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a socialist



communist? in



century what that



music, their

literature, their



life teach us about Cuban culture and it will give us a clue about the government, but why we wanted to know it? Nowadays we listen the word communist many times .but socialist is a new word, at least for the majority of us. Well socialist is the method; communism is an interpretation of the method so socialism is the control by the society. Cuba’s constitution, amended in 2002 states that Cuba is a socialist state irrevocably,





changes on their socio -economic system The Cuban government has been accused of violating human rights as the death penalty, repression of citizens and political prisoners. This help us to understand Cuban culture 6

because Cuba is not only geographically the largest Caribbean island , it is also the most populated .

Considered one of the most diverse world

populations as the



political and

economical situation of Cuba through the years has been problematic the islanders are struggling every day to live a hopefully life but limitations


they are suffering many freedom



problems as limited access to technology and wealth is not evenly distributed. Cuba has a crime rate near zero although it does not mean happiness 7

Under the leadership of Fidel Castro .Cuba has made significant social gains especially visible in education and health. Subjects in which came to be a model for developing countries, on the other hand the political and cultural cost has been enormous, for keeping that government ,it has required a dictatorial exercise of power contempt for individual liberties and pluralism ,under continuous monitoring of the state To






government had taken measures such as free peasant farmer markets, small private utilities




restaurants,cafes,individual work on their own (previously only admitted working with 8

state enterprises)and enacted laws that allow foreign





sectors and provided in partnership with state enterprises. The measures alleviated the economic crisis and have allowed a degree of national economic recovery

However despite the problems. keeps ,dances

Cuba its

music and of the most important on the island is undoubtedly the dancing ,All the great latin American dances have their 9

origins here, many rhythms emerged from the days of slavery ,keeping his melodies and instruments among the great dances that the island offers are the following Cuban song,Bolero,Rumba,Mambo,Cha-Cha Cha,Merengue and of course regueton . We cannot forget their literature, Cuban writers are not only known in the world. Also they are a pride for the people of the island an example will be Ernest Hemingway .he is considered a legend in Cuba and in the world In conclusion We want to know about Cuba because the most of us know that it’s a communist country, but what does it means? I will give you a clue, China who has the same type of government which is also 10

thriving, and is allied country of Cuba .is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and has the same government.

Does it mean

that Cuba has a future? or is a country that one day will get


from the

oppression is Cuba a country that live in the darkness.


*1. Januar:

Día de la Revolución, Jahrestag der Revolution

*2. Januar:

Tag der Siegesfeiern

2. Februarhälfte:


24. Februar:

Revolutionsbeginn 1895

28. Februar:

Geburtstag José Martí, Jazzfest in Havanna


Internationaler Frauentag


Angriff auf den Präsidentenpalast

19. April:

Sieg in der Schweinebucht, die karibische Kultur feiert in Santiago


Internationaler Tag der Arbeit mit Maiparaden etc.

*25.-27. Juli:

Gedenktage zum Sturm auf die Moncada-Kaserne

30. Juli:

Tag der Märtyrer der Revolution


Todestag von Ernesto Che Guevara 1967

*10. Oktober:

27. November: 7.Dezember:

Jahrestag des Beginns der Unabhängigkeitskämpfe im Jahr 1868 Tag der studentischen Märtyrer, Ballettfestival in Havanna, Musikfestival in Varadero Chorfestival in Santiago, Parrandafest in Remedios

( 12

Dinner in a Japanese House We are going to talk about Japanese culture,


special their customs at dinner. What do they do? And why it is to important follow the rules, also we will try to learn the correct behavior if we are in a Japanese house as a guest In japan elderly people are very traditional and normally they follow the code of conduct based on respect for the family and work .That is why the expectations of 13

social behavior is very high, even though some customs have changed over the course have

of Japanese history, their customs been

considered very important to

them It is considered an honor to be invited to some ones home in japan .something interesting about Japanese culture, is the fact that people take off their shoes before entering in any house, in fact wearing shoes inside

houses or temples is unforgivable

.this custom is deeply rooted in Japanese people ,so much so no matter how small or how westernized their house be .it always will have a place to remove before entering.


