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toolkits for solving problems

by Natalia Lujรกn

TABLE OF CONTENTS ONE My First Toolkit - Building the Foundation . 5

TWO Solving the Problem of Who I Want To Be . 7

THREE Solving the Problem of What I Want to Study . 9

FOUR My Second Toolkit - Engineering for the Community . 11 13 FIVE My Third Toolkit - Co-Creation and Results . 17

SIX Solving the Problem of Sustainable Energy . 17 19


MY FIRST TOOLKIT - BUILDING THE FOUNDATION When I was young, my family helped me shape my character and values. My father is a hardworking man who taught me to fight for what I want.

My mother showed me to be respectful, honest and take responsibility for my actions.

I also have a younger sister, my partner in crime. With her, I learned to share and love unconditionally.


SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF WHO I WANT TO BE While studying, I participated in different activities where I learned from different cultures and discovered that by working as a team people can accomplish anything. I enjoyed every experience and decided that when I grew up I wanted to keep learning and challenging myself in order to accomplish my objectives.

Met new friends through exchange programs

mpiad y l O e c n ie c s M & A s a x e T e h t Went t o

Part ici pated in schoo l play – a a s tree #23

Joined as an ambassador in a simulation of a UN forum



Science VS Art

I enjoyed studying, math, history, everything. I could have been a musician or maybe an anthropologist, but I loved analyzing numbers.

What can I do with numbers? I knew I wanted to solve different problems, but there were many options, I could be a scientist, a mathematician, or even an economist‌

Yes‌ Chemical engineering will be

Fortunately, I had a professor who helped me decide. She gave me an assignment where I had to visit universities to find about different careers. And that’s how I discovered chemical engineering.


MY SECOND TOOLKIT – ENGINEERING FOR THE COMMUNITY In university, I was able to learn from all the people that surrounded me…

My professors My other family

I respect and admire them, they prepared me for the future by helping me develop an analytical mind and by showing me to always act with integrity and humanity.

My friends became my second family. Studying or having fun, we were always together, by growing up with them I learned about friendship and support.

Visiting down under


Giving to the community

I developed a strong sense of responsibility and independence by living in Australia for a semester. I pushed myself to meet new people and adapt to a completely different and amazing culture.

In my classes, I learned how every element in our body has a specific job but when you look at it as a system, it works perfectly. And that’s how I understood the importance of nature and sustainability.

For two months I lived in Tsomanotik, a self-sustaining community. As a volunteer, I was able to put into practice my engineering skills, learned about the value of working, about kindness and love.


MY THIRD TOOLKIT – CO-CREATION & RESULTS Nowadays I work at Bain, a place where I’m surrounded by people who believe that “a Bainie never lets another Bainie fail”. It is a philosophy that fosters teamwork, passion and a drive for results. My supervisors have also taught me to think out of the box, to effectively communicate and co-create with the client to solve problems.


Some fa

cts abou t the problem ‌


I have learned about energy from different perspectives. As an engineer, I learned about the importance of finding sustainable ways of producing it. At Bain, I worked with a Mexican electric utility company facing a newly deregulated electricity market. In the project, I learned about the reforms that are impacting the industry and its challenges. But now, I want to prepare myself to contribute to the solution.

Some ideas‌

I know how to solve it! Need one more toolkit At MIT, I will acquire a profound knowledge of business, technology, and sustainability. I will learn with a community that will have the drive to lead and transform the future.


MIT personal experience  
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