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Editorial Illustration Project By: Natalia Deen

Project Statement Company: Constance Hale for the Opinionator in the New York Times. Constance Hale is a journalist and author based in San Francisco, and this illustration is for her article “Desperately Seeking Synonyms” featured in the New York Times. Problem: Only one illustration that describes a certain section in her article, and no overarching illustration to grab the readers attention. Article appears drab and uninviting, being virtually all text with no intriguing visual element. Opportunity: If the article included a strong visual element, it could draw more people to at least visit the article and more hopefully actually read it. Potentially, with a strong visual element, and a well-written article, more readers may seek out this writer’s works specifically. Solution: Create an illustration that describes the article as a whole, grab’s the viewers attention, and makes an impact on the viewer enough to remember the article later. Will be small in comparison to the article, however it will be placed towards the top to emphasize its importance and draw the viewer in. Target Audience: Writers, and creative types from probably young adults to seniors since its such a broadly enjoyed subject. Potentially teachers, and students as well, or others put in a position to pay more attention to writing. Tones: Clean, Creative, Fun, Bold, Vibrant, Attention-Grabbing

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Rough Sketches

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Article Illustration  

PDF for my Article Illustration Project in Computer Drawing.