their shoes

There are different theories trying to explain this fact.One of them is that they take off their shoes because they have the idea that to reach a household without bad vibes ,they must not wear their shoes because it will bring bad vibes from abroad and, that is why they the

remove shoes

before getting in ,another one is that they do that in order to avoid sand or dust that may be attached to their shoes,so,shoes are removed and replaced 15

with slippers. And finally no less important is remind this detail .The shoes will turned around so that the toe faces the door after taking them off. What we should and should not do in a Japanese house at dinner.Generally ,as in many cultures, the guest takes priority ,as example you should not offer yourself to help the owner in the kitchen. .According to the rules of Japanese culture ,visitors are not allowed to go into the kitchen . The other thing you probably should not do is praise pictures or ornaments in the house .If you do that, your Japanese hosts might feel they have to give the object to you .In japan also is considered impolite to 16

leave half-eaten food on a plate, you do not have to eat everything that is offered to you ,but if you take something, you must finish it. When a Japanese host invites you to have a drink at the end of the evening .you should refuse gently. Otherwise you could be there all night because they usually will invite you until you refuse it. As a conclusion, if we are honored to be invited in a Japanese house as a guest we must remember these tips in order to respect their culture, and enjoy the dinner.


Islam Islam is a monotheistic religion based on the Qur'an, a text considered by its adherents to be the word of God, and by the teachings and normative example of Muhammad, considered by them to be the last prophet of God. An adherent of Islam is called a Muslim. Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable and the purpose of existence is to love and serveGod. Muslims also believe that Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that was revealed at many times and places before, 18

including Abraham, Moses and Jesus, whom they consider prophets. They believe that previous messages and revelations have been partially changed or corrupted over time, but consider the Qur'an to be both the unaltered and the final revelation of God. The majority of Muslims are Sunni, being 75– 90% of all Muslims. The second largest sect, Shia, makes up 10–20%.The most populous Muslim majority country is Indonesia home to 12.7% of the world's Muslims followed by Pakistan (11.0%), India (10.9%), and Bangladesh (9.2%). Sizable communities are also found in China, Russia, and parts of Europe. With over 1.57 to 1.65 billion followers or over 22 to 24% of earth's population, Islam is the second-largest and one of the fastest-growing religions in the world Ritual prayers, called Ṣalah or Ṣalat, must be performed five times a day. Salah is intended 19

to focus the mind on God, and is seen as a personal communication with him that expresses gratitude and worship. Salah is compulsory but flexibility in the specifics is allowed depending on circumstances. The prayers are recited in the Arabic language, and consist of verses from the Qur'an Fasting, from food and drink (among other things) must be performed during the month of Ramadhan. The fast is to encourage a feeling of nearness to God, and during it Muslims should express their gratitude for and dependence on him, atone for their past sins, and think of the needy. Flexibility is allowed depending on circumstances, but missed fasts usually must be made up quickly. 20

Holi in India

According with a tradition Hindu, every year, thousands of Hindus participate in the festival Holi. The festival has many purposes. First


beginning Originally,

foremost, of it





celebrates season,




spring. that

commemorated good harvests and the fertile 21

land. Hindus believe it is a time of enjoying spring's abundant colors and saying farewell to winter. It also has a religious purpose, commemorating events present in Hindu mythology. Although it is the least religious holiday, it is probably one of the most exhilarating ones in existence. During this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw colored powder at each other, and celebrate wildly. Together, the rich and poor, women and men, enjoy each other’s presence on this joyous day. No one expects polite


behavior; as a result, the atmosphere is filled with excitement, fun and joy. Also, Holi is about fun, frolic and colour. The colorful festival brings people closer and reignites relationships. The best way to celebrate this joyful festival with your friends, family and loved ones, is take a little planning and a few easy tips to ensure your guests and you. To share a great time you must have






A Holi party is incomplete without music; you can organize some live music, a dance floor and DJ where guests can put in 23

requests for their favorite songs to be played. However, if you're planning a small party, you can compile a list of popular Bollywood Holi numbers like Rang Barse , Holi ke din , Do me a favor lets's play Holi. Something about food, keep a menu simple, for a day party, you can getaway with serving loads of finger foods and something like biryani with sauces and dips in the main course, also you can put aside trays of sweets like burfis, which your guests could even carry back as a return present. Holi is the festival of colors but make sure to use organic colors that 24

don't ruin the skin. Keep plates of dry colour on each table from where your guest can easily access them. And don't let your guests get away without getting wet, you need install sprinklers or hoses to get a great party. Finally a good advice for your Holi is be careful with the colorant because the lack of control over the quality and content of these colors, is a problem, as they are frequently sold by vendors who do not know their origin, used dry colors, also called gulals, are toxic, with heavy metals causing asthma, skin







associated with health issues. Sources:

