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NB+ P o r t f o l i o Natalia Bolek


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EXPERIENCE London Property Makeovers Assistant and Visualiser Residential makeovers Anais Laró - Fashion brand Video/Photo - shoot Set Design MDC360, London Hotel Elaine, Lancaster Gate - initial design, Number10 Rathbone Pl - Office design Studio Toogood, London SET DESIGNER Selfridges roof top desgin project for Truvia, in collaboration with Bompas and Parr 7Gods, London Innovative and contemporary office & retail design INTERIOR DESIGN ASSISTANT 36 Earls Court Rd, London, Office design: project management from concept to completion 90Ten, London, Office design Stink Digital, London, Office design Le Bureau, London, Furniture design Henley Boutique Hotel, London, conceptual design Interiors with Art, London Luxury and high-end residential design INTERIOR DESIGNER Sakhir Palace, Bahrain, renders and visualisations 32 Hereford House, Mayfair, renders and visualisations

GRAPHIC DESIGNER - freelance Restaurant menu projects Spazzio Arquitectos, Mexico INTERIOR DESIGNER ZC Studio, Mexico City - Office design Showroom, International CES Expo, Las Vegas Sorrel Foundation Young Design Program STUDENT TEAM HEAD DESIGNER, 2009 Ernest Bevin College, London

BGP Arquitectura INTERNSHIP - Mexico City, 2009 Arc for Mexico City, 3D visuals and videos French Embassy, Mexico City Casa FDZ, Mexico, residential design Ummie Media Ltd., London EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHER,2007/2008 Learning and Resource Center LIBRARY ASSISTANT, 2005/2006 University of Nevada, Reno, USA




C A T I O N BA Interior Design, University of the Arts, London 2007 – 2010 MA Information Science & Library Science, Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland 1999-2005 Foundation Diploma in Teaching, Jagiellonian University, Poland 2001 - 2003


graphic design& visualizations TRUVIA AT SELFRIDGES

TORCH FOR OLYMPICS 2012 poster design

WHY campaign


graphic design for MDC360 &G360


Mood boards and graphic visualizations for Formal palace of the king of Bahrain.

WALLPAP E R de s i g n










As of high altitude fresh air, resembling

to the old style sanatoriums located away from the cities within the mountain background, the Sunatorium is placed on the top of the tall building above the city. With its rarefied mountain air and introspective little worlds of its inhabitants Sunatorium as a replicated word, used to be separated from the rest of the people. The new design idea reminds of the place where patients used to remain in the solitude atmosphere of the sanatorium. The reference to the high mountain health resort reappears not only geographically, but also figuratively, a solitary, separate world. In general, the idea is to create the space where the visitors of the Sunatorium will come to gather the hospital inner & the outside worlds together. Ideally, the proposal brings the meeting space for the hospital inhabitants’ spending their days in a distant atmosphere.




The Young Design Programme joined up

Ernest Bevin College pupils with University of the Arts students to redevelop and design the new social spaces and the recreational area for the school. The pupils as the client team prioritised and decided to redesign their school playground as a new collective space where all the social school activities and games would be placed. It is where they go out of lesson time, they wanted somewhere to eat lunch and to be able to put their bags down for an hour and to be able to sit down and socialise. Design student team created a proposal for the outside space. As the school back yard was covered just in tarmac, missing the seating area, colours and green plants,

the Design Team wanted to take the lacking elements to and to apply them and inject those with fresh, original ideas for a school playground. We created the innovative grass covered ramp and roof terrace, colourful shading and seating, with the green and ecological link using natural plants and timber, shaped into the tree look like forms.


BGP Arquitectura Mexico City - Arco del Bicentenario. Taking part in the com-

petition for the arch for the Mexico City. I produced 3D video animation in Google Sketch-up program, visualisations, renders and graphic presentations for this project.

BUS STOP SHELTER Temperature - interior interaction

Abstracted design idea of the bus stop

shelter was inspire to create an open air walls free interior, covered with glass roof only. The fans placed on the bottom of the construction, blowing up the air (hot in winter, chilled in summer) change the inside temperature, creating its own microclimat. This work combines a graphic design skills, along with the hand drawings placed on top of alike the poker cards, the opposite photography amalgamation. MM as the ethernal symbol marks the fan blow-ups.

pencil drawing - VOLUTE - THE IONIC ORDER

hollyhocks - pastels

charcoal & pencil sketches

interior - oil

still life


hand sketches - pencil&marker. Santa Fe Train Station, San Diego, CA

VIKTOR & ROLF Sping/Summer 2010 “Pedestal Collection”

[photo © Yannis Vlamos. Image Courtesy of]

If self expression flourishes under pressure, V&R collection would be the auto ironical example. Figuratively – V&R takes from Hrabal and is cutting it short, looking for the hole in the whole, while literally – gives stunning visual masterpiece of the form of the sculpture and prêt-à-porter of excellence. “With the credit crunch and everybody cutting back, we decided to cut tulle ball gowns” Rolf Snoeren marks that pierced collection pursues the world’s economy in times of social and financial crises. As paradoxically the Golden Age of cinema began with the Great Depression in the 1930’s, and one of the most successful movies of all times Gone with the Wind was released simultaneously with the start of the WWII – art triumphs and excess’ beyond depression limits. Relevant idea of V&R collection recalls Scarlett O’Hara’s Curtain Dress – piece of fashion from 1860’s, tailored of the only curtain remained in a desolated house. V&R cuts the holes, Scarlett cuts the curtain! Cuts and holes as the symbol of fashion will to survive… writing credits - Natalia Bolek published

GARETH PUGH Spring/Summer 2010

We recently saw death in the perfectly cut suite of Tom Ford’s Single Man. If death was very unique and the uniqueness of it is so remarkable, that the dying itself doesn’t scare the one any longer, the strength of waking up from that delusion would be unnecessary. That promises a travel. New s/s 2010 line of Gareth Pugh stands up from the deadly accident to voyage further. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes and the new collection in the grey palette is reinforcing once again the fashion industry against the economy crunch. Here fashion is immortal. Covered in the ash collection, upraises and excels through the monochromatism of the dominant colour. Phoenix is intently visible; a bristle feather, beak and comb alike garnish and apparel elements; eerie elegant, this time wearable not only eye-appealing peaces, cocky and tail-train threnody for the economy weaknesses and the fashion will to endure and reborn. The borderline of the neo Goth mood and tangent gothic architecture references, meets as the pointed arches and ribbed vaults on the Pugh’s garments.The symmetry versus unevenness of the cuts and stylizations of the womenswear and menswear that walk together; furthermore, the heaviness up against lightness in terms of materials and cuts linked together. The male seamstress of the mutual leanings, the barber surgeon to set the luxated passions, Pugh shows his sensitivity towards human nature. “Most beings spring from other individuals; but there is a certain kind which reproduces itself” – Ovid. Ford’s homage to dusted high altar triptychs’ dead statues, Pugh’s walk of the liberated arts towards Heliopolis. writing credits - Natalia Bolek