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Voki Lesson Plan

Class Title: Movie Making Lesson Title: Using film for social change Grade Level: High School - College Author: Stephanie Bushman Objectives: Students will learn 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What is social change How social change begins and spreads To become familiar with social media tools How film can be an agent of social change How to use simple video editing templates How to present their blog entry with a. Social change desired b. Film upload c. Social media techniques d. Results 7. Interview skills 8. Public presentation skills

Materials: 1. Class blog 2. ( 3. Windows Movie Maker 4. Video Camera (each student should have a Facebook, Tumblr, etc. account)printed copy of the assignment (to follow) Class Duration: 1 day Activities: 1. Discuss with the class a. What is social change? b. Past examples of social change? (Revolutionary War, end of slavery, etc) c. Who were the agents of those social change movements? (George Washington, etc) Share your Voki lesson plans and download others at

d. How was it spread? (Newspapers, secret meetings, etc) e. Note some examples of current social change (Al Gore-green movement) f. Who creates social change now? (Anyone-the internet allows access and tools) g. How is it spread? (Internet: Facebook, videos, etc) h. How can the following clip be used for social change? i. j.

Examples: Walking instead of driving, appreciation for American culture, etc. Tell the students that the clip they just viewed was stop annimation (like Max and Mary, The Corpse Bride, etc). Also note that the equipment used was simple: a DSLR (Canon EOS 5D Mark II), a protractor, a tripod and a tape measure. k. With the help of internet resources, anyone can become an agent of social changeeven us! Age and money no longer matter-the internet is a free service available to almost anyone. 2. Break students into groups 3. Pass out the class assignment: Movie Making for Social Change-Students as Agents of Social Change a. Choose something they want to change b. Develop a plan to reach multiple audiences using a blog. c. Blog content: i. ii. iii. iv. i.

Mission statement Daily updates on progress (community events, their planning, etc) Other agents in this change (post links to other blogs, YouTube speeches, etc) Embed video Embed Voki characters 1. Past agents of social change (with accurate dates and quotes) 2. Current agents of social change (accurate dates and quotes) 3. A Voki character of one or all persons in the group (quotes about progress, their opinions, suggestions, etc) a. Note: these Vokis should be spread throughout the blog, not all in one post)

ii. Use social media to spread idea 1. Facebook 2. Twitter Share your Voki lesson plans and download others at

3. Tumblr 4. Etc 4. Students will interview one person who is important to this movement (email or in person). 5. Present blog to class. Class will view: a. Introductory speech (explain movement and goals) b. Video c. A brief overview of blog entries d. How many followers/fans e. Contributions by the community (comments, etc) f. Their interview

Class tutorials (to be viewed from home or led by instructor): See What You Can Do With Windows Movie Maker See What You Need To Make Movies With Movie Maker Now the class will begin their movie project. • • • • • •

Download Video From Your Camera To Your Computer Capture Video Edit Movie Finish Movie Adding Professional Touches Export and Share

A few tips: -Use Audacity to make multi-track soundtracks to import into Movie Maker. -Use Picasa and PhotoStory to create video clips from your still pictures to import into Movie Maker. -Use Zamzar to convert video from other formats. Check File formats supported by Movie Maker in Windows XP

Share your Voki lesson plans and download others at

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