Krishnamurti Indian writer

Was an Indian writer and speaker of philosophical and spiritual subjects. Indians believed a new messiah was coming to bring hope and wisdom to their people. Jiddu Narianiah and Sanjeevamma parents of Krishnamurti where visit by a prophet who claim that they were having a child that was the messiah and they 26

had to name him Krishnamurti after the Hindu deity Krishna Krishnamurti was born was born on May 1895 in the small town of Madanapalle in Madras Presidency. His father was employee of the colonial British administration. His mom died when he was ten. His parents had a total of eleven children of whom six survived childhood. He often taken to be mentally retarded, and was beaten regularly at school by his teachers and at home by his father. At the age of eighteen he started describe physic experiences with his sister who died in 1904 and his mother who died in 1905. Krishnamurti teaches in his speeches and books about fear, pleasure, meditations, education and world crisis. He founded several schools around the world such as: Global outlook, Concern for man and the environment and Religious spirit, which 27

includes the scientific temper. After traveling around the world with his teachings Krishnamurti died February 17, 1986 at the age of 90 in Ojai, California.


Techniques or strategies

Having a good budget of one’s time and organizing the workplace are tools that will definitely define the success of people, not only in the professional area or in business but in life in general. “Five S” and the “time management” are two




used to maximize efficiency of people all around the world. On the one hand, it is important to say that according to experts time management is a method similar to managing one’s life: “too much time loss can be equated too many great things and opportunities missed”1. Time management should not only be used in work tasks but in daily activities, such an in school or college, home chores, planning free time and so on.

On the

other hand, “five S” is a Japanese method, an structured program to implement workplace organization and standardization. implements




This method safety,


efficiency, productivity, ownership and, as a consequence, people motivation on their jobs. 1

Harris, J. (2008) Time management: 100 success secrets, retrieved on July 14th, 2012 from 8QZSBfY&hl=es&sa=X&ei=cKgBUPaWD5Gk8ATDlK2qCA&ved=0CD0Q6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=time%20management%20tips&f=false


These techniques are really important in a corporate world since that when one person use them properly, he or she will assure successes because it will improve the efficiency, proactivity, motivation, productiveness and will develop the activities or task a better way, avoiding the “lastminute� stress.

However, for the operation of these methods it is necessary to take into account some tips. In the 31

case of time management, people should use planners or make lists about the pending tasks, use the time wisely and prizing yourself for every accomplished goal. For five s, it is important to understand the meaning of every “s� word: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain and then evaluate the application of the program. We chose these topics because we consider them necessary to learn how to organize the time and workplace in a way that allows us, as future professionals, to attend all our commitments but also enjoy free time with family and friends. As well, we believe that part of the success of outstanding people has to do with the manner in which they divide their time and activities: they can enjoy their jobs but also they can spend quality time when they are not working.

. 32


Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. Central to this process are actions which both build individual and collective assets, and improve the efficiency and fairness of the 33

organizational and institutional context which govern the use of these assets. In other words, is the process to empower decision and responsibility to an individual. The spiral of

empowerment says that within human nature are deep needs for fairness, cooperation, effectiveness and meaning, so we are capable of learning the skills of deliberate problem-solving so democracy becomes no longer a fixed structure but an evolving value driving cultures we create. Rules set democratically keep wealth widely dispersed 34

so markets remain open, competitive and life serving as guide by democratic polities. Political decision making is freed from the influence of wealth so more and more people have a voice in problem solving. The triangle of empowerment asks three questions: what? How? And purpose? Care answers the what: the learning, work for income, caring tasks and cultural activities. Safety answers the how: Health, role, power and communication. Responsibility answers the purpose: values and beliefs, rights and duties, motivation, obligation.

Benchmarking is the process of comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or best practices from other industries. The process typically measures quality, time and costs. In this process, management indentifies the best companies in the in their industry or 35

other industry with similar process and compare the results to our own results and processes. With this process you learn how the target performs and why these companies are successful.

