooms, a sauna, and around 50 beds. Lehmkulhallen: This is a sport hall where lots of NHH students go for sports. There is a fitness room, squash, football, all kinds of group activities like spinning, and much more. Org.sek: The Organization Secretary – also called “org.sek” – is the Executive Board and Student Association’s helping hand. Her office lies next to the Executive Board office. Org.sek’s working hours are between 10 AM and 2 PM (10.00 – 14.00). RS: Representantskapet (The Board of Representatives) is NHHS’ highest elected body, and has the overall responsibility for the long term economic planning in NHHS. SiB Kantinen: This is the main restaurant at school where you can get lunch and dinner. Sjekkbar: Located in the basement and is a meeting point, you will see it when you walk down the stairs to the basement. Perfect for a break from Klubben and a good place for a chat. Studentergalla (Student Galas): Traditional NHHS-events with a formal dresscode. Some NHHS-groups even have their own special clothes for these events. Trakten: Outdoor meeting place where you can enjoy fresh and not-so fresh air in between parties.

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Recruitment week

Recruitment Week 2012 - Find you place in Norway’s best student association

We at NHH are so lucky that we have Norway’s best student association (NHHS). It consists of an incredible number of groups that spans so many fields that it is impossible to list. To be able to determine which interest groups and committees that suit you, the Recruitment Week comes as a saving angel, with both U-fagsaften and the Standsaften (Stands eve). August 21st - U-fagsaften 7 pm in the Aula An Aula show where NHHS’ subcommittees and interest groups go on stage to show what they have to offer!


Guide to NHHS

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August 22nd - Standsaften 6 pm in the Aula All subcommittees and interest groups will be on stand, promoting and recruiting new members. Find your place in NHHS!


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NHHS is fortunate enough to have very important corporate partners. These relationships financially and socially allow us to implement a vast array of ideas and projects that arise when creative and talented people get together. KPMG KPMG is among the worlds leading providers of services in audit, tax, and advisory services. KPMG has been NHHS’s main partner for many years and contributes each year for events, lectures, case competitions, etc. SpareBank 1 The SpareBank1 Alliance is Norway’s second largest financial institution. SpareBank 1 supports NHHS by holding courses, seminars, and providing financial support for the students and NHHS as a whole. SKAGEN Fondene SKAGEN’s investment philosophy has been successful since its foundation in 1993 and NHHS is proud to be partners with them. The SKAGEN funds are NHHS’s latest main partner and are a very dedicated and innovative support for NHHS. Student benefits All students at NHH have exclusive student benefits in several different shops and restaurants in Bergen. Remember, to get the discount prices you must have your student card with you. Peppes Pizza ( – all Peppes restaurants in Bergen 20 % discount on all food and drinks (non alcoholic) G-Sport Strandgaten (Strandgaten 59,5004 Bergen) – sports shop 10 % discount, 25 % discount on special evenings for NHH students Radisson Blu Hotel Norge – hotel 25 % discount on all overnight stays. Corporate Account ID: 60086. Discount available also for family and friends! Wahwah Skin Care 20 % discount on all treatments, 10 % discount on all products

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frisør (Hollendergaten 2, 5017 Bergen) – hairdresser 30 % discount on drop-in between 10am and12am, Monday to Friday 20 % discount on all treatments at all times 10 % discount on all products at all times

Check out NHHS Markedsgruppen on facebook for a updated list of the student benefits!

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All posters at school are marked with an English or Norwegian flag. The flag will show the international students whether the event is something for them or not.

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Guide to NHHS