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Mobility, Traffic, Transport Germany, Sweden and France


Cars in the 50`s • Approximately 3.5 mio. people had cars * the most favourite was the VW Beetle • But many people hadn`t money for a car • A car cost approximately 3000 Mark (=1500€) • Cars were a symbol of wealth • Normal cars hadn‘t got the power like cars today • Also the street conditions were terrible

Ways to travel • Train (underground) • Plane • Bike • By foot * in the 50‘s they walked more often -> there weren‘t many ways to walk or to ride with the bike (country roads) * on average they walked about 8-10km per day • Working place became more independent of home because of cars

Distances • Because many people had a car they drove longer distances with it but not so much as today • They only drove with their car when it was really necessary for example driving to the supermarket or to vacation

Holidays • They went on holidays only once a year because it was really special • Most of them went to Italy and also to Switzerland and Austria

• They went by car (planes, train and ship were expensive) • Who couldn`t travel stayed at home in Germany

Road Network • Federal highways to towns, which went trough villages sometimes • Road networks weren`t good developed • They need to drive with other means of transport • The motorway network was about 2000km long • The motorways built for Hitler were destroyed and rebuilt in the 50`s

Trains and Shipping Train: • Railroad network was intact after 2.World War • Important means of transport for population Ship: • Important role for goods traffic



CARS • Wasn´t very popular at the start • Expensive- from 4000kr to 10 000kr • Common cars were for example VOLVO, VOLSWAGEN and FORD POPULAR

OTHER WAYS TO TRAVEL • walk • Bus • Trains • Airplanes • Ships • Bike

RIGHT OR LEFT TRAFFIC? • 1923-Left traffic • 1967-Right traffic

ROAD NETWORK • Sweden got its first freeway 1953 • The roads weren´t that easy to drive on. • The railtracks went through the whole country

DISTANCE • People used the car to drive long distances. • Then for short distances they used the bicycle or walked to go somewhere.


Cars Renault 4CV : The family car in France in the 50´s 4/5 persons got a car

Highways About fifty km

1974 : Lille – Paris – Lyon - Marseille

Airplanes Travel

In 1961 : the first big airport in Paris : The Orly Airport

Means of transportation Going to work

Bus, Tram and Underground

SIMILARITIES • Cars were expensive • Same kind of transport • Right traffic but Sweden got it 1967

DIFFERENCES • Different kind of cars

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Traffic and mobility  
Traffic and mobility