Health at work In this essay we are going to introduce the field of occupational health and relate it to dentistry in order to exemplify the importance of this discipline work environment. Also let’s talk about the branches of occupational health and their importance in the workplace. Occupational health is the control of risk in the workplace; it helps to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


One of the main activities that must be implementing in any work team is first aid. This team strategy must be implemented by rofessionals or people trained in emergency care who have the capacity to serve personnel who have suffered an accident or injury. The

implementation of first aid can make a 37

difference between life and death. The importance of receiving immediate first aid is to






complications that may occur by the type of injury that the person has. Among the topics involved in first aids is a wound. Wounds are classified in open, is when the bone is exposed to the surface, and closed when the bone not exposed to the surface. Another topic is the burns who is the redness of the skin, burns it’s classified in three grades: one grade who is a redness of the skin, second grade that is redness of the skin with blisters and third grade in type of burn you see the skin with necrosis. Another issue involving first aid is cardio pulmonary resuscitation; this maneuver is given to a 38

patient who loses pulse or respiration. This maneuver includes five cycles with 30 compression of the cheat of the person per 2 ventilations. Currently companies try to avoid accidents with good training and security policies. Also a way to prevent accidents from happening by researching the causes in order to every incident loss causal model helps as find the causes of accidents. It is easy to understand and it analyzes the causes of incidents. However






disadvantages; for example, you spend long time determining interview a witness, that who may not always tell the truth. Is fundamental known the causes of accidents because you can put rules to get changes in 39

comportments of the workers and with these reduce the indices of accidents.




literally millions of people


behind a desk; most of them spend the majority sitting doing

of in



hours chair daily

assignments. This cause sedentary and it is no healthy. It may cause neck and back pain, cause





tiredness, one way to stop this is to incorporate active breaks into your daily 40

work. Active breaks are exercises that help people at work; it takes from 10 to 15 minutes and helps improve the working environment. They are activities workers can perform in order to stretching, breathing and posture





sedentary lifestyles, improve such as health and lower absenteeism. Here are some ways to take an activity break work: 1.

Leave of your chair; try to stand up

as possible for example to the water cooler to grab a drink of water or to get a cup of coffee 2.

Eat your lunch out of the coffee:

lunch time is the best opportunity to take an active break so it is important do not eat in the office , make sure to eat in a 41

quiet place and requires a few minutes of walking 3.

Stretch the kinks of your joint: there

are some stretches do not even require you to get up from your seat like sitting stretches. What are hazard materials? According with to NOISH pocket guide: “chemical products or dangerous goods are solids, liquids or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment�. The

professionals in OCCUPATIONAL


are responsible for

care the

health of coworkers , the work places water, animals and plants. To solve the problem related information 42

with this materials, like,







storage, disposal or any

labeling, emergency

condition, the UN created an international and standard regulation labels ( a diamond placard with specific colors and numbers) with a categories: 1.





Flammable liquids


Flammable solids






peroxides 6.

Toxic or infectious




Corrosive and


Miscellaneous. Nowadays, with this

symbols, all employees , drivers of fire 43

fighters can understood the risk and type of any material, the next step is know the name or ID of the product. Finally it is important to understand the importance of Occupational Health and safety polices in every workplace, applying them also to our daily acts. As we said occupational health must be present in all careers, for example dentistry: the dentists have to maintain a good posture at the time of attending the patient, also the dentist always have to use safety equipment such a gloves, cap, and in the room there must be specific trashcans for the different supplies like needless to avoid any injury. It is also important to indicate the emergency exists, have a plan of accidents well 44







equipment and installations for disable persons.


Local/National News International news Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking site. In a blog post, the site’s founder, Mark

Zuckerberg, states that Facebook will continue to in order to stay the web’s number one communication site. The company started in a dorm room in 2004. Today it has 150 million active users, more than the 130 million of rival MySpace. Facebook is different from other social networking sites because you can 46

communicate with people you really know and trust and be aware about what’s happening around you. Facebook has given people a safe and trusted environment for people to interact online. It has changed the way people view the world. A friend from any country is only a few clicks away. It was back in February 2004 when Zuckerberg started “The facebook” from a Harvard student’s room. The aim was to help students get in touch with each other over the Internet. Within 24 hours over a thousand students had signed up and soon after that the network spread out to other universities By 2005 a research study showed that about 85% of the students in the network had a Facebook account. Another survey showed that Facebook was almost as important as an iPod. Today the site has been translated into 35 languages. More than half of its users are not at college anymore and the fastest growing 47

group are the 30 to 40 year olds. Every day 15 million users update their profiles to tell their friends and the world what’s happening to them. They also share photos, upload videos, chat, make friends, join groups or simply have fun. TAX To try to establish a policy on the fiscal plan that was approved in first debate and then by procedural errors in its mainly discussion and approval, the Constitutional Court established by judgment of invalidity of the law passed. It really is difficult to establish a single criterion for or against because there are three major issues in the reform, namely: The first is an amendment to the Tax Code whose purpose is to improve the control which is important for the country that requires resources and a form control is increasing, which basically 48

seeks reform: increase the power of sanction that is currently the Tax Administration imposing fines are doubled and the possibility of fines but not determinative process is completed tax; an acceleration control procedures and determination of tax obligations, which highlights an increase in the period of limitation and reduction instances to which the taxpayer can appeal, and finally provide the Tax Administration the possibility of charging. It would authorize perform administrative liens and charges directly, without recourse to courts. A second issue is the reform of added value: For example in the case of reforms to the value added tax or what is known as sales tax is certainly not appropriate to move from 13% to 14% tax on all items already taxed, but the change to tax a number of utilities with different base and minimum do not pay today, or tax all professional services such as education and some private health with minimum rates (which also allows control professionals), are aspects that are positive and also makes us equal in the sense that we all have to contribute to the state. 49

In the case of income tax, has positive aspects as decreasing the rate of small businesses and SMEs in some ranges, for example gravel also to cooperatives and solidarity that some think this is negative, but the fact that if Through these mechanisms also creates wealth should contribute to the state. Reform also alters aspects of territoriality of income and comprehensive income constitutes, this basically means that those who are domiciled in Costa Rica have to account for all the wealth they produce even abroad, that's fine, many advantage of the current limitation of territoriality, make the wealth apparently occurs abroad and contribute nothing to the country. Then there are many items that can defend or attack. The reform also included a number of issues that the Tax Office provides legal and regulatory changes that allow it to be more efficient in monitoring and collection. I think the country needs tax reform, in my opinion the current balance showed enough so that it was acceptable to a lot of sectors of the country. The country needs more resources, the state needs 50

additional tools to manage it, and the ongoing reform provided some of those needs. In the case of income tax, has positive aspects as decreasing the rate of small businesses and SMEs in some ranges, for example gravel also to cooperatives and solidarity that some think this is negative, but the fact that if Through these mechanisms also creates wealth should contribute to the state. Reform also alters aspects of territoriality of income and comprehensive income constitutes, this basically means that those who are domiciled in Costa Rica have to account for all the wealth they produce even abroad, that's fine, many advantage of the current limitation of territoriality, make the wealth apparently occurs abroad and contribute nothing to the country. Then there are many items that can defend or attack. The reform also included a number of issues that the Tax Office provides legal and regulatory changes that allow it to be more efficient in monitoring and collection. I think the country needs tax reform, in my opinion the 51

current balance showed enough so that it was acceptable to a lot of sectors of the country. The country needs more resources, the state needs additional tools to manage it, and the ongoing reform provided some of those needs. Thoroughly written by Natalia Morales.


Sedentary behavior and obesity in children

Despite for many of us, our infancy was very active, this reality is not the same nowadays, and many children have a very inactive life in recent years. The children prefer being in his houses in front of a television, video games, computer‌, instead of playing football in the neighborhood.


The problem is not that they play with these games but they spend the whole day playing with this technology and it can become addicted as many children around the world, but there are certain factors that do that these children become in addicts.

First, at the majority of the homes the father and mother are employed full time, and they prefer that the children spend el rest of the day in the house instead of in the street playing with the neighbors for his safety, which is very important, nowadays we live in a very insecure country where we have to take care more of the children, second is the food that children receive in 54

schools, colleges. And home. But this is no

excuse.. Parents, enjoy the weekends nowadays in a very peculiar way, for example, they prefer go to eat snack food, instead of go to a park to playing outdoors, this is creating a way of living very sedentary and when these children grow up and become in teenagers, it is provable that develop overweight. Studies by the Organization states:

WHO World Health

"Obesity and inactivity are not problems unique to the first world. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), about a third of the world's children spend at least three hours a day watching TV 55

or computer. The study involved more than 70,000 children from 34 countries.

"As far as physical activity is concerned, we found no significant differences between rich and poor countries," stressed Regina Guthold, lead author of the report, a member of the Department of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion at WHO. "Growing up in a developing country does not necessarily mean that children are more active." (WHO, 2010) With this situation MEP (Department of Public Education) This institution prohibited the sales of sodas, sweets, fritters and all the delicacies, the idea was to diminish the 56

percentage of children with overweight, according to realized studies, nowadays in the schools there is approximately 20 % of obese children, nevertheless this news was very controversial since many of the schools did not know what to sell in the schools, because the delicacies were very well accepted by the children, nevertheless the schools had to be more responsible with the feeding of children. But for this problem so it is necessary that parents with schools create good eating habits for good nutrition, for example, one of the ways for parents to reward children with food, reward them with eat at McDonald's, ice cream, go to a mall for junk food ... But to solve this problem, it is necessary that parents with schools create good eating habits for good nutrition, for example, one of the bad habits that have the most parents is to reward children with food, they bringing their children to eat at McDonald's, ice 57

cream, go to a mall for junk food ... this must stop.For example some good habits could be:  Accompany meals with water or natural juices.  Eat fruit for dessert.  Avoid cooking are high in salt or seasonings.  Exercising with the family.  Reward their efforts with rides and games It's about responsibility, our body needs to be healthy for the good performance of all activities, harm a child with food is as bad as not providing education, families should be aware of the food they give their children, being a chubby child, it does not mean a healthy child as many ignorant parents believe ... it is about balance. Sources: 58 69951237.html



Currently addictions are very popular because people feel the need to feel better being addicted to something to go out of the reality, forget the stress and concerns that they face every day at work or at home. Addiction according to the WHO World Health Organization, is a physical and 60

psycho-emotional dependency to a substance, activity or relationship, It represents signs and symptoms characteristics. Psychologists say that people become addicted by three factors: First. Biological: the genetic each person has. Second, social environment: in which the person lives including friends and finally psychological: such as personality, depression, compulsiveness. Every time is more common that we have a family member or friend addicted and this often seems normal to all of us, and more when addiction are not drugs, for example addiction to shopping, work, video games, television‌ Sometimes people do not see it as addiction, they think that It does not take part of an addiction, but additions are very serious problems and they involve families and friends.


Currently, technology has been one of the reasons of addictions for example: cell phones, video games, social networking, television, work, tattoos, shopping, plastic surgery, exercise, sex, gambling and white teeth‌Sometimes it is very difficult to detect all of these activities or hobbies such as addiction, but experts say we can detect a person addictive to these factors: violent behavior, personality changes, loss of appetite, trouble with the law, stealing money, loss of interest in things important, talking to myself, problems at school, lack of concentration , friendships change ... the important thing first is that the addicted person recognizes that he is addicted and is willing to change, to help or a psychologist to help you, for example attending groups support rational recovery, methods of guidance, open your mind and be willing to change. 62

Sources: site=default_collection&client=_es&proxystylesheet=_es&outp ut=xml_no_dtd&oe=utf8

Sports London 2012 Olympics Mexico takes gold medal in men´s soccer To continue waiting, Brazil. It is Mexico´s turn to celebrate his first Olympic

gold in

football.The last Saturday Mexico won the gold medal to beat Brazil 2 goals to 1, the first goal was at 28 second of the game, that match was at Wembley Stadium. It is the first


time that Mexico takes a gold medal in an Olympics games in soccer. That medal is too much important from Central America because it is the first time that



congratulation Mexico


from that

amazing act.

Usain Bolt wins his third Lon medal, anchors Jamaica to w record in the 4x100

The final act of the spectacular quadrennial event known as The Usain Bolt Show came 64

to a close on Saturday night, with another gold medal, another world record and yet another sprint trifecta at the Olympic Games. From beginning to end, the last night of track and field before the usual 80,000 people in Olympic Stadium was dominated by multimedal athletes in full glory, including Mo Farah, who might be the most popular man in Mother England just now, after capturing the 5,000-meter gold to go with his 10,000 gold, and Allyson Felix, who won the last of her three gold here by running the fastest leg of the U.S.’s 4x400 relay leg – the highlight of a night that jacked the U.S. medal total to 29 – the most for the Americans since Barcelona



But the scene, and the Stadium, remained 65

the province of Bolt, The World’s Fastest Man and greatest track showman, a 25-yearold Jamaican demigod who anchored a world-record performance in the 4x100 relay, enabling the Jamaicans to smash their own record by covering 400 meters in 36.84. Nesta Carter and Michael Frater ran the first two legs for Jamaica, before Yohan Blake, 100 and 200-meter silver medalist, outran American Tyson Gay, who didn’t have a great handoff with Justin Gatlin, brought the baton




Ryan Bailey, the U.S. anchorman, hung with Bolt for a bit, but soon the 6-5 Bolt and his long legs were in full, long-striding gear, reveling in his ‘triple-double’ – becoming the first man in 108 years to win gold in the same 66

three events (100, 200 and 4x100) in consecutive Olympics. “I did what I came here to do,� Bolt said.


The Olympic Games.

This year we celebrated the Olympic Games






opening act, we were able to realize the amazing event it was going to be. This event gets together the best athletes from all over the world. Greats figures like Usaim Bolt, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer and





demonstrated why they are the best, and also teach us that, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to get to where they are, reason why they are call the number one in the world.


Costa Rican athletes also represented us in this year Olympics; unfortunately they were not able to demonstrate what they are capable of doing. Honestly I thought Nery Brenes was going to go further in the competency, but due to an injury, he was not able to continue. In this Olympic Games my favorite athlete was Usaim Bolt. I really admire him because he rose from a poor country and break records and positioned himself as the best and fastest man in the world, honestly I think that is a lot to say. This Saturday, the 2012 London Olympic Games came to an end with an amazing closure act including the best artist of 69

England from the past 50 years, including songs from the Beatles, Queen, The Spice Girls and many others that have impacted the music world. The Olympic Games is an event that unites the entire world, and it is an international party where we can see the best athletes breaking records and always impacting us. I am looking forward for the next one in Brazil 2016. Interviews


Interviews can often cause fear, anxiety and stress, but these feelings should not be present at the interview, as it could fail, it is important before going for an interview to be very well prepared, because we must to transmit to the interviewer safety and confidence in ourselves. To have a successful interview is important to know what to do with our appearance such as clothes go, how to behave, what to say and not say, for example some tips for the interview to be successful:1. Antes de ir a una entrevista es importante buscar informaci贸n de la empresa, conocer sus valores, objetivos, misi贸n y visi贸n. 2. Punctuality is advisable to be fifteen minutes before the interview. 3. Presentation, we should take care of our image and hygiene. 71


 Minimal use of makeup.  No more than one ring on each hand.  Shoes with conservative heels.  One set of earrings only.  If you wear nail polish, use a conservative color.



 A silk necktie with a conservative pattern.  Dark shoes  Dark socks  No rings other than wedding ring or college ring.  No earrings 4. Do not lie, it is important to be honest. 5. Before speaking think very well what you say. 6. If you are missing some knowledge, it is important that you say you can learn them.


7. Do not talk too much; do not tell the whole personal life. 8. Practice, Practice, Practice Practice answering questions. List your skills, talents and experiences that directly apply to this opportunity, as well as any hobbies that relate to it, so you can tell the interviewers about what you can do. Also practice out aloud, this will help you sound more polished and concise and less nervous in the actual interview. Typical Questions Interview. Tell us something about yourself. Sample answers: I am a team player with experience in solving problems. I try to make healthy lifestyle choices and to be a responsible citizen.


I am an excellent communicator and enjoy working with others. 10. Do not forget to thank the interview for their time. 11. Our body language is crucial in an interview; experts say it takes only 5 minutes to make a good or bad impression. 12. Turn off your phone. Today the competition is getting higher, so it is important that our interview is successful, not only for our physical appearance, also for our ability, intelligence and preparation. Lack of employment has been increasing each year and no one wants to lose a job interview Source:




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